April 30, 2009

Media Cowboy Set-top Box Debuts


Giddy-up! The Media Cowboy DC-MC35ULI set-top box works with a 3.5 SATA hard drive that can play most audio and video formats in 720p. With RCA and USB inputs, and TCA, optical audio and HDMI outputs, view movies, TV shows, YouTube clips, Picasa images or other media stored on the drive. The box also has a handy iPod dock for more fun. Digital Cowboy has plans to release the device in Japan next month at a price of ~$250.00.

Via Digital Cowboy (translated)

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April 30, 2009

Flix By the Click - Simplified Streaming


We can't all afford TiVos and sometimes searching around for non-mainstream videos can be a pain now that most of those mom and pop stores are gone. Flix by the Click offers unlimited streaming 24/7. They will even provide you with free software for streaming, DVD copying, a movie player and CD burner. You can play movies, TV shows and music videos to your PC, TV, or home theater. We noted that so far the site appears to be in the early stages and features Amazon VOD, but in a much more organized way. MP3 downloading is also on the way.

Via Flixbytheclick

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April 29, 2009

China Developing Blu-ray Format


China is developing its own Blu-ray format. The CBHD (China Blue High-Definition) uses a blue laser and its light has a shorter wavelength than red ones. However, it has a physical structure that is similar to a DVD. With the same thickness, there is a 1.1mm disc under a 0.1mm protective layer, meaning that DVD makers could upgrade and produce discs for the new format.

About 10 million HD-ready TVs were sold in China last year, but most cannot afford to use the technology. Be that as it may, over 100 titles will be available by the end of the year and players are now on sale with prices starting at 2,000 yuan (~$293.00.)

Via PC World

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April 29, 2009

Talk to the Surfboard Remote Control


For less than $40.00, couch potatoes have even more reason to celebrate. The Accenda Surfboard can be used as a handheld remote or can operate by voice. The company claims that it will handle any language or accent. Simple to use, there is a Help button to walk you through the setup. It can channel surf and remember your favorite channel, and uses 4 AAA batteries (not included.) The 7" tall Surfboard's Smart Source knows whether your command is TV related or if it is another component.

Accenda also has a Voice Control for lazy busy iPod owners. Models compatible include nano 1/2/3G, touch, iPod with color display, mini, iPod with Click Wheel, iPod with video and classic.

Via Accenda

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April 28, 2009

Jawbone's Colorful Prime Headsets


Jawbone has unveiled a new line of very colorful Bluetooth headsets for mobile phones users called Prime with Earcandy colors. The Prime headsets offer better audio quality, comfort, and fun colors, can pair to 8 different devices and connect two of the same ones at the same time. The headsets are available for pre-order now for $129.99 and will ship May 2.

Via Jawbone

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Yamaha 7.1-Channel Network A/V Receiver


Yamaha has a new A/V receiver, the RX-V3900BL. With 7.1 channels, you can stream from Internet Radio or Rhapsody online music services or from PC, HD Radio with iTunes tagging or SIRIUS. It also is compatible with Bluetooth, USB audio and iPod. Top that off with a Web Browser Control and multi-zone custom installation and you have one sweet system.

Via Yamaha Receivers

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April 27, 2009

FLO TV Caters to AT&T, Verizon Customers


With one button touch, FLO TV allows you to watch your fave shows on your cell phone. It has an easy-to-use program guide and quick channel switching. Get 12 channels including all the major networks as well as MTV, Comedy Central, ESPN and Fox News. What's the catch? It is only available from AT&T and Verizon. Choose the basic service for $15.00 a month or the TV Plus for $30.00 that includes browsing.


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Amazon Offers HD VOD


Good news for HD TiVo and Roku owners. Amazon is now streaming HD on its VOD service. There are over 500 movies and TV shows. Rent a flick for $3.99 or $4.99 or a TV episode for only $3.00.

Via Amazon HD VOD

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April 24, 2009

Freakin' Friday! Auralex Acoustics Available for the Masses


Auralex Accoustics is making itself available to the every man/woman who wants to create a media room, studio or home theater. Making music doesn't get any easier than this with these options:

Auralex includes Super Saver shipping on orders over $25.00 and delivery in 3 - 5 days.

Via Auralex

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HTSA Creates Solar Powered Home Theater

Referred to as the "Guiltless Green Home Theater," HTSA assembled a Sharp projector, a 100" Stewart Filmscreen, 6 SpeakerCraft in-wall speakers, an Integra AV receiver, Monster Cable wiring, Lutron lighting, universal remote control, and furniture from Salamander. After installation, the system was attached to 4 solar panels, which provide up to 19 hours of usage. Popcorn and nachos not included.

Via Dealerscope

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April 23, 2009

Pro-Power Speakers - Music To Go


Sometimes it is so much easier to skip the earbuds and use speakers and Pro-Power's Portables fill the bill both in size and price. Hook up your iPod, MP3 player, PDA, MD, CD player in with the 3.5 gold plated plug. When not in use, the .5 x 2 x 2.4", 3 lb. speakers fold up and go in their own carrying case. The system needs 4 AA batteries (not included.)

Via Pro-Power's Speaker System

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KDDI au Box Driven By Android


Motorola will be using Android to create KDDI's multipurpose set top box. The "au Box" can play and rip CDs, has storage for transferring to a mobile device via USB and of course play DVDs through video encoding. They will be on display at Japan's CEATEC this October and Masataka Miura, chairman of Open Embedded Software Foundation (OESF), says that JVC is also considering developing an Android TV.

Via Android Guys

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JMK Wireless Signal Booster and Receiver Kit


Looking for better signals? The Wireless Signal Booster and Receiver Kit attaches to your security or spy camera. With an output frequency of 0.9G/1.2G, a transmission of up to 300 meters, the JMK device works with both video and audio if a mic is attached. Available April 27, the kit has simple set up and a price of $51.47.

Via Chinavasion

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April 22, 2009

Plex Media Center Adds Netflix


If you already own a Mac, then you are probably familiar with the Plex Media Center. They have added a Netflix application that can be downloaded for free from their store. You will need the Silverlight plugin from Netflix and the latest version of Plex for the plug-in to work properly.

Via Plex

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Think Green on Earth Day


It's Earth Day! Get out there and:

Visit the Earth Day Site and send an E-Card or sign up for the Every Day is Earth Day Facebook app and help reduce your carbon footprint.

Via Celebrate Earth Day

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April 21, 2009

HD Music Hits the Great Outdoors


Coby's Portable HD Radio System receives both AM/FM analog and clear digital broadcasting with no subscription fee. With a preset station memory, the tuner also features a high contrast LCD display with backlighting, 4W speaker, full function remote, 3.5mm audio line-in jack and an integrated rechargeable battery for up to 5 hours of play. Best of all it, the HDR700 has a splash-proof housing so you can take it to the beach.

Via Coby Portable HD Radio System

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Panasonic Unveils Blu-ray DMP-BD60-K Player


The DMP-BD60-K is Panasonic's latest home Blu-ray disc player. Supporting 1080/24p and 1080/60p video and ACVHD, it also features x.v.Color, BD Live, and VOD services like YouTube for video stored on your private network thanks to DLNA compliance. No price or availability date has been released.

Via Akihabara News

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April 20, 2009

Sonos Adds iPhone Playability and More

Sonos has added some new features to its Multi-Room Music System. Create multiple alarms, set timers to turn off the tunes and playback DRM files, including those purchased from iTunes. The system now supports 6 more languages and computer free set-up. If you have an iPod or iPod touch and a home stereo, you can get Sonos on the ZP90 for a price of $349.00.

(Thanks, Thomas)

Via Sonos

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Bell'O DIY For Dummies


Even if you are not the best carpenter or electrician, you can still have an awesome home theater. Bell'O has some really fine TV wall mounts for 12 to 84" screens which are heavy duty, functional and now, easy to install. Each comes with a For Dummies installation guide. The video takes you step by step with all the necessary instructions. The company also carries audio towers, furniture, and accessories.

Via Bell'O

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April 17, 2009

Freakin' Friday! DSi Out With a Bang


No doubt you heard of the DSi's coming out party, but we have rarely seen so much hype so fast to push the new Nintendo gaming system. Available in either black or blue, there is a purchasing limit to 3 units at a time. What makes the portable gaming system so "in"? Not only can you play DSi and many DS games on it, it features two cameras with 11 customized lenses, can browse wirelessly, let you play with others and can access music in the AAC format using a standard SD Card.


Not only does the DSi have its own site, plenty of gamesand accessories are already available.

Via Nintendo DSi

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Orb Audio's Customizable HT Express Pro


Orb Audio offers one of the best solutions for customizing a home theater. Choose from audio receivers from Yamaha and Denon, Blu-ray and DVD players and combine them with Orb's Speaker packages . The HT Express Pro can support 5, 6, or 7 surround speakers. Their Satellite Speakers come in metallic black gloss, pearl white, hand-polished steel, or hand antiqued copper or brass. Prices start at $1,139.99 and all HTs come with an iPod adaptor.

Via Orb Audio

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April 16, 2009

Moxi Plays Harder


Digeo, trying to keep up with TiVo, has announced that their
Moxi DVR
has plenty of new features like PlayOn, a program for streaming video from YouTube, CNN, Netflix, and Hulu, among others, using DLNA. The good news is that for now it is free and will also stream content stored on your computer as well as browse the Net. While the Moxi HD will set you back $799.99, it is a one-time charge as there are no monthly fees.

Via Digeo

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Broadband Customers Want Intenet Connected TV


Parks Associates recently conducted a study that concluded that 2.5 million North American broadband households will pay an extra $100.00 on their next TV if it is Internet connected. VOD is the top attraction, while others want on-screen widgets and access to computer content. This is proof positive we are becoming a networking world slowly but surely and companies such as Samsung, who have 3 new lines of connected TVs (such as the one above,) will undoubtedly clean up in the future. Read the entire report via the link.

Via Parks Associates

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April 15, 2009

Amazon Shopping App for Black Berry Available


Amazon has launched a Shopping App for BlackBerry. The free download will work for those who have a track ball and consists of a simplified way to search and buy from Amazon and their affiliates. No doubt the recent popularity of the app for iPhone spurred on the idea. Available on the application is Amazon Remembers to help keep track of items that matches photos of user products to those that are the same or similar. Check with the site for more features.

Via Amazon App for BlackBerry

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Boxee Launches App Store


Boxee media center software, which can play local media types as well as access to cable networks, Netflix and Hulu, has launched an open store for new apps such as Pandora and Radiotime. The latest Mac version is the AppBox which should encourage developers. If you can come up with one or several, it looks like a payment platform will be your reward.

Via ARS Technica

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April 14, 2009

TiVo Sneaks In Advertising During Pause


Back in December,
Series 2 TiVos
were treated to their newest advertising, displayed during a pause screen of either a live or time shifted program. Ironic, because those doing fast forwarding are trying their best to avoid the ads. It is possible to hide the bar, but you know that advertising in some form or another is inevitable. Software version 11.0c, which contains the feature, will soon be on all Series 3 HD boxes as well.

Via TiVo Community

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The Traveling Logitec Pocket Router


The Japanese company Logitec, (not to be confused with Logitech,) has a pocket sized router that weighs about 55 grams and is perfect for traveling. The Pocket Router has many of the same features as larger models, as well as offering MAC address filtering and standard DMZ gaming capability. For security, there is WPA2 (AES), WPA (TKIP), and WEP128/64. The device is available for ¥7200 (~$72.00.)

Via Logitec (translated)

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April 13, 2009

Tangent Quattro Internet Clock Radio


Internet radio gets better all the time. The Tangent Quattro combines WiFi radio with a classy housing in black, white or walnut. Search for over 5000 stations, either by location or genre. The Alarm radio with snooze button streams music from your PC or MAC without turning it on. The Quattro can also double as a stand-alone speaker when connected to your MP3 player. Best of all, after purchase, there is no addition subscription fee.

Via Tangent Quatro Internet Clock/Radio

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Disney to Mate With Hulu?


Rumor has it that Hulu and Disney are negotiating to bring the mouse's programming online. Supposedly, the content is concentrating on ABC, but may come from other Disney sources such as ESPN. In exchange, Disney wants an equity stake in Hulu and the possibility of performance incentives. While this all has not been officially confirmed, it is increasingly obvious that media companies will join the Internet revolution and Hulu doesn't want to be left out.

By the way, if you caught this ad with Alec Baldwin shown during the Super Bowl, you have to know that Hulu received a 33% increase in viewed videos after airing. Somehow, that does not surprise us.

Via paid Content

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April 10, 2009

Freakin' Friday! ZVOX Audio 550 Sound System


The ZVOX Audio 550 is a tidy little unit that conceals speakers, 60W amplifier, subwoofer and surround sound circuitry. It connects simply to the output or headphone jack on your TV. At a size of 28 x 14.5 x 3 3/8", it will hold most 26 - 50" flatpanels that weigh less than 90lbs. The company claims that their PhaseCue virtual surround sound is close to a better 5.1 system. An RCA connecting cord and remote are included in the price. ZVOX is so sure that you will love their system that they give you a 30 day money back guarantee, including freight charges.

Via ZVOX Audio 550

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Thanks for Your Support


We just had to take a few to thank you for taking the time to follow us on Twitter. We dig tweeting for CES Scoop, 4CUHi2. Kevin Alexander, Jenny, Tasha Harrison, Bryan Gauvin, Delta Sucks (hehehe), Vidconco, Internet gal 21, Cortexa, Angie, homeautomation, hello Babul, Jay A, NatalyGM, Alexander Grunder, Roland Steinmetz and Dee McInnis. If you aren't listed here, why not? And if you are, keep in touch and let us know what you have going on, too! You can always respond via Twitter, comments on NAV, or email.

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April 9, 2009

Infinity Classia C336 Tower Speakers


Speakers don't get any classier than the C336 from Infinity. The Classia Tower Speaker has CMMD technology for reducing distortion and a recently improved tweeter that delivers frequencies up to 40kHz. There are three 6 1/2" woofers for better bass response and each speaker is available in
or a high gloss black finish.

Via Classia Tower Speakers

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BFG Phobos Deluxe Media Server


The BFG Phobos Server is so technically correct that it is built by hand. The gaming/home theater system offers an interactive touchscreen LCD with multimedia control and system performance data, a water-cooled CPU, Nvidia GTX-series graphics card, your choice of Core i7 Processors and even an iPod/iPhone syncing dock. Choose from the $3,000.00 for the performance model, $5,000.00 for the advanced system or $8,000.00 for the elite.

Via Think Computers

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April 8, 2009

Black & Decker Multi-Purpose Power Station


Make your tunes portable with Black & Decker's
PSS100B Power Station
Power Supply/Digital AM/FM Radio. Its built-in rechargeable battery offers up to 12 hours of play and the two 120V AC outlets let you plug in your laptop or any other small electronic device. The player has an audio input, USB port for charging and a built-in LED for nights or emergencies.

Via Black & Decker

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Atlona Video Scaler Has 11, Count 'em, 11 Inputs


One can never have too many inputs. Atlona Technologies has launched their AT-LINE-PRO3. The video scaler has two HDMI outputs and 2 Composite AV, 1 S-Video, 2 Component, 1 VGA, 1 DVI-I and 4 HDMI. Any of the inputs can be scaled to different resolutions including 1080HP. The PRO3 converts 50Hz/60Hz for American Televisions in Europe and PAL to NTSC for the opposite usage. It's due out the end of April with a price of $699.99.

Via HomeToys

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April 7, 2009

iPhone Users Need Upgrade for SlingPlayer Mobile


If you have a Slingbox and want to use SlingPlayer Mobile for your iPhone when it becomes available, Sling Media has announced that you need to upgrade to SOLO,
, or
. While this is not the cheapest of news, they are offering a $50.00 rebate. Then again, considering the cost of the upgrade and the app software that will set you back $29.99, you might want to think about the investment.

Via Sling Media

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AmeriCorps to Assist in Digital Transition


The FCC has asked AmeriCorps to participate in a coordinated effort to help make the digital transition simpler. Volunteers will help connect the converter boxes, apply for coupons, work in walk-in DTV help centers and visit non-English speakers, seniors, the disabled and outlying areas that aren't up to speed before June 12. AmeriCorps is composed of about 2 million members, aged mostly 18 - 24, who will begin the task in Denver. If you need help, still have questions about the changeover, or would like to volunteer yourself, contact them.

Via AmeriCorps

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April 6, 2009

Schmartz Reduces PS3 Adapter Price


Schmartz recently reduced the price on their
PS3IR-X1 IR to USB Adapter
for Sony Playstation 3. The device handles 31 commands, is compatible with most universal remotes and utilizes PS2 infrared codes. Best of all, it is this wicked shape that almost seems invisible when connected.

Via Schmartz PS3IR-X1 IR to USB Adapter

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Samsung Launches New Blu-ray HTs


Samsung is launching 3 Blu-ray Home Theater Systems in a box at super decent prices. The HT-BD1250 is a $549.99 HTiB with a 5.1 channel system and will be available this month. The HT-BD8100 is priced at $799.99 and is a first to feature a sound bar with surround sound and an embedded Blu-Ray player. Wall mountable, look for it in July. The HT-BD7200, with virtual surround sound and2.1 speakers retailing at $799.99. All three can access BD-Live, services such as NetFlix and Pandora, as well as content from a synced computer. In addition, the HT-BD1250 and HT-BD7200 are iPhone compatible.

Via High-Def Digest

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April 3, 2009

Freakin' Friday: Harman Kardon Soundsticks II - Sexy?


Harman Kardon's Soundsticks II is a multi-media 3 piece speaker system that provides hi-quality stereo for MP3s, movies, games and music. The company describes them as "curvy, sleek and sexy." While we wouldn't go quite that far, we do like their uniqueness. The 40W System features computer-optomized multi-band parametric equalization as well as direct access to volume control by "capacitance touch" buttons. HK also has a
USB 2.0 System
for less.

Via Harman Kardon Soundsticks II

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Jabra Headset Super Sound, Super Comfortable


GN Netcom has gone to a new audio level with their Jabra BITZM 2400 Headset with a noise-canceling boom arm that can rotate 360º. Peakstop technology means protection against loudness and the gold-plated contacts mean optimum voice transmission. The headset comes in three different "Flex-fit" styles for extended comfort, some of them with Bluetooth capability. Due out in May, no price has been announced as yet.

Via Pocket-lint

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April 2, 2009

Feel the Film With Philips Jacket


This has to be the ultimate method of literally getting into a film. Philips has designed a jacket that is lined with vibration motors and 64 actuators that are linked along a serial bus across both arms and torso. The clothing simulates outside forces, but fortunately not the violent type. So instead of feeling a kick to Bruce Lee, you feel his emotions such as tension and anxiety. Not only will a shiver go up your spine, it will create a pulsing that is meant to simulate an elevated heartrate. The jacket was displayed at the recent IEEE-sponsored 2009 World Haptics Conference 2009.

Via IEEE Spectrum

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ZeeVee Zinc Beta 3 Download Available


The Beta 3 version of the ZeeVee Zinc Internet browser has been released. Previously called Zviewer, you can navigate with a simple interface that can be controlled with a remote and watched on a TV or monitor. The company has incorporated new features such as more detailed descriptions, release dates and ratings, as well as the ability to tag favorites. There are also alerts when new content is available and Netflix and CBS have been added.

There are about 15,000 feature length movies and thousands of TV shows that can be watched on demand. Best of all, Zinc is free. The software app works on most PCs with support for Mac due out by the end of April. Head over to their site to catch the download.

Via ZeeVee Zinc

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April 1, 2009

OnLive Streams Games to Any Computer

WebTV founder Steve Perlman and former Eidos CEO Mike McGarvey have been working for the last seven years on OnLive, a game system that allows players to stream on-demand games onto an Intel-based Mac or PC with XP/Vista, no matter how powerful the computer. It will also stream games to your TV with a small plug-in device and can work with a wireless controller and VoIP headsets. The service is currently in a closed beta but should open up into a public one this summer. A full launch will occur this winter. In the meantime, you can sign up if you want to be a part of the testing.


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Monthly Round Up: March 2009


It's certainly clear that technology is moving almost faster than we can keep up, as evidenced by our March postings. If you didn't catch them all, check out our NAV posts in our monthly round-up.

Apple TV

Audio Devices

Audio Streaming

Blu-ray Players


Freakin' Friday

Game Consoles

Home Networking

Home Theater


Image Streaming

Internet Radio

Internet Video

Media Center

Media Extender

Netflix Streaming


Press Release

Remote Control

Roku Netflix Player



Speaker Systems


Steals and Deals

TV Streaming


Video Devices

Video Recorder

Video Streaming

Wireless Music

Wireless Network

Wireless Speakers

iPod Streaming

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Control Your Home With Cortexa


Cortexa's Home Automation Controller is both easy to install as well as to synchronize with subsystems. Not only can you control audio and video equipment, the subsystems include interior climate control, lighting, motorized curtains, irrigation systems, garage doors, pools and video cameras. If that isn't enough control for you, later they will be adding support for assisted and disabled living, multi-residence control, and energy and water monitoring. Contact Cortexa for more info on their system.

Via Cortexa

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