June 27, 2007

Pinnacle SoundBridge Wireless Internet Radio

31Xve5Th-Ql. Aa280

At just $399, the Roku SoundBridge R1000 Radio Network Music System is a very portable, wireless, WIFI music system that integrates seamlessly with your iTunes or Windows Media player. You can also access thousands of internet radio stations and the system even includes a mini-subwoofer for great bass. We think this might be the perfect out on the back porch solution or in the hammock streaming wireless music radio for the summer.

  • WiFi music system with advanced digital music streaming functionality, pair of stereo speakers, and subwoofer
  • Native support for Apple iTunes and Rendezvous, Windows Media Player, Windows Media Player 10, and Rhapsody
  • Accesses free Internet radio stations via broadband connection; bright 280 x 32 vacuum fluorescent display
  • Patented Linear Magnetic Drive stereo speakers and subwoofer with acoustic enclosures and built-in digital amps
  • Ultra-fast 400 MHz Blackfin DSP; measures 11 x 6 x 6.5 inches (W x H x D); 1-year warranty

At Roku SoundBridge R1000 Radio Network Music System

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June 26, 2007

Oono Transmita 2.4G Wireless Audio Transmitter


We just found these rather inexpensive yet - OUT OF STOCK wireless music transmitters from Oono. From the site it appears they will be releasing a newer version but for just under 70 bucks these look like a steal. We'll let you know when the new ones are available.

Why limit yourself to only being able to listen to your favourite downloads and MP3 playlists on your headphones, when you could be enjoying them on the best speakers in your house? Now there's no reason at all with the Oono Transmitter that not only frees your digital music from small speakers but also frees you from your MP3 player. Simply plug the Transmita in and you can enjoy your music anywhere in the house.

At Oono Transmita 2.4G Wireless Audio Transmitter

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June 23, 2007

Pixel Magic Systems Media Players HD MediaBox

Hd Mediabox Head2

We just saw the HD MediaBox™ from Pixel Magic yesterday at Microcenter. It was tucked behind one of the smaller HDTVs and looked interesting. The HD Mediabox is a high definition HDD (hard disk drive) media player which gives instant access to your high definition video, digital music, digital photos and DVD files no matter where they are stored - on it's internal hard disk drive (HDD), on your personal computer*, USB HDD or Network Attached Storage box*. The HD MediaBox™ supports output resolutions of up to 1080p so you can now set all your HD media free from the constraints of your monitor. Use any VGA, component video, DVI or HDMI equipped display device - Flat panel displays, projectors, HDTVs and more.

The HD MediaBox™ is designed with high quality audio playback in mind. Equipped with 24-bit/192KHz audio DAC from Analog Devices Inc, low noise Op Amps from Burr-Brown® (famous for their clean output and ultra-low distortion characteristics) and our own specially developed timing circuitry, HD MediaBox™ can now be the centre of your hifi as a high end CD jukebox storing thousands of CDs!

We'll find out more as we check out this interesting new streaming wonder.

At Pixel Magic Systems - Media Players - HD MediaBox

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June 7, 2007

Sonos System Has Arrived for Review


So we have the Sonos in house for a hands on review and we couldn't be more excited. This is one of the premiere audio streamers on the market and one that we have had our eye on for a long time. In fact the Sonos was one of the very first posts we ever did here at Networking Audio Video.

We can't wait to get our hands on this puppy and put it through its paces. The Sonos has constantly received very high marks for audio quality and we are excited to see what our ears have to say. We have been using the Squeezebox for along time so we want to see how the Sonos will stack up.

Expect the hands on review soon. For any of you out there that already have one of these, we would love to hear your impressions.

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June 6, 2007

TViX HD M-5100SH Digital Media Server


The HD M-5100SH is the latest offering from TViX in there media streamer line. This bad boy attempts to do it all. Just looking at the ability to playback 1080p signals over HDMI, it bests most other consumer media streamers, and that is just the beginning. It packs a high speed Serial ATA drive inside to store your movies on and has an Ethernet port to use your home computer for more storage.

It can handle just about any format you throw at it including:


  • WMV
  • WMV HD
  • AVI
  • MPG
  • VOB
  • MP4
  • ASF


  • MP3
  • WMA
  • AAC
  • FLAC
  • OGG
  • PCM
  • M4A

You can output these files to your TV via:

  • HDMI
  • Component
  • S-Video
  • Composite
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June 4, 2007

D-Link DSM-510 High-Definition Media Player


DLink has released a smaller version of the DSM-520 to target the segment of the population that likes their media players small and out of the way. There is a great hands on review over at Small Net Builder that takes a detailed look at the new device.

What they found is that this device, while smaller and cheaper then its big brother the 520, lacks a lot of power and abilities as well. The 510 does all the basics one would assume in a networked media player, video, audio and images. The problem is that it seems to do them all just so so.

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May 30, 2007

MvixUSA 760-HD Wireless Media Center Hands on Review


Well we have had some time to play around with our shiny new 760HD and we can only say, WOW! Sure its not the most creative description of our thoughts, but we were so blown away with everything this thing can do that we are left speechless.

We were expecting the typical streaming device that worked, but left us with that, meh, feeling. From the minute we plugged this sucker in we knew that there was more to this then just your run of the mill device. We had been reading up on and writing about the 760 for awhile now so we had a basic understanding of what it should be able to do, but we were excited to see how well it actually did them.

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May 25, 2007

Oneforall PC Media Streaming Kit


The Oneforall is an interesting device in the media streaming world. It ships with two pieces, the transmitter and receiver. The receiver hooks up to your TV and waits for a single from the transmitter to start playing files.

The Transmitter hooks up to your video card on your computer. This will only work if you have S-Video out on your card. Once hooked up to your computer you have to install the Simplecenter media software on your computer to bring it all together.

The Transmitter uses RF signals to send the files to the TV. There is an inherent problem with this in that RF signals are susceptible to interference from any number of sources around your house. From what we have read the use of RF for the transmission of your media files really impacts the quality of the files. Here is a very telling quote from the people at computer active:

Due to the nature of RF technology, other electrical appliances and power cables will interfere with the signal, resulting in an image that looks like a poorly tuned TV.

The upside of this approach to streaming media is that the box doesn't have to deal with formats since it is just streaming the signal from your computer. So unlike so many other boxes out there that fight to get just the right mix of formats to make everyone happy, this little sucker just passes the info on not caring what it is.

Wether or not to buy this for your home comes down to a few factors. Personally we don't like the RF transmission, but if you don't have a wireless or wired network in your house this may be a good option. Another telling quote from the review:

If you’re looking to stream movies, music and photos over short distances and your PC and TV are in the same room, you’d probably get good use out of this reasonably priced device. Realistically, though, most of us will want to fire off media to varying parts of the house and that's where reception will be a problem.

via computeractive

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May 23, 2007

Tvix M-3100U Media Streaming Device


Like the Mvix 760HD that we reviewed earlier the Tvix M-3100U is a hard drive based multimedia player.
Allowing you to playback movies, music and photos this is an all in one device. You can load up the internal hard drive with as many media files as will fit and enjoy them on your TV.

What we like about these types of devices is the freedom it allows you. Not only do you have a great media player for your house, but you can easily take this with you to a friends house and have all your media files play on their TV. No longer do you have to worry about confusing setups that your friends may have. Just plug in M-3100U to their TV and BAM, you're good to go.

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May 22, 2007

Sonos Announces Pandora Integration


Well Sonos has taken another step forward in making their offering hard to resist. They are now offering Pandora integration with their products for only $4 a month! For those of you who don't know what Pandora is well you are missing out. Basically it is a way to create custom radio stations of only songs you like. By using algorithms that they have developed along with input from the listener they can continue to stream songs that fit the same song type as the original song you selected.

Sonos has also launched a new $999 bundle to go along with this. Now you can finally own a Sonos system for under $1000. The bundle includes two of the ZonePlayer 80s and the amazing Sonos remote.

The people at Sonos have continued to make great products and now by bringing the price just under $1000 and offering Pandora integration they are really opening the doors to a lot of people to experience this amazing product.

Pick up the bundle over at Amazon.

via engadget

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