July 31, 2007

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We've teamed up with MvixUSA to giveaway some cool prizes. The type of prize you can win depends on how many people sign up for our newsletter here at NetworkAudioVideo.com. This giveaway will be a tiered giveaway, so the more users that sign up, the bigger the prizes. If more than 500 ( U.S.) users sign up, Mvix will give away All of the following prizes. All winners will be chosen by the end of the giveaway, and be chosen via random drawing.

  • (10) MvixUSA T-shirts - 100 signups or more
  • (1) Mvix MV-4000U Media Center - 250 signups or more
  • (1) Mvix MX-760HD Media Center - 500 signups or more

This giveaway is open to U.S. participants only and ends August 31st, 2007.

To be eligible to win, all you have to do to win is be part of our mailing list. Click here to be part of our mailing list or sign up by using the form below.

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July 31, 2007

GejBox may have been launched


Well looks like a lot of things have been happening over at the DivX headquarters recently. Awhile back we reported about a video streaming device that they were working on. Well it looks like they rebranded it and released it to the the rest of the world.

Now called 'DivX Connected' this device still seems to be more of a concept box then anything that will actually go into full production. It can stream content from any connected machine as well as play videos from Google Video, Stage6 and hook into ShoutCast's internet radio service.

We will keep our eyes on this one and see what materializes out of it. This could be something very interesting and something that can further the DivX codec. Stay tuned.

via engadget
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July 30, 2007

AirLive Media Hard Drive With Built in BitTorrent Client


Well another media hard drive has been announced, this one from a company called AirLive, and we couldn't be more excited. We have said it time and time again that one of our biggest problems with using BitTorrent is the fact that you have to leave your computer on for hours while your file is downloaded. If it happens to be a big file your computer could be on for days. What bothers us is the amount of electricity that gets wasted.

Well with these BitTorrent enabled hard drives you can have a low power device do all your downloading for you while your energy hungry PC can stay in the off position. Another great benefit of this is the fact that once your download completes it will be available to any computer on your network.

Unlike some of the other BitTorrent enabled hard drives out there this one will allow you to use a SATA drive instead of the older IDE format. You can get a much larger, faster and cheaper drive if you go the SATA route so we love that they have listened to the public and allowed you to use either format in this new product*.

With the big media companies contemplating using BitTorrent for distributing some of their content these types of hard drives are going to become more and more popular. We are huge fans of the idea of having specialized devices in your home take care of things like this for you.

So you can have a BitTorrent hard drive running all day and use a program like Ted to stay current with all of your favorite shows. Hopefully the big media companies will realize this is the future or content distribution and embrace it.

* hard drive not included

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July 30, 2007

D-Link DSM-520 High-Definition Media Player Adds Active-TV Technology


D-Link is about to add support for YouTube in their flagship media streamer, the DSM-520. Having looked at the evolution of network streaming devices and seeing what other companies have done with their solutions D-Link has decided to throw their weight behind letting users watch any video on the web via their MediaLounge player.

This is a great decision and one we are sure will be met with a lot of praise. The sheer volume of online videos is astounding and now having a device that will be able to play back a large chunk of them and do it from your living room instead of your computer desk is a great step.

With AppleTV allowing users to browse YouTube and now D-Link taking it a step further we can only imagine that the flood gates are now opened. We can only assume that the rest of this year and beyond will be met with devices that add the web video streaming ability to their array of options.

Looks like we'll have to add a new category to the site soon :)

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July 28, 2007

AppleTV finally has a good use for its USB port


It seems someone has finally been able to do a useful hack involving the AppleTV's USB port. When Apple announced the AppleTV and all of its features one of the things that had people scratching their heads was the inclusion of the USB port. Why include a port on the back of the device if it isn't to be used.

Well there have been a bunch of hacks to let people use the USB port, but until now you couldn't use it as the source for all of your media. Out of the box Apple makes you use a PC with iTunes as the source for your content. Now with this latest hack that obstacle has been removed.

Now you can plug an external USB hard drive into the back of the AppleTV and stream all of your favorite content. Of course you are still stuck with using Apple approved content only, but hey, its a start right.

We love the amount of cool hacks coming out for the AppleTV and we can't wait to see what is done next. Who knows, maybe someone will figure out a way to stream ANY content they want to the AppleTV. Hey we can dream right!

When we get more details about this we will be sure to post them.

via Engadget

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July 27, 2007

Sony VAIO LF-V30 LocationFree Base Station


Sony has a new video streaming device in the works, this one dubbed the LF-V30 LocationFree Base Station. Sony has started a major push with their idea of location free TV. It seems that they are going straight after companies like Sling Media and Monsoon.

The one thing that Sony has that the other companies in the space don't is a computer division. Sony has started shipping all of their computers with the LocationFree software pre-installed. This is a huge step up for Sony in that anyone that has a Sony computer and then buys one of these LocationFree devices has all the necessary software already installed.

One of the hardest things we have found with so many of these network streamers is the server software setup. Often times there are a lot of complications in the installation of the software which leads to many peoples sour experience in what otherwise would have been a great product.

So what can the LF-V30 actual do you ask?[From Sony press release]

  • Component input/output capability so users can watch high-definition content (converts into QVGA in standard definition)
  • Wireless/ Client Mode so you can stream video from the Base Station directly to your PC or through a wireless router without an Ethernet cable
  • Consistent picture quality with approximately 20 percent less Internet bandwidth required to stream video
  • Improved on-screen user graphics including remote control GUIs from major DVR service providers
  • Easier set-up including an improved quick start guide and wizard

We are very interested in how these products will not only work, but how they will be adopted by the general public. Will people with new Sony computers be compelled to buy the LocationFree network products because of how simple the connection between the two will be, a-la Apple?. Only time will tell.

via i4u

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July 26, 2007

Monsoon Multimedia HAVA Wireless HD In House


Well the good people at Monsoon Multimedia were kind enough to send us a HAVA Wireless HD to evaluate. We had written about products from this company earlier and we were very impressed by what we had read.

Well we ripped open the box and hooked it up real quick. We haven't had time to complete a full review yet, but lets just put it this way, I am writing this post from the office while I am watching the Red Sox on my HAVA player! :)

To be honest we had never really been in love with products like the Slingbox since we couldn't see the allure. Our opinion has never changed so fast in our life.

We can't wait to play with the HAVA Wireless HD for a couple of weeks and try it from a bunch of different locations.

Stay tuned for a complete post with all the gory details of this great device. Also we are hoping to get our hands on a Slingbox to do a good head to head comparison.

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July 25, 2007

Build Your Own Linux Based Music Streaming Device


So we stumbled across this great article over at Linux Devices on one mans journey to build his own custom music streaming/music playing device. This is not for the faint of heart as you'll need to be fairly familiar with Linux and know your way around motherboards, heatsinks, etc.

In the end he has produced what looks like a very cool system for about $600. While you could go out and spend roughly that much on a base Sonos system or buy 2 Squeezeboxs, going this route allows you a lot more flexibility. You can use the device to record video as well as act as a web sever for the house among other things.

One of his main points is if you build it yourself you can have total control as to how it works and if there is something you don't like you won't hit a brick wall asking some random company for support. You just have to roll up your sleeves and hack around until it operates the way you want it to.

It is always fun to have a project like this that in the end can really be useful. Streaming your digital music around the house is big business now so its nice to see someone building their own custom device to make a product that does everything they want.

If we can the time and money we would love to give this a shot!

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July 24, 2007

Free Optical Cable Giveaway at MvixUSA


We just saw that the good people over at MvixUSA have a new promotion going on to increase exposure for their great 760HD media streamer ( see news here and here ).

They have a deal going on currently that the first 500 people that sign up for their promo get a free optical cable. The only thing that you have to do is fill out a form and agree to receive a brief email about the 760HD.

We think this is a great way to expose a larger audience to the 760HD. Many people don't really hear about networked media streamers and when they do they end up hearing only about the AppleTV. This is a great way to show people that there are other options out there for people.

We have loved their products so we really hope this allows more people to find out about the 760 and experience first hand what a great product it is.

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July 23, 2007

Interview With 760HD Media Center Creator MvixUSA

So anyone that is a regular reader of this site knows that we love us some Mvix 760HD Media Center. We have reviewed a bunch of their products ( 760HD and the MV-5000 ) and we are really excited about what they have been doing. We recently were able to conduct an interview with Rich Knitter (marketing director) of Mvix(USA), Inc. to answer a few questions we had.

Check out after the jump to see their answers. ArrowContinue reading: "Interview With 760HD Media Center Creator MvixUSA"

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July 20, 2007

The Top 7 Media Streaming Products Available Today


Well we have reviewed a lot of different devices over the past months and we are here to say what we think our the top 7 products on the market today. Why 7, well we are just sick of top ten lists, thats why. There are a lot of things to weigh when you are deciding on which device makes the list.

For us here at Networking Audio Video, one of the most important aspects of any media streamer is ease of setup. If your average person off the street can't open the box and get this thing to work then it won't be widely adopted, plain and simple.

We also had to decide if we were only going to include products that could stream all media types or also include specialized devices that only did audio, video, or images. After much internal debate we decided to include all the devices out there even if they only streamed one type of content.

Well enough boring setup, on to the list!

ArrowContinue reading: "The Top 7 Media Streaming Products Available Today"

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July 17, 2007

FreeCom MusicPal WiFi Internet Radio Receiver


Freecom is going to be releasing a very cool Internet radio streamer dubbed the "MusicPal". It is a very stylish device that allows you to hook into about 5000 different pre-programmed Internet radio stations. Of course you can add your own if the one you like doesn't come built in.

It will also allow you to stream MP3 from your network, which is a great addition and makes this product much more interesting. Of course it seems that this ability is for Windows owners only since it uses MediaPlayer 11 to do the streaming, but its at least something right.

ArrowContinue reading: "FreeCom MusicPal WiFi Internet Radio Receiver"

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July 16, 2007

Archos TV+ Wireless Media Streamer


Archos is set to release in September a product that might give the AppleTV a run for its money. Looking over what are the reported specs it seems that Archos has a great little product on their hands. One of the first things that caught our eye was the inclusion of a 500GB hard drive. Apple finally updated the AppleTV from 40GB to 120GB, but even 120GB small these days. Having 500GB allows the user to store more data internally and thus offers, in our opinion, a better experience.

Now the one thing that the AppleTV will always have in its favor is iTunes. So far there is nothing else like it on the market. Sure you can download media from other sources, but so far none of those sources also sell a media streamer. So Apple will always win when it comes to an all in one solution until someone else tries to take them on.

ArrowContinue reading: "Archos TV+ Wireless Media Streamer"

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July 12, 2007

SavitMicro cineDISK CD36HD Media Streaming Box


So there is yet another all in one video/audio/image streaming box out in the wild and we are very impressed by what we have read so far. This one comes out of Korea from a company called SavitMicro and by looking at the specs it seems they threw everything they could find into it.

For starters this it will act as a central file sever utilizing a watered down version of a NAS called NDAS. It also comes equipped with a USB connection so you can hook it directly to your computer for file transfers.

The next thing it offers puts it in the same league as the Mvix 760HD and the Tvix m5100sh among others. It is a full fledged streaming media box with a ton of connections and output options.

ArrowContinue reading: "SavitMicro cineDISK CD36HD Media Streaming Box"

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Review: Hands on with the Rocketfish Wireless Rear Speaker Kit


One of the things we always have a problem with is how to get rear speakers in our main living area without having to run cables under rugs or all over the walls to make it behind the couch. Well Rocketfish has come out with a great product with their Wireless Rear Speaker Kit.

The concept is simple enough, have one unit hook into your rear speaker slots and beam the audio to a receiving box that his hooked up to the actual rear speakers. While the concept is simple it is the execution that gives so many companies problems. You not only have to have a strong signal that can be received at a a good distance, but you have to maintain the audio fidelity as much as possible. We have heard other wireless systems that got the job done, but the sound produced by your speakers sounded tinny or hollow.

With this system we got very nice sound out of our rear speakers as we blasted a few of our favorite movies out over our stereo. We were greeted with nice subtle sounds coming from either side of us. We never heard any drop outs and the sound was as true as if we had the speakers plugged directly into the receiver.

ArrowContinue reading: "Review: Hands on with the Rocketfish Wireless Rear Speaker Kit"

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July 11, 2007

Monsoon Multimedia Set to Release Slingbox Competitor


Monsoon Multimedia
has released the latest product in the growing crowd of Slingbox competitors. They have the HAVA Gold and HAVA Platinum HD boxes for sale now and it seems like they will be giving Slingbox and all the other companies in the video streaming over the Internet segment a run for their money. The problem with products like the Slingbox is that they are the first to market and companies watch what they do and copy it, usually making a better product in the long run due to the fact that they see the short comings of current line of products.

That is what we believe Monsoon has done. These devices seem to do it all. From multiple PC's able to access the same stream to integration with Windows Media Center PC's. We haven't seen a lot of hands on reviews with these yet, but looking at the specs we are very impressed. Just look at this feature list:

  • Multicast to multiple PCs simultaneously
  • Connects to any TV source including Cable, Satellite, DVD, TiVo and Camcorders
  • All inputs include a pass through connector, eliminating the use of splitters when connecting HAVA to home video equipment
  • Streams video at an average of 6 Mbps directly to PCs in home network in MPEG-2 full D1, full screen at 720 x 480 pixels
  • Streams MPEG-2 format over the home network, MPEG-4 format over the Internet
  • Component Input and support for native 16:9 display ratio
  • "HD capable" (HAVA Platinum HD only)
  • Windows XP Media Center Edition integration -- appears as an installed TV-tuner card (HAVA Platinum HD only)
  • Enables TiVo-like functionality on the PC. Users can record, store, pause, rewind and fast forward stored video (HAVA Platinum HD Only)
  • Schedule and record programs for later viewing (HAVA Platinum HD only)
  • Allows burning of stored material to DVD (HAVA Platinum HD only)

With the numbers of broadband users in the US growing day by day these types of boxes are becoming more and more popular. The fact that it will act as a PVR is a huge step forward in this market and we are excited for not only this product, but all the future products that copy it and try and one up it.

We can't wait to get our hands on one of these to try out. We will be sure to update you when we get one in house.

via ehomeupgrade

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July 10, 2007

Review: Hands on with the Sonos BU130 Digital Wireless Music System Bundle


OK so we have had our hands on our review unit (the new Sonos BU130 Digital Music System Bundle to be exact) of the Sonos for awhile now, and we had promised a hands on review, so here it goes. We expected to get a great system to try out, we'll admit it. We had been reading and writing about it for awhile now, but we have to honestly say that we were blown away by what we found.

The Sonos BU130 Digital Music System Bundle evaluation kit contained the main base station, a satellite station and the super cool full color remote. The hook up was as simple as you can get. Plug the base station into the wall, the stereo, and our network. That has to be the simplest install we have ever done. There was basically nothing left for us to do in order to play back music.

We grabbed the remote and dove into the possibilities. The menu system is similar in style to that of the iPod in that you have a scroll wheel with a main input button in the middle. So off we start to tell it where our music collection is located. We see the standard, 'system settings' so we click on that. Next we see, "Music Library Management' which seems like an obvious next step for us. The next screen shows us this option, "Music Library Setup". Clicking on that option resulted in our first jaw drop of the day. The one entry on the list of shared folders was our NAS servers music folder.

ArrowContinue reading: "Review: Hands on with the Sonos BU130 Digital Wireless Music System Bundle"

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July 9, 2007

Digital Cowboy Media Streaming Hard Drive


And yet another great media hard drive is out in the wild and this one looks like the best one yet! The Movie Cowboy is from a company called Digital Cowboy and it looks like it does just about everything. From playing HD content via HDMI at full 1080p to including a plethora of network servers( UPnP,SAMBA,NFS,FTP ) this has just about everything you could want.

It seems to us that Digital Cowboy sat back, watched what everyone else did and checked out what worked and what didn't and produced what seems to be the perfect little device. Just check out the different formats this puppy supports:

Supported Protocols




We haven't seen any interface screenshots yet, but assuming they haven't produced a horrid user experience we see this as a great option for people looking for a simple yet fully functional media streaming device for their home. Looking over the specs we really can't see anything that would make us think this would fall short in any category.

Unfortunately it is only for sale in Asia currently so we can only hope that it makes it to the rest of the world soon. We for one will be buying one as soon as we can.

We'll have more info hopefully in the future as soon as some hands on reviews come in from Asia.

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July 6, 2007

DLO HomeDock Music Remote Review


For those wanting their iPod to be the center of their music streaming world, one of the biggest problems has been how to control it while it sits in the dock. Some solutions use IR remotes to control which song is playing, but the problem with that is what if you are on the back porch and don't have direct line of site to your stereo.

Enter the DLO HomeDock Music Remote! This is a great little system that is a must have for anyone that has multiple speaker locations or just likes to sit out of range of the stereo while they listen. The setup is like every other iPod dock system in that you hook the dock to your stereo and you are good to go. The included remote will sync up to the base unit and can control what is playing from anywhere in your house. The included mini LCD screen is a great addition so you can see what is currently playing and what is coming next in the playlist.

This is a very slick device that so far has been getting great reviews. We found this over at Techware Labs and they had nothing but great things to say. They tested out the range of the remote and found that at 100 feet they still didn't have any problems.

Anyone needing a good iPod streaming solution should look no further.

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July 5, 2007

Game Console Owners Not Using Their Streaming Ability


It seems that owners of the latest generation of game console don't realized their full potential. According to a study done by The Diffusion Group only 30% of game owners are even aware that they have a device that can stream media while only 13% are actually using it to stream content.

This seems to point to the fact that true media streaming really hasn't hit the mainstream yet. So many people actually own media streaming devices and they aren't using them. Hopefully products like the AppleTV will help open peoples eyes to the wonderful world of streaming media.

via engadet

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July 4, 2007

Planex Jack in the Box Multi-Function Home Media Server


Planex is set to release their new product, the "Jack in the Box". This is a home media server with some very interesting capabilities. This is the standard empty NAS server meaning you have to supply your own drives, but with the price of discount drives on the web we think this is a great way to keep the overall price of the unit low. It will support up to two 750GB drives in each of its SATA bays and can do RAID 0 and 1.

They have bundled in a home brewed BitTorrent client which is a trend we love to see develop. We love the idea of turning our power hungry computer off for the night and let our low power NAS server do all the work. They also claim to be able to support an iTunes server which would be a great addition to anyone wanting to stream music throughout their house and not have to leave their main computer on.

We are not sure when this will hit the states since as far as we can tell it is only out in Japan, but this is a device that anyone running a home media network should really consider.

via engadget.

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July 3, 2007

SMC EZ-Stream Wireless Audio Adapter ( SMCWAA-B )


The EZ-Stream Wireless Audio Adapter from SMC is a new entry into the wireless streaming world. The EZ-Stream is a music only streamer that pulls music stored on your PC and pushed it to your stereo system.

With the ability to stream MP3 and MWA's this device should appeal to people that are looking for your basic music streamer. While it doesn't have some of the bells and whistles of the higher end devices it still will function as a very capable media streamer.

The EZ-Stream line is the first entry into the home entertainment market and as far as we can see they have put out a very solid product. We will be keeping an eye on SMC as we are sure they will be releasing more streaming products in the future.

Pick one up at Amazon.

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July 2, 2007

June 2007 Monthly Round Up for Networking Audio Video

We had another fun month here at Networking Audio Video. Lots of great products were reviewed and we had some great hands on experiences. We expanded our scope of reviews to incorporate video encoders as well as HD radio. We continue to be amazed at how many products are being released that are not just networked media players, but also help to get your content setup for playing.
If you missed any of the reviews here is what we covered in June.

Steals and Deals:

$99 Seagate 500GB Drive at Newegg
Fathers Day Sale at MvixUsa
Hard Drive Sale: Samsung 500GB Internal Drive for $110


Top 20 Products of the Year
PS3 1.80 Firmware is out and your Media is Streaming

Internet Radio:

Pinnacle SoundBridge Wireless Internet Radio
Acoustic Energy Wi-Fi Internet Radio

Video Streaming:

DivX GejBox Media Streamer Concept Box
D-Link DSM-510 High-Definition Media Player
Europe: TwinhanDTV MagicBox Digital TV USB 2.0 Box
New Competition for the Slingbox?

Audio Streaming:

TViX HD M-5100SH Digital Media Server
New Hi-Fi is X-fi Wireless Music System
Oono Transmita 2.4G Wireless Audio Transmitter

Console Streaming:
Stream iTunes and Video from your Macintosh to your Xbox 360

Hard Drive Streaming:

QNAP BitTorrent Enabled NAS: TS-109 Pro Turbo Station
Pixel Magic Systems Media Players HD MediaBox

Video Encoders:
Elgato Turbo.264 Video H.264 Encoder - Make Apple TV and iPod Movies Faster

Hands on Reviews:

Sonos System Has Arrived for Review

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Sling Media SlingLink Ethernet Connection Bridge

417Gvdqzrwl. Aa280

Instead of an Airport Express you can now get a Slinglink to get your Slingbox hooked up right at the TV source. If you're like most people, you don't have an ethernet jack right next to your television. Rather than running long wires all around your house, or having an expensive technician re-wire your home, you can just purchase a pair of SlingLink adapters.

Two Room Setup

Like an extension cord for the Internet, the SlingLink uses your home's existing electrical wiring to transmit the ethernet signal from your router. Plug one SlingLink into the wall near your router, and plug in the other SlingLink wherever you have your Slingbox installed. Voila--your Slingbox is connected to the Internet! Best of all, the SlingLink does not impact the performance of your network. It simply placeshifts your home's Internet connection from your office to another household room via your electrical wiring. Now wherever you have a wall socket, you can have the same broadband connection - without installing any new wires or outlets.

SlingLink Features:

  • Least expensive way to connect your Slingbox to your router without wires
  • Optimized for use with the Slingbox
  • Simple one-step installation
  • High speed, supporting up to 14Mbps connection

At Sling Media SlingLink Ethernet Connection Bridge

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