March 31, 2010

NAV Monthly Round Up - March 2010

March has certainly seen its share of new electronics, especially when it comes to 3D. We don't know who can afford them, but we bet that almost every major manufacturer will put something out by the holiday season in the spirit of competition. If you missed any of our March posts, here is your chance to catch up.


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March 31, 2010

PICOWatt Controls Appliances


Tenrehte's PICOWatt plugs into any appliance and can then be controlled by PC or Smartphone. How nice to have control in case you can't remember if you turned your oven off. The device also measures how much power is being used and controls when the best time is for turning it on. The included smart plug fits over existing outlets and acts as a mini-WiFi router. Priced at $79.99, PICOWatt will launch Earth Day (April 22.)

Via Tenrehte

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March 31, 2010

Eye-Fi Pro Memory Card Holds 8GB


Eye-Fi's Pro X2 Flash Memory Card is now available for pre-order. The WiFi enabled SD card can store and transfer photos and video from your camera to computer and an online social site with class 6 performance. Easy to install, the Pro X2 holds 8 GB memory and is compatible with most cameras as well as PC and Mac. Other cards from Eye-Fi are available now.

Via Eye-Fi

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March 30, 2010

Blockbuster Gets Films Early From WB


Blockbuster has managed to come up with a deal with Warner Bros. that will give them films for rental the day they go on sale. That's 28 days before competitors Netflix and Redbox will receive them. Already in effect, "The Blind Side" came out March 23 and "Sherlock Holmes" was released today.

Via Biz Journals

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March 30, 2010

Dell 3D Short Throw Projector


Dell has released a short throw projector that plugs into your USB drive and displays up to 90" images from as far away as 60". There are lots of great features, including Crestron RoomView Express software for remote operation and monitoring, a 2,400:1 contrast ratio and 2200 ANSI lumens of brightness, but the best one is that it can be used for 3D imaging. The S300w comes with a MSRP of $999.00.

Via Dell

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March 29, 2010


Sharp has released a teaser for their new QUATTRON TV with the color yellow that is only as good as the TV that you are watching it on. But the thing we liked best is that during the spot there was a disclaimer that an actor was an "expert." Yeah. Who doesn't know who George Takei is? Then again, maybe they were in on the joke.

Via Sharp

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Sony BRAVIA BX Features Hard Drive


We cannot help it. Despite their occasional stumble, we drool when Sony comes out with something new. The BRAVIA BX is their first LCD with integrated hard drive with remote. It features 100,000:1 contrast ratio, CCFL backlighting, 720p HD res, 24p True Cinema and BRAVIA sync. No prices yet, but look for 22, 26 and 32" models, the first two sizes coming to the US.

Via Sony Insider

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March 26, 2010

Freakin Friday! Avatar Release Set For Earth Day


Twentieth Century Fox has fittingly planned the release of Avatar to coincide with Earth Day, April 22, on both DVD and Blu-ray. The US and Canada will have the first access, then it will go global later in the month. Don't expect all the bells and whistles until November, when the 3D version will be released in time for the holidays.

Via Businesswire

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Is Google TV Coming?


In their constant quest to conquer the Internet galaxy, the New York Times reports that Google has teamed with Intel and Sony to produce the next generation of TVs built on Android that can run applications. While some set top boxes can already stream content from the Net, they are somewhat limited. Google TV will be open source. Similar to Apple's ailing TV, you will be able to watch videos from sites like YouTube, stream on-demand channels and customize with 3rd party apps. Look for more information this summer.

Via New York Times

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March 25, 2010

XpandD To Release Universal 3D Glasses


XpandD has come up with a universal 3D glasses solution. They claim that their LCD based X103 Active Shutter glasses work on almost any TV. This is the year of 3DTV so their timing is certainly right. Due out this June, they will come in 12 different colors in 2 sizes at a price between $125 - 150.00.

Via PC Mag

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Belkin Up Hub Connects Up to 7 Devices


It seems that most peripherals and accessories these days are USB. Belkin helps solve the dilemma with their 2.0 (and 1.1) 7-port Hub. Connect at speeds of up to 480Mbps even at night as the 2.5 x 7 x 9 inch device has a convenient light included.

Via Belkin USB Hubs

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March 24, 2010

Fisher Price Launches Moments to Share


Fisher Price has launched a Facebook application that parents can use to select who can see photos of their kids. The company will also be launching apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch designed for children aged 2 - 5. Moments to Share includes promotions and products for them based on their gender and age. So while the app is a good idea for keeping away pervs, expect some commercialism as well.

Via Moments to Share

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NVIDIA to Release 3DTV Play


NVIDIA has announced the release of 3DTV Play, a connection for GeForce-based notebooks and PCs to HDTVs. The software app supports 1080p24, 720p60 and 720p50 3D formats. Active shutter or passive polarized glasses can be used for viewing.

The system can also convert games from 2D to 3D, will appear sometime later this spring and will be priced at $39.99. Those how already use NVIDIA 3D Vision will score a free copy. If you would like to see it in action, check out the "Panasonic Touch the Future Tour" going on through April, where you can see the Play as well as Panasonic's first 3D Home Theater.

Via Marketwire

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March 23, 2010

Connect With Pogoplug Anywhere


Pop the Pogoplug into your USB port and access and share files from anywhere. Use it with any PC or utilize the iPhone app to "phone home." No extra software is needed; simply connect 2 cables then visit the company's website. Pogoplug is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux and will soon be able to connect to online backup, synch and printing sites. Best of all, the only info they have is your e-addy as your personal data is stored on your Pogoplug. Get yours for $129.00.

Via Pogoplug

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HP Releases MediaSmart Expander


TiVo owners and those with HP MediaSmart Servers can now take advantage of the free Expander. With it you can transfer media from TiVo to the HP Server and back, manage TiVo recordings stored on the Server and watch TiVo recording on a PC. The software is compatible with Server model EX490/EX495, DataVault X510, TiVo DVR Series II, Series III, TiVo Premier and desktop software.

Via HP

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March 22, 2010

Sony 3D TVs to Debut in June


Sony's 3D TVs will be hitting the market this June in Japan, and should travel internationally later this year. A 46" screen will be available for ¥350,000 (~$3,875) and will come with 2 pairs of glasses. The debut is set at the same time that games will become available for its 3D capable PS3.

Via Sony

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Rii Wireless Keyboard


The Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard allows you to type either vertically or horizontally. The full backlit QWERTY keyboard has 69 keys, touchpad, joystick navigation controls and laser pointer. Wireless with a USB receiver, you can get signals up to 30m away. The remote runs on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Due next month, you can pre-order now for $92.00.

Via brando

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March 19, 2010

Freakin' Friday! iHome IConnect Combo


The iHome IConnect Media Keyboard and Wireless Mouse Combo allows you to dock your iPhone or iPod and transfer music, video and photos. Touch sensitive media keys shuffle your playlist and control your media. The keyboard has 2 rotating USB 2.0 ports for easy access to other electronics.

Via iHome

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Loewe Open Source Reference Mediacenter


The Loewe Reference Mediacenter will play CDs, DVDs and any music stored on its integrated hard disk, existing home network with music server and USB memory stick. With an open platform, it can access media from your iPhone, iPod and control your Blu-ray player. It displays all on your TV and can be placed in party mode for sending music to other rooms or can handle simultaneous playback of several music sources. Due out this fall, contact Loewe for more information and pricing.

Via Loewe

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March 18, 2010

Volar Video Capture Converts VHS to DVD


The AVerMedia Volar Video Capture USB allows watching and recording digital TV to your PC. It will take all those outdated tapes and turn them into a DVD or VCD format with no quality loss. Add to that iPod and PSP format recording, both schedule and wake up recording, and electronic program guide. The Volar can run on both AVerTV 6 and Windows Media Center and carries a price of ~$100.00.

Via AVerMedia

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Swan Ultimate Home Theater System


HiVi's Swan 'T1000HT' combines a 10" active subwoofer with a 150W RMS subamplifier working in the 25Hz-200Hz range and a high fidelity speaker system. The Home Theater System has a 6.5 Kevlar woofer, dome midrange and isodynamic ribbon super tweeter. Wrap that up in a natural wood veneer, piano lacquer finish and champagne colored aluminum front panel and it almost qualifies as furniture.

Via HiVi

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March 17, 2010

iTable Debuts at 2010 CeBIT

We have to admit that we so want the PQLabs multi-touch iTable. Making its debut at the CeBIT in Germany, the 42" HD LED display is only 1.5" thick. This honorary NAVi Award winner will recognize up to 32 fingers or different objects and can be used either for business conferences or just playing around.

Via iTable

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Archos to Release Android Tablets


Archos has two new Android based tablets designed for those who want more than a smartphone and less than a PC. Due out in June, both can play videos, music and photos, and can also access the Interweb at prices around $200.00. The 7 Tablet has a 7" touchscreen with built-in WiFi and USB for transferring files. It will be available in both 2 and 8GB models.


The 8 Home Tablet features an 8" touchscreen and holds 4GB memory. This would certainly be a good addition to any kitchen with the ability to download recipes and be used as a digital frame while cleaning up the dishes.

Via UMPC Portal

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March 16, 2010

RealNetworks To Cease Selling RealDVD


RealNetworks will stop selling software that allows users to copy DVDs after several major studios took them to court. The major complaint was that consumers would buy a movie, make copies then return the movies. RealNetworks is now forced to pay $4.5 million in litigation fees to the studios and refund the purchase price to the 2,700 who bought RealDVD.

Via RealNetworks

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Connect With FreeAgent Theater+


The Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ connects to your TV via HDMI (cable not included) and allows access to photos, video and music with 1080p HD playback. The device has a simplified user interface software and compact remote for control. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Mac OS X, it can comes with Ethernet, component video and composite A/V cables. Add to that a FreeAgent Go 500 External Hard Drive and that is one sweet system.

Via Seagate FreeAgent Theater+

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March 15, 2010

The Demise of ?

googlechina.png may cease to exist. After the December attack, the company became alarmed upon discovering that other large companies besides themselves were attacked. There was an attempt to access Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists and third parties were phishing around. SVP David Drummond says that Google no longer wants to censor their results and that may mean an end to relations with China.

Via Google Blog

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B&N to Release iPad eReader


Clever Barnes & Noble. Not only are they cleaning up with their own nook, they are putting out a free app around the time that the iPad will be released. You can access their eBooks, newspapers and magazines as well as a transfer content that has been downloaded on your nook, if you are one of the lucky ones to own one. The company also plans on updating free eReader software for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPod touch and Blackberry.

Via Barnes & Noble

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March 12, 2010

Freakin' Friday! Pioneer Receivers Multi-task


Pioneer's latest 5.1 AV receivers can multi-task to the max. The VSX-520-K and VSX-820-K have Bluetooth capability with optional adapter, are 3D ready with HDMI 1.4 and have a Dolby ProLogic IIz decoder. Both have the "Works with iPhone" capability that allows you to download from iTunes, share with a USB composite video cable and charges your phone at the same time.

Via Pioneer

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FreeTube - TV Without Commercials


We got carried away a couple of days ago exploring FreeTube, a relatively new site that features movies, sports, news and other Internet media. One of the aspects that we most liked were their webcams that featured Beluga Whales, a bird sanctuary, penguins, flesh-eating beetles and the Smithsonian Zoo's pandas. By the way, diagnostics are included to make sure your PC is set up to handle the broadcasts.

Via Free Tube TV

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March 11, 2010

Skype Drops Windows Mobile and Java Services


Skype has decided to drop its usage with Windows Mobile and Java phones. The download pages were deleted after it was determined that the limited country list for Skype Lite and overage of minutes usage made it more of a hindrance than a help. The Windows Mobile OS app was fairly unstable without a single mobile operating partner. Nokia will still have access to Skype for Symbian and some of the Java phones may as well.

Via Skype

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USB DisplayDock Hooks Up Wirelessly


Atlona Technology and Wisair have teamed to produce the USB DisplayDock. It connects your Macbook, Mac OS or Notebook PC to a monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers and does so wirelessly. The plug and play device works at a range of up to 30 ft. with a resolution up to 1440×1050. The DisplayDock will be out soon with a price of $199.99.

Via Wisair

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March 10, 2010

Please Rob, Net Security Awareness


We thought that this was a joke site when we first heard about it, but Please Rob really exists. The site was built to draw attention to the fact that when Twitter, Buzz and other social site users give their location and time, this lets you know that their house may be empty. Basically, you can do the same with the Foursquare Twitter search page, but the lesson here is that you may want to watch what you tweet.

Via Please Rob Me

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Netgear Kits Stream with WiFi


Netgear has been busy designing two new WiFi devices that support Internet enabled TVs, Blu-ray players and set-top boxes. The High-Performance Wireless-N HD Home Theater Kit will stream HD into almost every room at a price of $79.00 when it becomes available in Q3. The Universal WiFi Internet Adapter for Home Theater Devices and Gaming Consoles streams via Ethernet and will also be available for $79.00 this May.

Via PR Newswire

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March 9, 2010

Samsung High End 3D Glasses

3D is obviously on its way and it didn't take Samsung long to come up with a pair of glasses to go with them. Unfortunately, these come at a huge $150.00 price and are compatible only with Samsung electronics. We know that as exciting as the new technology will be when it comes out, purchasing a $3,000.00 3D TV, Blu-ray player and glasses will cost a good chunk of change.

Via IT Pro Portal

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Plextor Unveils New SSDs


Plextor has released 2 new solid state drives for those who need the additional storage. The PX-64M1S is only 2.5" thick but has a capacity of 64GB. With a SATA II interface, it is low power and shock and vibration resistant. The drive has 110MB/s sequential read 65MB/s in sequential write, up to 4,200 random read IOPS and 1,200 random write IOPS. It carries a MSRP of $225.00 and comes packed with Acronis True Image with advanced features for backup and recovery.

The 128GB PX-128M1S SSD has the same technology and delivers it with 130MB/s sequential read, 70MB/s in sequential write, up to 4,300 random read IOPS and 1,800 random write IOPS. This one goes for $400.00.

Via Plextor

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March 8, 2010

Blockbuster - Making Its Customers Pay For Its Failure


Instead of going more towards the Internet to beef up the ailing company, Blockbuster, in addition to closing hundreds of locations, has reinstated late fees. They cut rental time from 7 to 5 days and will charge a $1.00 fee for up to 10 late days. Yeah, that makes us want to get rid of our no late fee unlimited Netflix and sign right up.

Via Home Media Magazine

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TravelSound i80 Speaker Dock


Creative's TravelSound i80 Speaker Dock for iPod nano 3G is not only cheap inexpensive, it is a handy device for carrying your tunes along with you. It has 4 micro drivers, digital amp, tri-colored LED indicator and lasts about 15 hours before needing a recharge. The dock also has a USB port and wall charger for syncing your iPod and speaker.

Via Creative TravelSound i80 Speaker Dock

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March 5, 2010

Freakin' Friday! TiVo to Deliver Premiere


TiVo will finally be releasing two new DVRs that allow access to both TV and the Net. The Premiere displays both on its on-screen guide and can hold up to 45 hours of HD at a price of $299.99. Want more? The TiVo Premiere XL will cost you $499.99 but holds up to 150 hours of programming. Both require service subscriptions and will ship next month, but can be pre-ordered now.

Via TiVo Premiere

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Sharp Cordless Phone/Digital Frame


Still using your landline? Sharp has combined their wireless JD-4C1CL Cordless Phone with a digital photo frame. The frame can show pix or be used as clock or calendar. A 4.3" touchscreen makes it super simple to use. The phone combo will be released in Japan in April and perhaps by the holiday season in the US.

Via Akihabara News

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March 4, 2010

Groovy iPod Dock Features Lava Lamp


Far out, dude. This iPod Dock includes a color changing lava lamp that bops to the music. The shiny black device is compatilble with all but the touch iPod with insert adapters and can be used with an MP3 player with included cable. A USB cable is also included in the $100.00 price.

Via gobaz

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Sony Thinking 3D For Consumers


Sony is going all out in 3D. They have already come up with the HFC Comfort-3D and the HDC-F950 cameras, and now the company's Masashi Imamura, President of Personal Imaging and Sound, said that that they are already working on one for consumers. No specific date or price was mentioned but we expect them to be like most new technology, pricey until there is plenty of competition and a couple of generations.

Via Digital Photography Review

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March 3, 2010

Take a Dip With Soundwave MP3 Player


For water sports lovers, Marinemart has created the Freestyle Audio Soundwave, a waterproof MP3 Player that can handle up to 10 feet of water. With 2GB memory, it is also shockproof, and has EQ presets, FM tuner, MP3/WMA/WMA DRM file support and a pair of waterproof earbuds. The player retails for $89.99.

Via ubergizmo

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Belkin G 4-Port Router


It's about time routers got smaller. The Belkin G Router offers a 54Mbps wireless bandwidth and is backwards compatible with 802.11b networks. Four 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports are built-in and it features 6 LEDs to let you know network status. At the small size of 10 x 8.2 x 2.5", it is still large enough for an apartment or small office.

Via Belkin Routers

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March 2, 2010

Raremono Radio Doubles As Shortwave


Thanko's Raremono Radio not only plays AM/FM stations, it picks up shortwave signals as well. Attachable by USB, it is compatible with Windows Vista and XP. Accompanying software lets you record audio and the device comes with a stand, antenna and USB cable at a price of $79.00.

Via Audio Cubes

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Walmart Acquiring VUDU


Walmart is in the midst of purchasing VUDU. They claim it will give the megastore chain "a powerful new vehicle to offer customers the content they want in a way that expands the frontier of quality, value and convenience." Uh-huh.

The online movie service, now with a library of about 16,000 movies and licensing partnerships with major studios and distributors, will continue to develop Apps.


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March 1, 2010

3D Viewing Causes Eye Strain


A University of California Berkeley study determined that watching 3D movies could cause eye strain, especially in younger viewers. Professor of Optometry Martin Banks says that it is because we are looking at things close and far away (convergence accommodation conflict) at the same time. We still think that watching Avatar was worth a couple of hours of strain, don't you?

Via Fareast Gizmos

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Abbee Music System Omits Ads, DJ Chatter


Myine Electronics has produced the Abbee commercial-free Music System that also gets rid of annoying DJ chat. There are two parts to the device, a base stereo speaker system with built-in FM tuner and Music Lock, a portable player that can record songs from the station and holds about 500 tunes. Of course, there is a plus and minus to the system. The good news is that you get rid of the ads and get your music without subscription while the bad news is that you might get parts of the intro of the song clipped.

Via Abbee Music System

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