September 30, 2010

Sonos WiFi Dock for iPhone/iPod


Sonos' Wireless Dock that can access any tunes stored on your iPhone and most iPods. It transmits your digital music to your ZonePlayer before converting your music to analog. The new accessory is compatible with iPod touch (1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation,) classic, nano (3rd, 4th, and 5th generation,) iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G and iPhone, and will be available by the end of October with a MSRP of $119.

(Thanks, Thomas)

Via Sonos

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September 30, 2010

Canvio Pocket Drive Now USB 3.0


Toshiba's decorative Canvio pocket drive has leapt into the realm of USB 3.0, showing off its pocket-sized, rounded rectangular shape with rubberized edges and a high gloss black finish with choice of 5 designs. The new speed about 10 times faster but it is still backward compatible with USB 2.0. Choose from one in capacities of 500GB, 750GB and 1TB at prices of $119.99, $129.99 and $179.99 respectively.

Via Toshiba

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September 29, 2010

HBO to Offer 3D Channel?

hbochannels copy.jpg

We have found that most major broadcast rumors tend to be true and as HBO already has 7 channels available, it is not really a surprise that they may be launching the first on demand 3D channel next year. Watch for other companies to follow suit. Of course, the addition will not only involve a provider, the user must own a 3DTV. Further rumblings says that a 3D version of "Inception" will be the first film shown.

Via 3D Hollywood in HD

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September 29, 2010

EFO 4-In-1 Wireless Combo

In a size smaller than most peripherals, the wireless EFO 4-in-1 combination keyboard, mouse, touchpad and laser pointer works like an HPTC remote. With full QWERTY keyboard, function and multi-media keys, the 60 X 100 X 10mm iPazz Port is compatible with every OS, has a 33 ft. range, is simple to set up and has handy indication lights for signal, data transmission and power. Pre-order for a $10.00 discount and price of $40.00.

(Thanks, Alex)

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September 28, 2010

Twitter Recovers from Mouse Over XSS Attack


How spooky was the mouse over XSS attack on Twitter last week? Not only did it affect you with only a rollover, it could fill in a status update form and share the wealth malware up to 40,000 times in a heartbeat. Although Twitter fixed the problem within 25 minutes and it seemed the malice was minimal, we hope that security firms find ways of auto-blocking the new wave of messages that roll, fly and magically appear. Until that time, consider keeping your pop-up blocker on high.

Via Twitter

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Sharp to Release AQUOS Blu-Ray 3D


As we have mentioned before, when we covet here at NAV, one of the top choices has to be the Sharp AQUOS line with pictures so impressive it is difficult to tear us away from electronics departments in warehouse clubs. So the release of three new Blu-ray recorders, coming in October and November, makes us practically Pavlovian. The BD-HDW65, BD-HDW63, and BD-HDS65 support 3D and their new standard BDXL, with the main difference being in the amount of storage.

Via Sharp (translated)

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September 27, 2010

FCC Approves Super WiFi

supermaness (2).jpg

When broadcasters switched from analog to digital, the move freed up a large amount of spectrum. Last week, the FCC approved a plan to allow some white space in the 500-700MHz band at download speeds of 15-20Mbps to be used by the likes of Google and Microsoft. Available on a first come, first serve basis, part of each local database of "Super WiFi" will be held by the FCC. This should appease broadcasters who have claimed that opening the space will interfere with their signals, but independent testing has proven that is not the case.


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Epson HD MovieMates Display Up To 120"

mm60 copy.jpgmm72.jpg

Epson recently unveiled their MovieMate 60 and MovieMate 72 combination Projector/DVD/Audio Players. Each can display movies and TV, sports, video games and think of the agony you can impose on your family when you force them to watch your last vacation on 120 inches. Features include USB plug 'n play connectivity, HDMI, 540p resolution and energy-efficient E-TORL lamp with 2,000 lumens of color and white light output, and integrated mic jack. A built-in handle and cushioned carrying case make it a versatile for business.

Via Epson Projectors

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September 24, 2010

Freakin' Friday! LaCie Space 2 NAS


LaCie's Wireless Space 2 can be your Network Attached Storage for PC or Mac. Available in 1TB and 2TB models, its USB 2.0 port can be utilized for wireless printing or adding more drives. Stream music and video, access your files from anywhere, get secure backup and download torrents without a computer. Simple to use, the LaCie Network Assistant is included, as are Ethernet and USB cables.

Via LaCie

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Motorola to Develop Tablet


Motorola has thrown its proverbial hat into the iPad ring with a tablet that won't make it for the upcoming holiday season. Co-chief executive Sanjay Jha announced at their investor conference last week that the device will not make it until 2011 because they are waiting for Froyo, Android 2.2 to become more tab-friendly. He claimed, "we want to make sure that any tablet that we deliver is competitive in the marketplace, and I think all of us will make sure that we will only deliver that when that occurs."

Via Wall Street Journal

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September 23, 2010

Card 2.0 Good for Multi-Accounts, More Secure


Dynamics Inc. has developed Card 2.0, which includes fully programmable electronic stripes instead of traditional magnetic ones. Not only will it read any POS, it stores any information on the card itself. One battery charge is good for over 3 years of usage. Take your choice from two models.

Access one of two MultiAccounts by pressing a button on the first card. A small light illuminates the one that is chosen and is ready to be swiped. The Hidden Card has five buttons and a thin display that conceals part of the number, thereby making it useless if lost or stolen. To turn this one on, a PIN number must be used before the entire number is displayed. It has auto-turnoff and is self-erasing, thereby being useful securitywise. Watch for more cards to be available in time from Dynamics and other companies to support similar technology.

Via Dynamics

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Napster Comes to iTunes App Store


Now that Apple has outted its iPad, watch for a gush of new apps to arrive. Case in point, Napster has arrived at the App Store. While the download is free, a monthly subscription of $10.00 will give you access to the service's 10 million tracks, allow you to save tunes and create play lists. New subscribers will also be able to listen on their browsers without additional cost.

Via Napster App

NetworkingAudioVideo_blog.pngP.S. We are part of that flood. Follow us on our new NAV app, available now or soon for Apple, Blackberry and Android devices.

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September 22, 2010

SRS 5.1 To Share the Wealth


Those who recently bought or have plans to soon buy a Windows PC may have noticed that SRS 5.1 now comes with Microsoft Silverlight. This surround sound format acts as a managed code add-on for creators and developers who want to incorporate HDTVs, A/V receivers mobile phones and of course your trusty PC or laptop.

With "surround everywhere" as its slogan, it has multi-channeled and front rendered sound steering, full bandwidth, backwards compatibility with legacy matrix decoders and stereo, including over bit rates as low as 96kbps. Yeah, we were kind of blown away the first couple of times we used our new VAIO laptop and heard great sounds out of those itty bitty speakers. Look for it to expand to other devices in the future.

Via SRS Labs

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COMCAST4U Simplifies Service


COMCAST4U is now accessible to some Comcast subscribers. You simply text a command to 'Comcast4U' or '266278' followed by 'NOW' to get TV, VOD, Sports and Primetime listings. There is also access to account info including 'CALLME' for customer support. Best of all, aside from it being free, is that it works with most phones and providers. The catch? It is only available in Philly and its suburbs, Jersey and Delaware until mid-2011.

Via Comcast

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September 21, 2010

Sell Your Home With Virtual Staging


Now you can use virtual networking to sell your empty home or see how one you would like to buy would look fully furnished. Virtual Staging Properties, a program developed by husband and wife professional stagers Krisztina and Jay Bell has a database with more than 1,000 pieces of furniture. The company, based in Atlanta, will provide you with three photos for $225, more for slightly higher prices. Little enough, when you see the results, eh?


Via Virtual Staging Properties

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Samsung Galaxy Tab to Invade the Planet


Samsung will finally be releasing its Galaxy Tab, but it remains to be seen if the 7" tablet can compete with the iPad. The Tab features Android 2.2, Adobe Flash 10.1, Wifi and GPS, all for a $200 - $300 price. Watch for it to become available from Verizon, Sprint and AT&T in October/November in the States, and this month in Europe.

Via Galaxy Tab

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September 20, 2010

CBS Uses Yahoo to Push Primetime


Instead of using MSN, AOL and Yahoo to spread information about its new primetime shows, which include Hawaii Five-0, Mike and Molly, The Defenders, and $#*! My Dad Says, during this premiere week, CBS will be concentrating on Yahoo only. Their Big Bang theory behind this is to get viewers who log into their mail and sports sites to see promos also from returning CBS shows like NCIS and Undercover Boss.

Via USA Today

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Playstation 3 Move Bundle


The Playstation 3 Move has arrived. There is even a StarterBundle available so get those arms ready for extended action. The bundle includes a motion controller, Eye camera and the game "Sports Champion." It goes without saying that everything is compatible with existing PS3 hardware, controller and charger, and all can be bought separately.

Via PlayStation 3 Move

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September 17, 2010

Freakin' Friday! TiVo Melds With Cox VOD Service

TiVo Premiere had an official release back in March, but they have now integrated with Cox OnDEMAND service. The Premiere box is optional but you will get free installation if you decide to purchase one. If you don't have Cox, you can get a CableCARD from them for access to their services that will now include more movies, music, multi-room viewing and TiVoToGo functionality.

Via TiVo

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Exmobaby Onesie Monitors Tots


You will soon be able to monitor your baby all the time, probably more than you want. By next year, Exmovere begins selling its limited edition of 1,000 Exmobaby Pajama Kits in blue or pink. The set includes the garment, a Zigbee transceiver and software with cellie monitoring. Parents can keep track of their child's heartbeat, emotional state and activity level. They have the additional bonus of checking for conditions such as sleep apnea, choking and SIDS related dangers. While the onesies are designed for keeping track of the basics, we think it should beep every time your infant wets its diaper.

Via Globe Newswire

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September 16, 2010

ivi App Streams Online Networks


Online TV is closer than ever. ivi is a new app that you can download to your PC, Mac or Linux system that will stream content from 25 channels, including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS and the CW. You get a free trial for 30 days, then it will cost you $4.99 a month and $.99 for the ability to record. The company promises no buffering, a super plus in our book. Available only for PCs and laptops for now, look for smartphone apps in the near future.

Via ivi

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Pre-Order Boxee for Nov. Release


What is it about the month of September that triggers an early holiday button in electronics companies? The Boxee Box can deliver all major formats and codecs along with free and premium TV, movies, videos, images and music from the Net and is now available for pre-order. A delay occurred so that the company could switch from a NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset to an Intel Atom CE4100 platform. The D-Link device has 802.11N connectivity and will begin shipping next month with its QWERTY remote.

Via The Boxee Box

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September 15, 2010

HP Personal Shopper at NYC Fashion Week

Check out HP's touchscreen monitor that brought NY Fashion Week to the here and now. Using TouchSmart technology, the 3 panel system allows users to browse the latest designs from Diane Von Furstenberg and get more details, including accessories, and to rate them. Other ones were made to keep up instantly via Twitter and Facebook.

Via Dvice

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Halo Reach LE Bundle Arrives


Microsoft has released its Limited Edition 250GB Halo Reach Bundle. The package includes the internal, removable hard drive, the game itself, two wireless controllers and a headset. Five USB ports, an audio out port, Ethernet port and HDMI output make for more accessories and storage additions.

Via LE Halo Reach Bundle.

Note: Xbox Silver LIVE customers can enjoy the fruits benefits of Gold content free this weekend when playing the game.

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September 14, 2010

Elocity A7 Tablet Available for Pre-order


StreamTV's Froyo tablet with touchscreen is already available for pre-order at a price less than the "other guys." The 8.2 x 4.8 x 0.5" wireless Elocity A7 runs Android 2.2 and has 512 MB DDR2 RAM, 4GB high speed internal Flash, a 1080p HDMI output, a 1.3MP camera and USB 2.0 port. Surf the Interweb, grab a few apps or play games, even those in 3D.

Via Elocity A7

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Kindle Firmware Update Released


Your Kindle can now be untethered from your PC. The latest software, in beta release for now, can be downloaded with the results being that you can wirelessly browse and shop for books, manage them and read without ever involving your computer after the USB download. Catch 3.0.1 at the link below or wait for an OTA delivery in the upcoming weeks.

Via Amazon

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September 13, 2010

Google Instant Takes Off


You have probably experienced Google Instant by now, based on the premise that although people type slowly at 300 milliseconds between keystrokes they read quickly (30 milliseconds.) We are all for anything that helps us to search faster, but it is almost like Big Brother has anticipated our mindspeak. Mashable wasted no time taking a poll to see how others liked it, with the results being 53% approved, 30% disliked it and 16.7% were undecided. (Where did that missing .3% go?) As for a reason, 45% said the new features were "entertaining to use and watch."

Via Google Instant

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Xbox Live Raises Price


Microsoft has raised the price of
Xbox Live Gold
$10.00 annually in the US, Canada, United Kingdom and Mexico. Effective as of November 1, it is the first such hike since its launch. The three month plan will go up $5.00 while one month will be raised $2.00. As a break for those who bolt at the new prices, you can renew now at the current yearly rate. All other subscription packages will have the same prices.

Via Microsoft

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September 10, 2010

Freakin' Friday! Roku Lowers Prices


Hooray for competition and free enterprise. In anticipation of Google TV and other such devices, Roku has dropped the price on its SD, HD and HD-XR players. They have also announced that they will be offering 1080p later this year, although it will be limited to USB storage. Even with that limitation, it certainly takes Internet video streaming more accessible to those on a budget.

Via Roku

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Chilean Miners Stay In Touch With Outside World


In an effort to keep the spirits high in the trapped Chilean miners, there are now various AV methods being used. A video feed sent a football game to them and they now get letters and video communication with their families. An NPR interview reports that a small camp, consisting of family members, ebbs and flows depending on the loved ones' schedule of work, school, etc.

NASA was brought in on the act to suggest ways to keep the miners sane in their isolated environment. Maybe they were the ones who came up with the idea of "structure and routine" that places leadership roles on three of the elder ones to allow the younger ones to have someone to depend on and keep them sane. Whatever the source, it proves that humans need other humans to survive and we applaud the efforts of the Chileans in charge to note that it is important to keep them in an AV loop.


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September 9, 2010

NJ Transit Aims for WiFi System


New Jersey Transit plans to go WiFi beginning this month. Just as Amtrack has already done in limited capacity, NJT is looking for a company to accomplish this both in its trains and stations. Other Tri-State transportation, such as the NYC subway and the Long Island Railroad, may follow suit.

Via NJ Transit

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Baby Monitor Has Both Video and Audio


Baby monitors have certainly improved technologically. The two-channel
Summer Baby Security Monitor
can transmit up to 350 ft. with a 2.4 Ghz signal and delivers color in the day (b&w IR at night) with a 1.8" TFT monitor. When the visuals are turned off, the sound still comes through. Included are rechargeable batteries for up to 10 hrs. of usage, A/C adapter, belt clip and kickstand.

Via Wireless Baby Monitors

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September 8, 2010

Japan Virtual Dating on LovePlus+

Far be it from us to pass judgment on the latest dating habits of about 1,500 Japanese men who have begun playing Konami's LovePlus+. Launched in July, users choose a girl, woo her and try to earn enough points to take her on an actual vacation to Atami, a former romantic getaway that has experienced some hard times.

Atami, for its part, is stocking real treats for the trysts and there is an app to take a picture with the virtual girlfriend. Two of everything is placed in hotel rooms that can cost as much as $500.00 per night. This trailer may be in Japanese but we figure you will get the idea.


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Panasonic Likely to Offer 3D Avatar


Avatar purists, it seems almost a sure thing that Panasonic will be offering the movie in full HD 3D Blu-ray format when you purchase a 3D HDTV beginning in December. The film will come packed in some Panasonic Viera 3D models and those who already have one of their 3D TVs will be able to purchase it as well. A release for the rest of us should come in Q1 2011.

Via Twice

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September 7, 2010

Virtual Snow World Used on Burn Patients

When you think of networking, you usually think of audio/video in the real world, but the University of Washington is now using a virtual world to treat burn victims. "Snow World" allows users to wander through an imaginary environment and even toss snowballs via an fMRI brain scan. The cooling blue colors and tunes by Paul Simon apparently ease the sometime excruciating pain, according to many of the patients. Co-creator and director of UW's VR Analgesia Research Center Hunter Hoffman says this is just the first step in using mind over matter as an alternative to drugs.

Via HIT Lab

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U-verse AT&T UMobile App Comes to Smartphones


AT&T's latest bonus for its U-verse subscribers is a Mobile App for iPhone and BlackBerry Torch. Content streamed from 10 networks, Including Disney, ABC and ESPN can be set up to record on your DVR or portable device and stored up to 2 - 3 weeks. If you don't already have the service, pick up a U300 or U-450 package and get a $75 iTunes gift card as a bonus.

Via AT&T U-Verse

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September 6, 2010

Tennis Goes 3D on DirectTV


DirectTV delivered 3D baseball, golf and NASCAR to avid sports fans and now it has added tennis to the mix. The U.S. Open is being shown on their exclusive N3D channel 103 beginning Sept. 4 and runs through the final rounds this coming weekend. In addition, more than 550 hours of live tennis will be offered to subscribers.

Via DirectTV

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Apple TV Reinvents Itself, Has Lower Price


Apple TV didn't make much of a splash back in 2006, but the splatter should be a bit larger now with their new $99.00 version. The new palm-size box features HDMI, USB, Toslink and Ethernet connections. Wireless, the remote even resembles an older iPod. Movies will be offered at $4.99 while TV shows will be commercial-free and only $.99 apiece.

While there is no monthly fee involved beyond Netflix, you can also stream videos from your iPhone or iPad with its free app. This one isn't perfect either, as only 720p HD is supported as is limited network TV.

Via Apple Store

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September 3, 2010

Freakin' Friday! Kodak PlaySport Camcorder


Kodak's latest PlaySport Camcorder promises that it is waterproof up to 10 ft. It delivers full 1080p HD video with electronic image stabilization, 5mp HD stills and has a 2.0" color display with LCD Glare Shield. Included editing software lets you add voice-over, make mash-ups and put your results online via USB arm. The PlaySport comes packed with a wrist strap, Li-Ion rechargeable battery, and HDMI and AV cables.

Via Kodak

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Verbatim to Release Smaller MediaShare


Verbatim will soon release a smaller MediaShare storage system. Designed for those that already have an external hard drive, the 1TB system can transfer audio, image or video files with one button. It can also stream to your iPhone or BlackBerry for a yearly fee of $20.00. At a price of $99, the mini-MediaShare has four USB inputs, and both an Ethernet and 12V port.

Via Market News

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September 2, 2010

Zeiss 3D Cinemizer Glasses


Can't wait to play 3D games on your HDTV? Carl Zeiss' Cinemizer video glasses have a 16:9 format OLED screen qith a 640x480 pixel resolution. A small external box helps covert content from game consoles, as well as Blu-ray players, laptops, smartphones and MP3 players. With about 4 hours of battery life, charge via USB. The Cinemizer carries a $389.95 MSRP.

Via Zeiss

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Imation LINK for TV or Projection


You can finally display Internet TV, movies, online games, photos or web conference on the nearest wall or screen with the Imation LINK. The 1.6 Ghz wireless audio/video extender can hook up your PC or Mac via USB with a TV or projector to provide 720p video or images with 1080p resolution up to 30 feet away. The 51122 is available for preorder now.


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September 1, 2010

Blockbuster About to Bite the Big One?


The LA Times reports that Blockbuster appears to be ready to file bankruptcy by mid-September. The movie rental company plans to close 500 more of its US stores to ease its $1 billlion debt and while hoping that film studios will continue to supply new DVDs during this time.

Via LA Times

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On The Move Cuts Out Texting While Driving

Going through texting while driving withdrawal? State Farm's On the Move app will do it for you. The widget lets Android smartphone users to create and preload automated messages that you set manually. It will respond to those that are incoming while you keep both hands on the wheel. The app is free to anyone who has the insurance company's Pocket Agent.

Via State Farm

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