March 23, 2007

First Impressions: AppleTV


We received our new AppleTV today and we set about our usual routine of ripping the box open as fast as we can and racing over to our entertainment center to hook it up. Once we opened the box we had two immediate thoughts: first, I can't believe they shipped this thing with that puny little remote. Sure we knew that was coming, but we were just hoping that they would have come to their senses and given us something with slightly more functionality. Our second shock was that the only cables that shipped with the box were the power cables. No ethernet, HDMI, or any other cable that you could use with it. We didn't think it much to send at least one! Let us hook the damn thing up right away. Don't make us hunt for cables.

After the initial shock wore off we slowly walked over to our media center, plugged it in and hooked it up to our network and to our HDTV via HDMI cable. Once it booted up we were given a code that we had to enter into iTunes. Once that is done the unit is 'paired' up with the iTunes server. We then can either copy files to the device or tell it which files in our iTunes library it should play.

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March 21, 2007

Creative Home Theater Connect DTS-610


Creative has released a great product for those wanting to use their computers high end soundcard to provide music via their stereo. The DTS-610 gets around one of the most annoying issues when it comes to playing purchased content over your stereo. Usually you are unable to just hook up your computer to your stereo and play DRM music. Well the DTS-610 lets you use the standard outputs from your soundcard and outputs it in either digital coax or optical.

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March 19, 2007

Hands on with the Logitech Wireless Music System for the iPod


Our Logitech Wireless Music System arrived today and we couldn't wait to tear open the box and see how this puppy performed. We posted a review of the product last week when we placed the order and we promised you our hands on review, well here it is.

The concept is simple enough. Hook the receiver up to your stereo and plug the transmitter into your iPod. A very nice part of the design was in hooking up the transmitter. They made it so that the peg that will be inserted into your headphone jack can be moved, thus acomodating just about every iPod out there.

Once the connection is established you should be able to hear music through your speakers. We set about hooking this into our existing system. We had recently purchased a new A/V switcher so we didn't have to keep trying to get at the back of our stereo which is no easy task. Well this is where we ran into a slight bump on our road to wireless music.

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Pioneer Music Tap


Pioneer has taken a very interesting approach to streaming music around your house. They have shunned the wireless network, scoffed at the wired network and wouldn't even dignify the radio transmitted network with a response.

They are all about the power lines. Yup, thats right, streaming audio over your home power lines. We aren't sure how this will sound, but it is a very intriguing idea to say the least.

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March 15, 2007

D-Link DSM-120 review

With the DSM-120 D-Link has released a product that doesn't really know what it is. It can access music in two ways. It has the ability to wirelessly connect to your PC and with the help of the included server software, stream music to your stereo. The other option is to either install an internal hard drive into the device or hook up a USB hard drive to the back of it. This way it has direct access to all of its music

Looking at the specs you can see that D-Link didn't really seem to put a lot of effort into this device. It supports only MP3 and WMA music formats for for starters. While this might work for some people they seem to have completely ignored the iTunes users and last we checked they make up a HUGE percentage of the people with digital music.

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March 14, 2007

Logitech Wireless Music System for iPod


Logitech has been really pushing their way into the networked media world and we love it. Another cool product they have released is the Wireless Music System for iPod. This is a very cool idea and in our opinion way better then a docking station. Basically you hook up the included receiver to your stereo and then attached the transmitter to your iPod. When you play something with your iPod it gets transmitted to the receiver and is played over your stereo.

We love the simplicity of this device. Just a small attachment for your iPod and boom you have streaming audio in your house! We just purchased one so we will be coming back with a full review soon, stay tuned.


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Logitech Wireless DJ Music System


Logitech has gone out on a limb and come up with a new twist on streaming music around your house. Enter the Wireless DJ Music System. While this looks like an ordinary remote it is far from it.

This system comes with 3 parts. First you have the transmitter that connects to your PC via USB. Next you have the remote which is the hub of the entire system and finally you have the receiver that is hooked up to your stereo.

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March 13, 2007

Mvix MV-5000U Multimedia Player


MvixUSA's MV-5000U is a new approach to networked music and one that we think you will come to love. Usually the products that we cover deal with being hooked up to the network so you can keep your files in once place and play them over your entertainment center.

Well the MV-5000U takes a different approach. Basically you hook this up to your PC via USB 2.0 and transfer all of the files you want to the internal hard drive( not included with purchase ). Once you have all of your music, photos and videos on the device just move it down to your entertainment center and hook it up to your TV and stereo.

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Slim Devices Transporter

After years of getting critical acclaim over their amazing Squeezebox product, Slimdevices has released their ultra high end digital streaming device. The Transporter is their answer to all of their loyal supporters that were asking for something more. Slimdevices has taken aim squarely at the serious audiophile crowd with this one and from everything we have read they have hit a bullseye. Slimdevies has built up a solid reputation over the past few years with the success of the Squeezebox and they are capitalizing on it with this niche product.

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March 12, 2007

Netgear EVA8000 Digital Entertainer HD


With the release of the eva8000 HD Netgear has shown that it belongs in the consumer networked media world. They tested the waters with the eva7000 and found out what worked and what didn't work and the eva8000 is the product of that research.
They took just about everything from the eva7000 and added a HDMI port to go with the bevy of other output options. They are also trying out the new 802.11n draft standard for its WiFi connection.

This baby will basically do anything you ask of it when it comes to playing media. We are talking just about every music and video format you could want.
Other features include the ability to play internet radio, view RSS feeds and if your PC is setup with a TV capture card you can use it as a PVR!
We will try to get our hands on one when they go one sale sometime in the first quarter of '07

at Amazon

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