August 31, 2010

DC Xtreamer Pro - All-in-One


Digital Cowboy's Xtreamer Pro is their latest all-in-one that is compatible with most video files. You can watch movies and TV shows on your HDTV via HDMI but its talent doesn't stop there. The DC-MC35UL4 can be used as networked attached storage, user interface and has both DLNA and DDNS support. Look for a September release with a price around ¥22,000 (~$258.00.)

Via Akihabara News

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August 31, 2010

Monthly Round Up - August 2010

Being the last day of the month, it's Monthly Round Up time again. The summer is almost over so expect that the major Audio/Video players are already preparing for upcoming holiday season. Thanks for reading!


Audio Devices

Audio Streaming

Blu-ray Players

Freakin' Friday

HD Radio


Home Networking

Home Theater

Image Streaming

Internet Radio

Media Center

Netflix Streaming



PSP Streaming

Portable Media

Press Release

RF Streaming

Remote Control

Roku Netflix Player



Steals and Deals

TV Streaming

USB Devices

Video Streaming

Wireless Headphones

Wireless Music

Wireless Network



iPhone Streaming

iPod Streaming

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August 31, 2010

Roxio Goes 3D


Roxio has two new software bundles designed to manage, edit, convert and share content. Creator 2011 will run you about $100 with 3D as the result while Pro 2011 lets you play with Blu-ray for ~$130. Either way, you can preorder now for fun with your new found creativity mid-September.

Via Roxio

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August 30, 2010

Chilean Miners Get PSPs


The 33 Chilean miners that are trapped have mostly amused themselves with dominoes and card games, but somebody was enterprising enough to come up with sending them Sony PSPs to help while away their time, because everyone knows if the confinement doesn't make you crazy, Tetris will. Although the portable game systems will only run about 6 hours before the batteries run down, it's the thought that counts. The miners have rigged a truck engine to provide lighting to recharge their helmet lamps so maybe they can come up with something.

Via Kotaku

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August 30, 2010

On Becoming Part of the Internet Network


For those of us that watched as technology "bloomed" in the last few years, we are still amazed at all the ways it can be used now. We are not talking about the tweeting of Lindsey Lohan after her early escape from rehab or the meteoric rise of Justin Bieber. We are referring to how it keeps us in touch with everyone and everything important. Suffice it to say that the election of Barack Obama was partially won because of the Interweb.


Coverage of disasters such as the earthquake in Haiti and the flood in Pakistan gave us almost instant awareness. And in case we forget, there are reporters like Brian Williams with coverage about the first five days after Katrina as he and a film crew spent that first night in the Astrodome. As another example, the ROVs continue to monitor the Gulf oil spill.

How can we not be moved by the images and video that are coming from the Chilean Mining disaster? No doubt the communication via cameras placed inside is as important to them as it is to family members on the surface. And a team from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, led by William Lange, who first spotted the Titanic on the Atlantic Ocean's floor, is now revisiting the site with 3D cameras. We see those images almost as soon as they do, even if they are only 2D.


As so many of us now have smartphones, we can capture an incident as it happens and post it online, making us all reporters on the global IN (Internet Network.) We should not take that responsibility lightly, however. One only needs to see the recent edited video of DOA worker Shirley Sherrod, who was forced to resign after footage hinted that she was a racist. You can see/read the entire speech here. Let's continue to use technology for good and honest reasons.

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August 27, 2010

Freakin' Friday! Altec Lansing Octiv Mini Speaker/Dock


Altec Lansing has a diminutive dock/speaker for iPods and iPhones that can be put in the smallest of spaces. The 4.2 x 4.2 x 7.8" Octiv mini M102 features their usual high sound quality while providing a recharge. A free Alarm Rock Application for waking to music is offered for the device and MP3 players that use 3.5mm jacks can also be docked.

Via Altec Lansing

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DishOnline Goes Past Beta


Dish Network goes past the beta stage with its online service. will be streaming about 15 channels that include major networks. If you are a subscriber, you get the advantage of remote DVR scheduling and the ability to rent over 5,000 movies. We suspect that Netflix will not have to be worried at that one, but we remember a time when we were out in the country and relied on Dish. A stiff wind would throw that thing off almost daily so this is definitely a selling point.

Via DishOnline

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August 26, 2010

View Quest Diminutive Internet Radio


Claiming to be the world's smallest portable Internet radio, View Quest's 72.9 x 125.1 x 23.1mm WIFI200 gives you access to 12,000 stations and over 7,000 podcasts. The mini radio has a 1.8" LED display, Li-Ion Polymer battery good for 15 hours on a full charge and a scroll wheel for tuning. Connection to your wireless network is simple and the price £79.99 (~$118.)

Via View Quest

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Cleveland Trash Cans Track Recycling Habits


Big Brother will be keeping an eye out in Cleveland to residents who don't recycle beginning next year. High-tech trash cans with RF ID chips will keep track of how often they are used. Should they find that someone hasn't for a while, a supervisor will go through his/her other trash cans and determine why. More than 10% of recyclable items could result in a $100 fine.


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August 25, 2010

Olympus Retro DP-10 DAR


The adjective to use when describing Olympus' DP-10 Digital Audio Recorder, in addition to retro, might be long-lasting. With 63 hours of battery life when recording in WMA, the company claims over 130 hrs. in LP mode. Due out this month, features include a 1.78" LCD screen, calendar search, noise cancellation and playback speed control.

Via Olympus

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Dell Debuts Streak Tablet/Smartphone


It's a smartphone, it's a tablet, it's the Android powered Dell Streak with a 5" multitouch display, a 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor and wireless networking. Other features include GPS with Google Maps, a 5 mp camera/camcorder with LED flash, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, HDMI output and micro SD expansion to 32 GB. Sign up now to be the first on your block to get one.

Via Dell Streak

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August 24, 2010

HBO Denies Netflx Access

Don't look for HBO to be available on Netflix any time soon. The company plans to make their movies and TV shows through their online HBO Go. This is understandable when you realize that with about 30 million subscribers, parent company Time Warner made a profit of $1.2 billion last year. The service is free to those who subscribe to the cable channel. HBO will continue to spew out some excellent original programming with such offerings as "Boardwalk Empire," a crime drama about Prohibition that is slated for September.

Via Bloomberg

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Logitech Wireless Keyboard Illuminated


Logitech steps back into the illuminated keyboard market with its K800. Brightness is adjusted by ambient light sensors and proximity detectors turn it on when it knows hands (or your cat) is approaching. The keyboard, at a price of $99.99, should have about 10 days of wireless usage and a micro-USB cable is included for recharging. You can pre-order it for $99.99 on their site.

Via Logitech

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August 23, 2010

Toyota Avalon to Offer iPhone/iPod Dock


Barry Hutzel of Bazza Design and Fulton Innovation engineers have teamed to make the Toyota Avalon your wireless home away from home. Located on the central instrument panel, the built-in charging station works with both an iPhone and iPod and debuted at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year.

Via Design Blog

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Vimeo Comes to Roku


Vimeo has finally arrived on Roku. Following the likes of Pandora, Netflix and Amazon VOD, you can now sort videos according to their picks, your uploads and selections saved for later viewing. Of course, nothing is perfect as the service lacks sharing, albums, and channels, but it's a start. Vimeo itself recently added HTML5 for iPhone and iPad support.

Via USA Today

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August 20, 2010

Freakin' Friday! Revo Heritage Deluxe Radio


Revo delivers a combination broadcast radio, Internet radio and iPod streaming in their Heritage Deluxe Table Radio. With a cabinet of aluminium and walnut veneer, the high end audio device features a 7W amplifer, a 3" neodymium speaker driver, an OLED display and joystick control. includes a 31 day trial subscription.

Via Revo

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LG Projector, Hong Kong Sex in 3D


3D continues to make news and original products. LG has two new projectors, the BX327 at a price of around $837.00 and the BX327 for ~$1090.00. Both include shutter-type glasses and include a 2,300:1 contrast ratio, stereo speakers and USB jack. Perhaps at that next business conference, it can be pepped up with the supposedly first IMAX-3-D erotic film "3-D Sex & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy" made in Hong Kong.

Via LG 3D Projectors (translated)

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August 19, 2010

Titanic to Crash Again in 3D


Just as the glut of 3D movies continues to reign the screen (Piranha 3D, Step Up 3D) for the gimmick as well as the extra fee tacked on to ticket prices, James Cameron announced that one of the top chick flicks ever made, Titanic, will be re-released in that format. Geez Leo, thinking of you as king of the world that close makes us throw up in our mouths a little. It should be released next year to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the launch of the ship.

Via Business Insider

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Radio Bookmark Saves NPR Content


NPR fans, this is your lucky day. The Radio Bookmark will save individual shows for listening to later, sharing with others or simply identify tunes you hear on them. The portable device can travel with you, then when you return home, plug it into your PC and all your saved bookmarks will be listed. There is even a Public Radio App for your iPhone and iPad with play and pause control, and On Demand content. The RB is available for $39.95.

Via Radio Bookmark

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August 18, 2010

Inkel Blu-Ray Player W/ Built-in Receiver


South Korea continues to manufacture new electronics, this time in the form of a Blu-ray player that also supports DVDs. Inkel's VR-654BD has a built-in 7.1 channel A/V receiver to make it easy to hook up with your home theater system. Also featured are USB 2.0 connectivity, DB Live 2.0, an FM tuner and DivX and XviD file compatibility. The player should arrive sometime this month in So. Korea at a price of ~$600.00.

Via Akihabara News

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Panasonic Endorses Netgear Routers


So much for individual choice. Panasonic has selected Netgear as its only provider of broadband routers for its line of Viera TVs. The Netgear N600 is their first dual USB WiFi choice with easy setup and access to Amazon VOD, YouTube and other online sites.

Via Netgear

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August 17, 2010

Crestron UFO-4X Remote


Look for a new trend in remote controls if Crestron's 2011 release of their UFO-4X is successful. The saucer-shaped device features a 4.3" color touch screen that doubles as a trackpad and virtual keyboard. Control your AV, appliances, lighting, security and other systems up to 200 feet away. Magnets make the remote easily attachable, it can be used in both portrait and landscape mode and Adobe Flash is supported. Expect a hefty $2,000 price.

Via CEPro

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Star Wars to Go Blu-ray

George Lucas once again dusts off the Star War Trilogy to offer them on Blu-ray next year in honor of the 35th anniversary of "A New Hope." This deleted scene is included from "Return of the JedI" but the Original Trilogy will not, being too costly. Sign up if you want to be notified when the grand event occurs.

Via Star Wars

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August 16, 2010

Book Your Delta Flight on Facebook


While most airlines are making it tougher to fly these days, Delta has made the chore easier by utilizing their Facebook page. Customers can book tickets on Delta Ticket Window after searching flights and share the information with friends and family. The company is also working on an app for the iPhone and other smartphones.

Via Computer World

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Sony Entry Level Walkman Unveiled


Sony will be releasing a new entry level Walkman next month, available in 4GB ($70) and 8GB ($80) models. The E350 can play your tunes for up to 50 hours or your videos for 10. Included Content Transfer software means you can drag, drop or sync with your iTunes library while Clear Audio technology provides clean sound without distortion. Add to that SenseMe that automatically categorizes and Bookmark to make playlists and this is one smart device.

Via Sony

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August 13, 2010

Freakin' Friday! Samsung Bargain 3D HDTV


Samsung has gone below the $1000 3D price barrier with their PN50C490 HDTV. The 50" plasma screen has a 720p resolution (1365x768,) a viewing distance of up to 10 feet and of course handles your basic 2D. Features include Mega Dynamic Contrast and ConnectShare for movie viewing. Pre-order now before the 3D frenzy hits.

Via Samsung HDTV

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Control4 InfinityEdge Touchscreen


Control4 has apps for the iPad, iPhone and Android phones and is now offering in-wall InfinityEdge Touchscreens. Available in a 5" model for $500.00 and a 7", $900.00 display, they can connect by AC or Ethernet, wired or unwired. Because the screen is always on, it is a much simpler way to control your home network. An optional intercom can be added to the package.

Via Control4

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August 12, 2010

Fatigue Calculator Assesses Sleep Need


Just in case you need someone to tell you that you should not drive after working long hours, the Fatigue Calculator was designed to let you know how much sleep you need. Available next month for about $50.00, Creators Natalie Tindale and sleep expert Prof. Drew Dawson claim that the download forecasts your amount of fatigue.

Via Fatigue Calculator

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Rent a DVD While Awaiting Your Subscription


Redbox, already available in about 23,000 locations and with more than 880 million DVDs rented, plans to install 700 additional kiosks in CVS pharmacies by the end of 2011. They will be placed nationwide, including in Puerto Rico, and some will be put in Longs Drugs in Hawaii.

Via Redbox

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August 11, 2010

Pioneer SX-A6MK2-K Receiver


Pioneer's latest Elite stereo Receiver is serious with AIR Studios Monitor Tuning, 60W Per Channel (FTC,) Dual Isolated Power and both bass and treble control. Look for the SX-A6MK2-K to arrive this month at a price of $700.00.

Via Pioneer

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iLuv i1166 Media Center


iLuv packs almost everything into its latest media player. The i1166 has an 8.9" widescreen TFT LCD touchscreen display and remote for those with lazy bodies. It will play DVDs, tunes from your iPod and anything you happen to have on your SD memory card. Both AC and car adapter are included.

Via iLuv

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August 10, 2010

Photo Pocket Router Released in India


Busy business folk in India will be pleased to know that there is a new WiFi router available from Tata Teleservices. The Photon Pocket Router allows access speeds of up to 3.1 Mbps (downlink) and 1.8 Mbps (uplink) for multiple usage and devices. Its built-in battery is good for 2.5 hrs of backup and the device has an Ethernet port for local support. The router will be available in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore and if you act quickly, you can get yours for an introductory price of Rs. 4,999.

Via Tech Tree

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Sound ID Headset W/ iPhone App


Sound ID's latest Bluetooth Headset has its own iPhone App. The 510 earpiece can pair up with two Bluetooth enabled cellies and can be charged via USB or wall adapter. It has a lithium-polymer battery for up to 5 hours of talk time and 135 hrs. on standby. Note that an AT&T logo is printed on its packaging, however the company promises compatibility with all service providers.

Via Sound ID

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August 9, 2010

Wireless Webcam Runs Vis USB


This talented but odd-colored webcam has wireless capability, digital audio/video compression and charges via USB. With a QVGA (320×240) resolution and a speed of 15 f/s, it has a built -in mic, Li-ion battery and runs for five hours after charging. The WW-001 cam has a range of 10 meters.

Via Shenzhen Suntech

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Libretto eBook Does Audio/Video


Companies continue to compete for their share of the Kindle pie. Asbis' Prestigio Libretto has a 6" (800x600) display and can also play both audio and video. The 9mm thin PER3162B has a 2GB memory, 0.8 second boot time and runs on a 1400mAh battery. The eBook comes with a USB cord for charging and data transfe,r and stereo headphones for privacy at an odd price of $248.29.

Via Asbis

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August 6, 2010

Freakin' Friday! BackBeat Earphones Price Slashed


Altec Lansing's BackBeat Titanium Earphones are now available at less than half the price. The earbuds deliver full spectrum sound while isolating noise. The UHP326 is compatible with iPhone, iPod or any MP3 player and comes with an 8 piece custom fit kit with multiple tips.

Via Altec Lansing

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DXG 3D Camcorder/Display


DXG has released a package that promises 3D without the glasses. Two lenses work with a 3 MP image sensor to record slightly different images which create an anaglyph-a 3D video. It comes with a 3.2" LCD for playback but video recorded can also be viewed on a 3D TV. Both camcorder and viewer will start you off on the 3D path for $599.95.

Via Hammacher Schlemmer

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August 5, 2010

NFL Preseason Live Set Rate


If you do not have NFL Network, but still want football in HD, you can get NFL Preseason Live. The service consists of 50 live broadcasts, on demand and radio access, as well as various enhancements like "Big Play Markers." The cost for Preaseason Live is $40.00.

Via NFL Game Access

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Magnetic 10 Port USB Hub


This Elecom USB Hub has 10, count 'em, 10 ports that can power up to 400ma of devices. A magnet in the back means it can be attached to a file cabinet or other metal surface. The port comes with an AC adapter.

Via Elecom

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August 4, 2010

Multitalented RF Keyless Remote


The RF Keyless Entry Remote can substitute for your car, home, garage door or other remotes. Self-learning, it copies fixed codes in only a few seconds. At a mini-price of $7.99, this is the perfect gift for those who tend to lose a remote and panic rather than look for it.

Via Dino Direct

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Tunewriter III Waxes Nostalgic


Combining nostalgia with state of the art electronics, the Tunewriter III plays AM/FM radio and can transform your vinyl or cassette music to CD. The turntable plays all three RPM record sizes and has an automatic tone arm. The Victoria GDI-TW3USB has 2 full-range speakers, built-in headphone jack and RCA outputs. Burn a whole album, convert to MP3 and add all to your PC or Mac audio library via USB. A Free Audacity Cross-Platform Sound Editor is included for the creative.

Via Tunewriter III

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August 3, 2010

Toshiba Regza Blu-ray Recorders 3D Ready


Toshiba further welcomes in the age of 3D with a new line of Regza Blu-ray recorders equipped with a hard drive and at least 2TB storage. In particular, the RD-X10 will play 3D movies out of the box, while three others can upgrade with a 3D kit at a later date. No price on the kit is available but expect to pay $2,500 for the RD-X 10 in September if you live in Japan.

Via Crunchgear

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Grace Offers WiFi Tuner


Plug in the Grace WiFi Tuner to your stereo system and you get the advantage of not only listening to your personal tunes, but Internet stations and podcasts as well. Stream Pandora, SIRIUS or other online music services. The tuner has a high contrast, 4 line backlit LCD display, a fully functioning remote control with 10 presets and an iPhone app is available. Don't have a stereo? The device can double as a standard radio/alarm clock if you add your own speakers.

Via Grace

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August 2, 2010

Amazon Offers Latest Kindle


Amazon continues to take advantage of e-book fever with the soon to be released smaller, faster Kindle that features a 6" screen and runs on WiFi. The device can hold up to 3,500 books, has a 50% better contrast and a battery life of up to one month.

Via Kindle

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PURE Outs EVOKE-1S Radio


PURE's new EVOKE-1S will surely be a hit with Spinal Tap fans as it has a digital volume control that peaks at 11. Composed of vinyl and wood, it has brass controls, a speaker grill and OLED display. Other features include a 3" drive unit, 30 station pre-sets, input for iPod/MP3 player and alarm capability. Only on sale in the UK for now, the radio comes with a MSRP of £120 (~$188.00.)


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