January 31, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII Advertising in 3D


If you haven't yet, run, don't walk to your nearest grocery store, Target, K-mart or Dollar General and get your 3D glasses so that you can watch the crossover commercials that will be going on tomorrow during Super Bowl XLIII. One comes from Dreamworks' new "Monsters vs. Aliens" which will be out March 27 and the other is from Pepsi's SoBe Lifewater. Then, you can watch "Chuck" in 3D Monday night. You might get so excited you will rush right out and order Captain EO and "Jaws:3D." Better hurry. Only 125 million pairs are available.

P.S. Stay tuned. Next week, we are going to interview Todd Juenger, an exec from TiVo who will let us know all the winning and losing spots.

Via I4U News

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January 30, 2009

Freakin' Friday! - eneloop Batteries


Almost every gadget we have runs on batteries. It's really frustrating when you are in the middle of an interview and your recorder goes dead or you are at a concert and are cut off in mid-song. About a year ago we purchased some Sanyo eneloops, one of the greatest inventions in history. (We are not all that fond of sliced bread.) Not only do they come pre-charged, they hold their charge even when not in use.


During that year, we have recharged twice, and only because we figured they had to be running down. We also received, via rebate, free C and D adapters, for those times when you need that flashlight. If you are looking for batteries won't destroy the environment, can be recharged up to 1,000 times without affecting memory and can withstand extreme temperatures, eneloops are like a gift from God Sanyo for less than $20.00.

Via eneloop Batteries

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January 30, 2009

Thermaltake Literally Downsizes Home Theater


Thermaltake has released a slim SD100 Mini (Mini-ITX) and SD200 (Micro-ATX) digital media chassis. Each features a piano coating exterior, and smaller internal structure and thermal modules. We like the looks of them both and appreciate the more minute size and easy flexibility of positioning. The SD100 is only 318 x 268 x 70 mm with a weight 2.7 kg while the 200 is 393 x 367 x 99 mm and has a weight of 5.2 kg. No price or availability date has yet to be announced.

Via Fareast Gizmos and XT Review

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January 29, 2009

VUDU Offers Free iPhone and iPod touch Applications


VUDU is at it again. To keep us all interested, they are now offering iPhone and iPod touch owners a free download for browsing selections. So instead of taking up your valuable weekend time, you can search, rent or buy your choices on your lunch hour, coffee break or while on the tram on the way home. The deal includes HDX titles 1080p for screens that are 40" or more at no extra charge.


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January 29, 2009

Zebra DMX-306 Wireless Mic For Closet Karaoke Singers


We don't mention karaoke around here much, but we know you fans are out there. Zebra has a wireless mic set for perfect for your neighborhood tavern or those who want to keep it at home. The DMX-306 has professional VHF/FM transmission quality with low noise and distortion, and a wide frequency range. The pair of mics were recently marked down to $39.52 from $51.37. That equals out to less than $20.00 per voice.

Via Zebra DMX-306 Wireless Microphone

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January 28, 2009

OVGuide - Online Movie Guide


Online video sites are popping up faster than we can keep track of, so it is only logical that there is now a site to help us all out. The OVGuide features almost every site that exists with descriptions and ratings. They also list top movie/TV searches, tools and resources, their suggested picks, as well as categories and type of viewing. Think of it as an online TV guide without the specifics or tacky interviews.

Via OVGuide

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Think Cisco Linksys System or Upgrade


Now that electronics are becoming more affordable, think about setting up your tunes with more than just your iPod and mini-speaker or video on more than your old TV. Cisco's Linksys has always provided quality products. Here are some of latest wireless Linksys wireless gadgets for those who have basic systems or newbies to the brand.

A good sound system can cost you thousands, but the
Linksys Home Audio Executive Kit
is an inexpensive alternative. The kit comes with one wireless Director, an IR remote and a set of speakers. Simple to install, it is compatible with your Wireless-N router. We think you will get so hooked that you will have tunes in every room in your house (including the bathroom!) The basic system is $549.99 with free shipping included.

Out this week is the
Home Audio Docking Station
for iPods and MP3 players. At a size of 5 x 8.9 x 1.3" and a weight of 8 oz., the system connects by DMC250 Director in your existing Cisco home system. Included are adapters for several different iPods. The station is available for only $79.99.

Also unveiled this week is the truly cool wireless N Home Audio Music Player Extender. Hook it up to your existing stereo, home theater receiver, or surround sound system and your entire family can get access your own tunes or millions of those on the Internet. It includes an IR remote or you can order a
for remote access in another room. At a price of $299.99, think about your teens' happiness when you bring this one home.

Now available for pre-order is the
Linksys Stereo Speaker Kit
. These bookshelf speakers can up your stereo to surround sound or simply improve on your current ones. They have 3/4" neodymium silk tweeters and 4" high-Gauss woofers. Add to that tuned ports and gold-plated terminals and a price of $149.99 for the pair.

Of course, the best recommendations come from those who already have, so if you are one of those who own a Cisco Linksys System, we would appreciate your input!

Via Cisco Linksys Wireless

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January 27, 2009

Netflix Streamers Comparison


Last week, engadget decided to compare Netflix streaming devices and went into incredible depth in their assessment. They included:
the Roku,
Samsung BD-P2500
LG BD300
. The winner? Although they like the Samsung for picture quality, there were no losers. They suggest newbies start off with the Samsung or LG to play your discs and the Roku for its lower price. You can read the entire review on the link below.

Via engadget

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boxee Considers the Box


It may be that boxee is considering coming up with its own branded set-top box. At this point, you can only get their entertainment service by installing it on your Apple TV or TV-connected PC or Mac. The company wants to know what you think about it. Should they build a better box and put their service in it? By the way, they have released a new version for Mac and should come up with another for Apple TV soon, so check with the site to see if you need an update.

(Thanks, Darren)

Via engadget

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January 26, 2009

Pandora Reinstates In-Stream Advertising


Pandora users must be feeling disgruntled as the company recently reinstated in-stream ads. While we can understand the negative reaction, we expect that the company made the economic decision because of necessity and not greed. The ads will only appear on their free service while those who pay the $36.00 subscription fee will not be subject to them.

Via Wired

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Xbox Live 360 Gold Drops Price


What better way to start the week than with a super deal. For $38.99 you can have 13 months of Xbox 360 Live Gold, a service that usually goes for $50.00 for a year. This means you get multi-player games online, voice/video chat, and of course the Xbox 360 Video Markeplace with movies (including Netflix if you have that,) TV shows and music videos. Better take advantage of this one now before they decide to retract the generous offer.

Via Xbox 360 Live Subscription Gold Card

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January 24, 2009

Who Needs 5 Remotes When One For Less Than $20 Will Do?


We just got AT&T's cable system with its interesting and almost too confusing remote. Add to that our TV, VCR and DVD player, and that makes for 4, count 'em 4, remotes. Come digital crossover time, that makes 5. With universal ones so inexpensive these days, we decided to do some shopping. Our results were overwhelming.

The One For All URC 4110 4-Device Remote has oversized keys, menu, mute and channel keys, a built-in sleep timer, 30 min. memory back-up and a price of only $11.87 $9.91. (Prices went down since our posting.)

Philips also has one with big buttons. Their
PM3S Universal Remote
takes up to 3 devices at a price of $8.99 $8.47 with battery saver, sleep timer and code search set-up.

Have a home theater system? Sony's
RM-VL600 Remote
can handle up to 8 devices, has a learning function for programming from other remotes and a price of $19.99 $22.94 (This one went up.)

Finally, we found the RCA 3-Device Universal Remote for only $2.87 $2.85! It features channel recall, button selected station recall, and code library with code saver function if your batteries fail.

We are gathering our other remotes for drawer storage as we speak.

Via Remote Controls

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January 23, 2009

Polk miDock10 Perfect for Travel


Polk's miDock10 can handle almost all docking iPods. At a size of 6 x 14 x 4", the audio system has two 3.25" full range drivers, a headphone jack so others won't gripe about the noise and an auxiliary input to connect to other music sources such as an iPhone or iPod touch. Plug it into your USB port and you can sync to iTunes. Of course, it also recharges your iPod. Plug it in or use batteries (not included) for traveling with its carrying handle. The miDock 10 comes with three cradle adapters, a remote and AC adapter. Grab one now for $179.99.

By the way, Polk has two miDocks that they previously released. Their Studio Portable Audio System is available for only $49.95 and their mini-sized Portfolio Dock for iPod with a price of $55.00.

Via Polk Audio

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Freakin' Friday! Neuros Link Media PC


When the switch to HDTV is complete, maybe it will be time to get rid of cable. Neuros' Link Open Source Media PC, our Freakin' Friday pick of the week, runs on Ubuntu Linux and connects to your TV via HDMI. The built-in software makes it simple to type in the show you want to watch, then finds streaming sources. Get content from such sites as Hulu or one of the networks, or use the preloaded Bit Torrent. Connect an external hard drive preloaded with DVDs and AVI files and those will play, too. The Link also streams audio and photos and, get ready, you can tweak it to your personal need. The $299.99 price includes a no-questions-asked 4 month return policy.

Neuros is so excited about their new PC that they are offering money to those who can improve on their software. If you have link coding ability to make it work with Netflix, get iTunes to run on it, create a configuration wizard or enable Move Networks Plug-in, you can make up to $2,500.00, depending on the project.

Via Neuros

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January 22, 2009

Xtreme All-in-One Router


D-Link has unveiled an all-in-one router dubbed the Xtreme N DIR-685. The 802.11n Wi-Fi storage device also features NAS, 2 USB ports, SharePort technology for printers and scanners and a 3.2" LCD monitor with up to 1.6 million colors. In addition, it has internal antennas and a built-in FTP server to access files from your home network or the Internet. A WLAN scheduler can be preset to turn off, and its Green tecnology automatically adjusts power usage, making it eco-friendly. Top that off with FrameChannel, a freebie web service to help customize images for display. Contact D-Link for availability and price.

Via D-Link

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Manhattan Touchpad Lets You Work the Room


This one is for those who give business presentations but just can't seem to sit still. The Manhattan Pocket Wireless Touchpad with presenter, media and mouse buttons allows you to control your PC from any point in the room. The mini-touchpad runs on a 2.4 GHz Bluetooth connection, has built-in media control and a laser pointer. The battery is good for about 4 hours of usage and is rechargeable by USB or a PCMCIA slot. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, the touchpad is available for $59.95.

Via ThinkGeek

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January 21, 2009

GE Find-It Remote


How often does your remote get lost? Jasco, a GE distributer, is now carrying the Find-it Remote with a locator on its base. With 2-way RF paging, you simply press the button and the device's alarm goes off if it is within 25 ft. The Find-it is compatible with TVs, Satellite, DVD and DVR players, and VCRs. The low price of $24.99 will keep you from complaining that the dog ate the remote.

Via Jasco

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Now You Can kwiry Your TiVo


kwiry is a handy, free service that allows you to text reminders to your PC from your cell phone. When you see a trailer of a movie, find something you want or remember a bill you need to pay, you simply text a message and send it to 59479 (kwiry) and it will save it for you. Track it on their site, in your email, RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. The company recently added a new capability that can turn that text into TiVo recordings. Type in "TiVo 30 Rock" and they will set it for you. Life just doesn't get any easier than that.

Via kwiry

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January 20, 2009

Panic Hits DTV Changeover


We were watching a show on PBS a couple of nights ago and the station director came on and whined about the station's not being ready for the changeover to digital TV. We suspect that his dilemma is shared by others and that is part of the reason that the Senate and House are trying to delay the Feb. 17 launch at least 3 months. Even President Obama agrees. And it certainly reflects the procrastination of the 2 million that are now on the coupon waiting list. Instead of worrying about coupons, why don't companies keep them inexpensive enough to buy a converter, like this one from ACCESS, outright? What do you guys think?

Via eWeek

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Slacker's Mobile App for iPhone and Blackberry


Slacker previously released a mobile App for Blackberry OS 4.3 and up and now you can get it on the iPhone/iPod touch. Listen to over 100 Slacker stations, 10,000 artist stations and scads of listener-created stations. A free service, it has high-quality stereo from a wireless connection, artist bios, photos, album art and preview. Ban the music you don't want, pick your favorites, and let the tunes begin.

Via Slacker

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January 19, 2009

Smart-Leaf Oasis, for Those With Little Space


Pick the room your family hangs out in most of the time, then get yourself an Oasis. This Smart-Leaf PC from Originatic can sit on a counter or be mounted on a wall for those in cramped quarters. Make honey-do lists, check stocks, news, Facebook and other sites or do some video conferencing. It features a standard keyboard and touchpad with a touchscreen option. The slim all-in-one device features an internal TV tuner and can be adapted for multiple applications with WiFi and Bluetooth capability, a VGA port, an adjustable webcam, an 8-in-one SD card reader and incredibly, 8 USB ports. Prices start at $1899.00.

Via Originatic

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Internet Radio in Your Car? It's true!


We figured it was only a question of time before Internet radio went vehicular and that's exactly what the German Company Blaupunkt did, with assistance from miRoamer, an Internet radio site. How does it work? For one thing it needs a 3G or GSM phone connected with Bluetooth. Then the user has access to miRoamer, which has thousands of music, news, talk and entertainment stations. It features a large screen for navigation and access to phone and address book, as well as station options.

Via Coolest Gadgets

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January 16, 2009

Blockbuster Offers Streaming at a Price

blockbuster logo.gif

We remember blacklisting Blockbuster a few years ago when they got carried away. We thought our local retailer would go bust. We went as far to cut up our BB card in exchange for a couple of free indy and foreign flicks. Ever greedy, Blockbuster has decided to offer a computer-based movie streaming service a la Netflix. Subscribers will be pay-per-view for now ($3.99 per new title,) but we know that's not going to last. We will stick to our Netflix, thank you very much.

Via Blockbuster Online

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Freakin' Friday! - Aluratek Internet Radio Jukebox


Technology is changing so rapidly that sometimes it is hard to keep up. We predict that in the next couple of years, everything electronic will be wireless, tinier than ever, and have a touchscreen. To that end, we begin our first Freakin' Friday, stuff that we find that we just gotta have!

This week the honor goes to the
Aluratek's AIRJ01F USB Internet Radio Jukebox
. At a size of only 1 x 3 x 4", you simply plug it in and access over 13,000 radio stations in more than 150 countries. Best of all, there is no fee. Search by continent/country/state or genre, which includes news and sports. (And you thought the pukey fuscia color meant it was for girls.) Add something you like to your favorites and if you really want to get involved, you can actually vote for a channel and help make it a top 10. The IRJ is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista and IE 6/7/8 at a price of only $27.49.

Aluratek's USB Internet Radio Jukebox

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January 15, 2009

NETGEAR ITV2000 Means Family Unity


At this year's CES, NETGEAR introduced its new Internet TV player. Plug the ITV2000 into your TV and watch Internet video without a computer. Check out YouTube, worldwide channels, news and sports sites, and music videos. Plug in a USB drive and you can also access your personal photos, videos and music. Mark your favorites, call in the family, and have one of those nights you used to before you each got your own computer. The ITV2000 will be out sometime this summer at a price of $199.99.


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Turn Your BlackBerry Into a Universal Remote


How cool is the AV|Shadow? It turns your BlackBerry into a universal remote control. We are talking TV, DVD player, stereo system, settop and satellite boxes, TiVo, Apple TV, and your home theater system. Place the Bluetooth Shadow beside your other electronics, plug it in and set it up via your smartphone or on Unify4Life's site. Other members of your family with a BlackBerry can be added on as well. Use default or customize buttons, then simply search, put them on a calendar or add to your favorites list. The $99.99 price includes software, their SoundStreaming technology and 1 year of UnifyGuide.

Via Unify4Life

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January 14, 2009

LaCie LaCinema Classic Multimedia Hard Drive - A Hard Drive with Looks


Last week LaCie announced the LaCinema Classic Hard Disk, suited for all fans of digital movies, music, and photography. Designed by award-winning industrial designer Neil Poulton, this multimedia storage device can pack more than 1,000* movies, or 250,000 songs, or 1 million photographs with up to 1 TB** (terabyte) of capacity. Weighing a mere 33 ounces, LaCinema Classic is extremely compact - a perfect storage device for entertainment in the home. Customers simply load content from their PC or Mac on the Classic drive and connect it to their TV for instant playback. No configuration required. Users will also enjoy HDMI 1080p upscaling of movies and photos.

Designed for multimedia, the LaCinema Classic works with numerous video, music, and photo formats, including MPEG4, MP3 and JPEG as well as HD-JPEG for superior viewing of images over HDMI output. An SPDIF coaxial cable is included to maximize the audio experience. LaCinema Classic is DivX-certified so customers can watch DivX transcoded videos with high quality and resolution. LaCinema Classic comes in 500 GB (gigabyte) and 1 TB models, offering the Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface for PC or Mac, as well as HDMI and composite outputs for video, and stereo and coaxial S/PDIF outputs for audio.

Via Engadget at Lacie

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January 13, 2009

Program Away From Home With FiOS TV


Those fortunate enough to have Verizon as their carrier and subscribe to Home Media DVR can now get FiOS TV free. This clever technology allows you to set your digital video recorder remotely. Set the time, browse, search, review, add or change, or delete shows you have already viewed. It also has parental control. The software is compatible with Verizon Wireless enV2, Voyager and Chocolate 2. The software is free as long as you have the service and can handle up to 7 TVs. Imagine your slightly overweight spouse/partner's surprise when he/she gets home, turns on the tube, starts pigging out on pizza and sees "The Biggest Loser" come on the screen.


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Seagate introduces Free Agent Theater HD - Ugly Design With Lots of Features


Now that's an ugly HDD hard drive. Okay - it's more of a play everything you can upload to your TV including pictures, video, and music using the Free Agent Theater HD software. Expect this ugly multimedia wonder to ship in March for $229.99 (250GB) / $299.99 (500GB), or those on a tight budget can opt for a $129.99 media player / remote control-only version.

This is also a really weird but entertaining video of the player in action.

Via Engadget and more at PC Mag

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January 7, 2009

Linksys Going After Sonos with the Wireless Home Audio System

Linksys_by_Cisco_WHA_family.jpgLooks like Linksys is taking on Sonos with it's announcement at CES of the Wireless Home Audio System. Gizmodo has a list of the individually priced components that look it'll definitely nickel and dime you to death. Still you can check out the bundled packages:

As far as bundles go, there will be three bundles offered--the Premier Kit, the Trio Kit and the Executive Kit. The Premier includes 1 Player, 1 Director, 1 Controller and 2 IR remotes for $1000. The Trio includes 2 Players, 1 Controller and 2 IR remotes for $850. The Executive includes 1 Director, speakers and an IR remote for $550. The entire Wireless Home Audio system, except the Conductor, should be available immediately. The Conductor is slated for a Q1 release.

Although pricey, the system looks pretty sweet. We'll try to get a hold of a review unit and let you know what we think.

At Gizmodo.com [image: Gizmodo]

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January 6, 2009

DIY - Setting up a Cat-5 Wired Network in your Home

nowifi.jpgWhile using a wireless network in your home is usually the way to go, there's something elegant about a house that's on a Cat-5 wired networking set-up. We found a simple but information tutorial that'll help you figure out the proper way to wire your home with cat-5 or cat-6 ethernet cables. The tutorial covers these steps:

  • step 1 - Initial Considerations and Planning

  • step 2 - Required Tools and Materials (and costs)

  • step 3 - Mounting the Wall Plates

  • step 4 - Measuring and Running the Cables

  • step 5 - Connecting the Wires to the Jacks and Patch Panel

  • step 6 - Testing Your Connections

  • step 7 - Connecting to the Internet

  • step 8 - Cool Options to Make you Geek Friends Drool

The tutorial is worth a read so be sure to check it out.

At Instructables.com

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January 5, 2009

Iomega Introduces 1TB Home Media Network Drive

Home_Media_Network.jpgWith all of the video and music downloads we're doing these days, it's amazing how few of us are actually backing up our valuable data. One of the biggest drawbacks of home backup is sometimes it seems like you need a degree from MIT to get your device and backup procedures set-up. Iomega is trying to change that with the Iomega Home Media Network Drive which is supposed to be easy to set-up even for novices.

Here's some info from Iomega's website:

Enjoy your digital life! Easily share and access photos, videos and music between your home computers with the Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive. This device provides easy-to-use, yet powerful, network storage for the home user and the three step setup is a breeze, even if you've never used a network drive before.

Save all your digital files to one central location and share them between computers on your network. Then play back your pictures, videos and music from digital media adapters such as game consoles, digital picture frames or networked TVs. Built-in iTunes support automatically feeds music into iTunes for easy playback. Easily share one printer over the network.

Control which family members have access to certain folders. Plus, secure your memories and backup automatically with award winning EMC® Retrospect software (PC/Mac) and for extra protection backup online with MozyHome™ Online Backup service with 2GB free.


  • Simple to use--Three step set-up - simply plug into your router, power on, and install the software CD. Friendly web screens for easy management.
  • Sharing--Access files from any networked Windows PC or Apple computer for easy file sharing.
  • High Performance--Gigabit Ethernet connectivity combined with a high performance processor.
  • UPnP™ AV Media Server--Compatible with DLNA® certified media players, able to stream photos, audio content and videos to a variety of media devices like game consoles, audio bridges, DMAs (digital media adapters), picture frames and more.
  • iTunes™ Server--Store your audio content in one central location and share it across your iTunes players.
  • Network File Protocols Supported--CIFS/SMB (Microsoft), AFP (Apple), HTTP 1.1
  • Expandability--Add storage capacity by connecting external USB Hard Disk Drives. Supports FAT32 and NTFS formatted hard drives.
  • Network Discovery--Automatic network discovery by Apple Bonjour and Microsoft Windows Rally devices.
  • Data Protection--Touch-free professional-level backup for all your critical data with EMC® Retrospect HD backup software. Effortlessly back up files on a pre-set schedule.
  • Print Server--Intelligent network print sharing capability for one USB printer directly attached to the HomeMedia drive

The MSRP for 1TB is $229.99 and $159.99 for 500GB. Those are pretty sweet price points for that much storage especially if it's easy for anyone to set up.

At Iomega.com

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