December 26, 2012

New Years Ball Drop App


Now that we have told you about the NORAD Santa Tracker apps, we figured you should know that there are also free apps from the official Time Square Ball Drop for Android and iPhone. You get access to the midnight event and all the trimmings - music, photos, celebrity appearances and users can submit photos of their own celebration. Favorites will go on the humongous Toshiba Vision sign in Times Square.

Via Times Square Ball App

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December 24, 2012

Track Santa Via NORAD


Every year we look forward to the Santa Tracker and every year it improves. The traditional NORAD event starts Christmas Eve and if you hit the site now you will notice the countdown. Although there are some $1.99 apps out there with the same idea and activities for kids, NORAD has free ones for Apple, Windows, Android and Google. And of course they now have Facebook and Twitter pages that you can also find via their site.


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December 6, 2012

Tubalr - Super Music App


Most music services cost too much, are too complicated or involves too much angst. So we were really impressed with Tubalr, a free app that makes it easy to find your tunes commercial free. While it draws its music from YouTube, the main screen has a search box that you can input your fave artist and there is also a "similar" button to find others that you might relate to. Watch videos, make playlists and share with friends. You can register for a free account or you can simply use it as an online radio station. Easy, peasy.

Via Tubalr

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December 5, 2012

Shop With Easy Apps


Amazon's free Shopping App lets you search view and shop for those on your gift lists. Available for Android, iPad/iPhone/iPod touch and Windows phone, you get access to lightning deals, one click ordering, package tracing and of course price comparison. Each year we get more reticent about going out to the mall or dealing with humans when shopping by internet is just so much easier.

Via Amazon Shopping Apps

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November 8, 2012

Find Your Phone With Signal Flare


Security company Lookout claims that 30% of those with cell phones couldn't find them when lost or stolen because the batteries went dead. We think that might be a low estimate but a new feature on their security app helps take care of the problem. Signal Flare will flag your phone's location on their site when your battery is about to sputter out. Available for both Android and iPhones, you can signal your lost device with an actual noise to help you find it. The app is free and they have a Premium one that you can demo as a 2-week freebie.

Via Lookout

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October 4, 2012

Netflix Android App Simplified


Netflix has updated its user interface for its Android app, hopefully making it a simpler user experience. Its new home screen look has search, browsing, recently viewed and recommendations, just like its big brother interface. A simple tap on a film brings up information while a double tap means play. The app works for any device with Android 2.3 or later and is free to subscribers.

Via Google Play

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October 2, 2012

Rode Dog Wins Big Bucks for Preteen Owner


Eleven year-old Victoria Walker has designed an app that literally barks if someone uses a smartphone in his/her car and will not stop until the phone is put down. When an entire group adopts "Rode Dog", a tattletale can warn a friend if he/she suspects there is some unsafe texting going on.

With assistance from software designer David Grau, the app earned a $20,000 award for its owner from AT&T's "It Can Wait" contest that rewards developers that try to help solve the text while driving problem. Look for its launch later this year when it becomes available for iOS, Android and Windows phones.

Via LA Times

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August 14, 2012

TuneIn Brings Radio Back to the Masses


TuneIn radio service claims that it now has 40 million subscribers, 10 million more than this time last year. After raising $16 million investment funding, the company will soon have even more than its current 70,000 stations and 2 million on-demand programs. A free app browses by location or genre and for songs, artist or station. Bump that up to a $.99 Pro account and users can also record tunes.

Via TuneIn

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August 8, 2012

Lightwave Oven Control By App


The latest appliance to make life on the fly easier is the LG Lightwave Oven with time and temperature controlled by smartphone app. Equipped with both a grill and microwave, it uses halogen light technology to cook the food. It can also ferment, toast and be used at a convection oven. At a cost of ~$746.00, for now it is only available in Korea.

Via Newlaunches

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July 25, 2012

Flutter, Hand Recognition Application


We spend most of our time behind our computers, so when the work is done, more often than not we catch up with our movie and TV watching there as well. Now there is a new freeware tool that makes it even easier to listen to/watch streaming media. Install Flutter and it turns your webcam into a controller for ITunes, Spotify, QuickTime and VLC video players. The software recognizes the shape of your hand and will pause or play your audio or video. Available for Windows 7 or Mac, look for future usage with YouTube and Netflix.

Via Flutter

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June 5, 2012

Denon Headphones Run Apps


Denon has a new series of 11 models of headphones that can do more than just listen. For example, their Globe Cruiser can run an iOS travel app, the Music Mania comes with the ability to adjust EQ and integrate with TuneIn Radio, the Urban Raver is for those who like to share music on social websites and Exercise Freak has GPS for tracking activities. The headphones will be available at prices starting at $179.00 beginning August 2012.

Via Digital Trends

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May 8, 2012

Sirius XM Updates Android App


Sirius XM has just released a free update for its Android Internet Radio App. Tune Start allows listeners to restart a current song and Live Radio can be paused and continued or skipped forward to catch what is coming up. Start Now lets the user go back up to 5 hours on various channels. Show Finder is a programmable guide to set reminders up for an entire week and organize favorites. Current subscribers should receive it automatically and newbies can get the app from Google Play.

Via Google Play

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April 17, 2012

Fight Cell Phone Spam


According to the NY Times, a Ferris Research report claims that during 2011, about 4.5 billion spam texts were received on cell phones last year, over twice the amount received in 2009 (2.2 billion.) While some really cannot hurt you, others can steal your personal information if you click on it and either sign up for a service or take a survey.

Not only can you lose your identity, it can cost you money and sap your text messaging limits. If you receive one, don't reply, report it to your carrier or, if you have an Android smartphone, there is an app for that.

Note: The very night after posting this we received a spam and forwarded it quite easily via phone. If you receive one, definitely contact your carrier. Hopefully, they will do something with the evil number.


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March 15, 2012

Delta to Offer Amazon


Move over, Skymall, there's a new shopping service in the friendly skies. Delta will soon offer free access to Amazon as part of its overall WiFi service. Shop for shoes, watch a film, grab an app or download an eBook. Delta has been offering WiFi service via GoGo for a while now and users can choose between a Day Pass for $12.00, a monthly Traveler Pass for $34.95 and an Annual Pass for $399.95.

Via Delta

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