October 31, 2012

NAV Monthly Round Up - Oct. 2012

Here's hoping that you are safe from the evil Frankenstorm Sandy and have the time to peruse our monthly round up.

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October 31, 2012

Belkin WeMo Baby Monitor


Belkin's WeMo Baby Monitor can be controlled with an iPhone/iPad with almost no range limit. The WiFi device has both visual and audio indicators and can be used with up to 6 devices simultaneously. Download the free app to get access to your baby's status, including cry notifications via email or text. Take it to the next level with an Evoz $9.99 monthly premium service for cry analysis, history and sleep patterns.

Via Belkin WeMo

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October 30, 2012

Have Some Twitter Political Index Fun


With only a week to go, we have to admit we will be glad when the election is over. We can get away from annoying commercials and Super PAC offerings, not to mention polls that can reflect whichever political side of the fence you choose. We do have a tendency to peek at Twitter's Political Index that reflects the popularity of the two highest office contenders. It updates daily and we expect there some bias here because of the age range of tweeters and that while Romney has 1.6 million followers, Prez Obama has ten million of them.

Via Twitter Political Index

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October 29, 2012

GameStop Launches E-rated Kids Pop-Ups


GameStop is spreading out this holiday season by opening about 80 new pop-up stores designed for younger gamers. Meant for locations that already have their regular stores, Gamestop Kids will carry only E-rated titles. In addition to games and hardware, they will carry various accessories and toys including those from Skylanders, Angry Birds, Lego, Star Wars, and Minecraft franchises. If successful, look for them to crop up permanently everywhere.

Via GameStop Kids

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October 26, 2012

Freakin' Friday! OnBeat Venue Speaker


Harman's JBL OnBeat Venue Wireless Speaker, when used with an iPhone/iPad, is thought by many to sound good enough replace a home entertainment system. With dual full-range drivers and Slipstream port technology, it can also run older iOS devices with its 30-pin connector. An auxiliary jack can attach to an HDMI TV (cable not included.) Included is the free app MusicFlow download for volume control and EQ settings, as well as editing and mixing.

Via JBL OnBeat Venue

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October 25, 2012

Boxee TV To Replace Set Top Box


Boxee has dispensed with their old set top device and replaced it with Boxee TV. The device allows HDTV viewing of the major networks and many other channels with antenna or unencrypted basic cable. Two tuners means that you can watch one movie/program while recording on another. Their No Limits plan means that you can record all you want in a cloud-based DVR and watch when it is convenient on your laptop, tablet or TV.

As a bonus, it will come pre-installed with apps like Netflix, Pandora and YouTube with more to come in the future. It is due out in November with a $99.00 price for the box and a $14.99 monthly subscription rate.

Via Boxee

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October 24, 2012

Nintendo Holiday Wii Sports Bundle


Nintendo is planning to lighten its load before the new holiday offerings by dropping the price of its older Wii in a Bundle with Sports Resort and Sports. Included with the black console is a Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuck at the reasonable price of $129.00. Look for it to debut October 28 to replace the Super Mario Brothers bundle.

Via Nintendo World Report

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October 23, 2012

Sky Movies Exclusive Harry Potter


Sky Movies has the exclusive rights to all eight of Warner Brothers Harry Potter flicks, including the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 that can be screened in 3D. Subescribers can get it on their HD and SD movie channels as well as on demand and mobile platforms. The deal begins in November, so this could quite possible be a perfect pastime during the holidays for anyone who has an Xbox 360, Sky+HD box or mobile device. If you don't have the service, check out their bundles and super deals as a fine gift for yourself.

Via Sky Movies

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October 22, 2012

Austin City Limits Goes Viral


Like other media that is adopting the interweb, Austin City Limits is beginning to livestream on YouTube. The Roots, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Shins were included in their ACL Festival 2012 Oct. 12 - 14. Head over to their channel to catch up if you missed the live feed and make plans now to catch next year's event. In the meantime, cget the free ACL app and you can watch past episodes at your leisure on your iPad (iOS 4.3 or later.)

Via ACL YouTube Channel

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October 19, 2012

Freakin' Friday! Audio-Technica Headphones


Those looking for a reasonably priced pair of headphones can look no further than Audio-Technica's closed-back dynamic Professional Headphones. We bought the ATH-M30 for less than $42.00 when we needed a pair that would have decent sound at very little cost. The 'phones manage to block a lot of exterior sound while capturing both treble and bass nuances. With a 20-20,000 Hz frequency response and an impedance of 65 ohms, they have a very comfortable fit, are lightweight and have a flexible 11 ft. cable. We wanted a 3.5mm connection and it also comes with a ¼" adapter.

Via Audio-Technica

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October 18, 2012

Wreck-it Ralph Debut Nov. 2


Wreck-it Ralph is the latest 3D Disney animated vehicle that comes out November 2 and is based on the arcade game Fix-it Felix Jr. Kids will like the simple plot and adults can wax nostalgic with cameos from the likes of Frogger, Q*bert, Bowser, Inky, Blinky and Pinky, and other video game characters. As per usual, a game is being released the same week on Wii, DS and 3DS so that long after the film is over, you can keep Ralph in your life for hours of endless play.

Via Disney

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October 17, 2012

Windows 8 Pro Available for Pre-order


Want to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro and save a few bucks in the process? Microsoft is now taking pre-orders and if you do so by Oct. 24 you get it for a price of $69.99, a savings of $120.00. Free shipping is included with the disc and if you would rather download, starting Oct. 26 the price is only $39.99.

Via Microsoft

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October 16, 2012

AppDrive Steering Wheel for Gaming


AppFinity's AppDrive is almost retro in that it is a steering wheel for playing drive games. It can hold an iPhone, iPod touch or Android device and has gyroscopic controlled steering. Download its 2XL MX Offroad racing game then play 16 super cross and outdoor national tracks with different difficulty levels and playability for up to eight opponents in single player mode. There are also 4 customizable buttons for shifting, breaking, etc.

Via Appfinity

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October 15, 2012

Netflix to Add 100% Close-Captioning


Netflix has reached a settlement with the National Association for the Deaf so all of its movies and TV shows must have closed captioning by 2014. As of today only about 85% of their content has it. Last June, a federal judge found that online sources are also subject to the Americans with Disabilities act. So it is only logical that it would apply here as well. This means that Amazon, Hulu, iTunes and other online streaming services will also have to comply.


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October 12, 2012

Freakin' Friday! Logitech Harmony Control


Logitech's new Harmony Control has an intuitive color touchscreen. Use it for TV, music or home cinema viewing with access to 50 favorite channels. Swipe getstures, such as volume and pause, are customizable. The universal remote works with over 5,000 brands and 225,000 devices, and has a backlit button layout for easy navigation in the p.m. The Harmony replaces remotes on to 15 different devices and comes with its own charging station.

Via Logitech Remotes

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October 11, 2012

Zombies Game Halloween Giveaway


This Halloween, replace those fun-sized Butterfingers with something that will please the neighborhood kids for weeks. PopCap Games and the American Dental Association are offering coupons to give out for the addictive Plants vs. Zombies. The game, usually listed for $19.95, is available for both Mac and PC and the coupon code can be redeemed Oct. 30 - November 10.

The ADA is further getting into the game by offering trading cards at dental offices and freebie downloads on the Stop Zombie Mouth home page, so have fun. Mmmmm, brains.....

Via Stop Zombie Mouth

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October 10, 2012

Smart Concept Car - Movie Time


What can be more fun than tooling around in your new electric Smart car? How about a home cinema projector in your front bumper? Aside from its low price (starting at ~$13,000) and small size, the Fortwo is economical with a 60kW magneto-electric motor. And soon it will come with a movie screen in a bag car theater that includes surround sound, a glass roof and an appropriate name (Forstars.) Find a nice, quiet wall or garage door and an iPhone can connect by Bluetooth. Somehow we find the idea of the concept car comforting and it if only had a microwave for popcorn, going out to a movie could be affordable again.

Via Forbes

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October 9, 2012

CDs Turn Thirty Years Old


The CD turned 30 Oct. 1, and although it has been mostly replaced by digital downloads, we figured we should pay a bit of tribute. Long story short, Phillips released the audio platform in 1974, soon collaborated with Sony and the CDP-101 was released to the public in 1982. The first CD was Billy Joel's 52nd Street, his 6th studio album, that was re-launched as a disc. You can check out its history and learn all the details or you can do what we are doing, chilling out to "Big Shot" by the fine musician as a fitting homage.

Via Philips

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October 8, 2012

Big Bird Shines at Presidential Debate


We find it quite interesting that the social networks were really the hit of last Wednesday's debate. The discussion sparked a record breaking 10.3 million tweets including some about health care vouchers and PBS. The Public Service TV supporters went as far a posting parody accounts and @BigBird attracted more than 20,000 followers.


There were various astute and comedic tweets, including one that mentioned that Romney's lapel pin was bigger than Obama's. So I say, let's pay attention and see what happens during subsequent debates. Does the size of the pin indicate political clout? Probably not, but we bet we see them getting gradually larger.


The good news here is that Sesame Street VP Sherrie Westin says most of their show's funding comes from corporate sponsorships, product sales and donations. That means that the large Muppet will still have employment. What will suffer are some of the small, rural stations who really depend on the subsidy. To not get access to PBS' fine programming, which was only .00012 percent of the entire federal budget in 2011, would be a shame.

Via ABC News

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October 5, 2012

Freakin' Friday! Sony Portable Blu-ray Player


Portable Blu-ray and DVD players are certainly commonplace these days and more affordable than ever. Sony's latest portable Blu-ray Player has a 9", high-res widescreen LCD, a 180º swivel flip screen and a rechargeable battery that will last about 4.5 hours for those long commutes. The player features an HDMI output for viewing on your HDTV and a USB input offers more accessibility for video, photos or tunes. With support for most video platforms and a price around $200.00, the BDPSX910 comes with an AC adapter, remote and car charger.

Via Sony Blu-ray Players

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October 4, 2012

Netflix Android App Simplified


Netflix has updated its user interface for its Android app, hopefully making it a simpler user experience. Its new home screen look has search, browsing, recently viewed and recommendations, just like its big brother interface. A simple tap on a film brings up information while a double tap means play. The app works for any device with Android 2.3 or later and is free to subscribers.

Via Google Play

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October 3, 2012

Shhh - Quiet Pro Keyboard


Those looking for a new mechanical keyboard (for either a Mac or PC) now have another option to consider, the Quiet Pro keyboard from Matias. The Quiet Pro comes in both a PC and Mac version, has the usual keys and brightness and volume control. The keys are laser etched and two USB ports come on the board. Priced at $149.95, the company also makes a keyboard for iPhones, one that folds and various other accessories.

Via Matias

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October 2, 2012

Rode Dog Wins Big Bucks for Preteen Owner


Eleven year-old Victoria Walker has designed an app that literally barks if someone uses a smartphone in his/her car and will not stop until the phone is put down. When an entire group adopts "Rode Dog", a tattletale can warn a friend if he/she suspects there is some unsafe texting going on.

With assistance from software designer David Grau, the app earned a $20,000 award for its owner from AT&T's "It Can Wait" contest that rewards developers that try to help solve the text while driving problem. Look for its launch later this year when it becomes available for iOS, Android and Windows phones.

Via LA Times

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October 1, 2012

NAV Monthly Round Up - September 2012

Boo! It's pumpkin month already so here is a quick look back at September's round up. Yum - pumpkin pie!


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Facebook Offers Real Gifting


Apparently Facebook is not content enough to oversaturate us with ads or suggestions. While you can still poke and/or chat with your friends, they would prefer you send them a real gift. When one of your buds is having a birthday or other special event, the service will notify you and make suggestions for purchase. The usual gifting ideas exist here like teddy bears, gift cards or cakes. Another ka-ching for the Zuck.

Via Facebook

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