June 5, 2008

New Popcorn Hour Models Due Out Soon?

We came across a very interesting article over at Geek Zone that alludes to new models of one of our favorite media streamers: The Popcorn Hour A-100. It looks like someone who was trying to set up a Popcorn Hour reseller contract got word that they were ready to release new models soon. The Geek Zone board use to have the specs for the devices, but it looks like it has been removed. We went over to EngadgetHD to find the info we were looking for. Here are the unverified specs that are out there:
  • A-110: USB Slave / SATA / HDMI 1.1
  • B-110: Home Theatre main Board based on feedback, comments and targetted for the hobbyist to create it's own HTPC style case and be a bit active around modding and making it's own casing (also a casing could be provided).
  • IDE / USB Slave / HDMI 1.3 / MINI ITX factor Optical / Coaxial / Mini PCI Player is internally references as "hi-jack hour"
  • A-112: SATA / USB Slave / HDMI 1.3 cube casing with LCD
  • S-200A: 2GB Flash, Black player, HDMI 1.1 and VGA, UART port (signage)
  • WN-100: USB Wireless N USB dongle (20Mbps capped for now)
We'll keep our ears opened for any info on this and we'll try and ping our contact over at Popcorn Hour and see if they can shed some light on this.
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May 5, 2008

Planex DigiJike BitTorrent NAS: The Future of Home Media Streaming?

For all you BitTorrent fans out there a new box is on the market( somewhere ) that may be your holy grail. The Planex DigiJuke NAS device will allow you to specify what content you are interested in and it will use its built-in browser to find the torrents and start downloading them. This is basically like having Tivo, but instead of just being able to grab only what your cable provider gives you, now you can have anything that has been uploaded on the web. With the built in 1TB of storage it will allow you to store quite a few movies before you need to offload to a backup device. One of the DIgiJukes big selling points is that it can automatically format your newly downloaded content for a bevy of devices from PSPs to iPods to just your standard TV.

On top of the BitTorrent hard drive aspect of the DigiJuke, it can also act as your standard NAS device serving up files and media to all of your devices. It comes with the standard USB ports so you can attach extra storage or just so you can pop in an extra hard drive to watch some of your friends content.

The main site is in Japanese and the translation page doesn't reveal much so we don't have all the info on this device. We do know that it will retail for around $524 and come with 2 500GB drives. We don't know if this will ever be released in the US, but we will continue to look into it and see if we can dig anything up.

via engadget
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March 24, 2008

Myka Media Streamer Adds BitTorrent to the Mix

There has been a flood of new streamers from companies we have never heard of lately and we have mixed feelings. On the one hand it is great that so many people are jumping into the media streaming world. The more competition in the space the better. On the other hand, for every great product that is released there are ten others that are pretty crappy and it can be hard for someone thinking of buying their first media streamer to know what is the right device to get. Now that we got that off of our chest we can talk about this new product we just came across: the Myka media streamer. This guy has the form factor of a Mac Mini and the specs of a pretty bad ass little streamer. The main draw of the Myka is the fact that it has BitTorrent built right into the device. This isn't being billed as an extra, but rather the main reason to own the Myka. This box seems to ditch the traditional idea of a media streamer and put all of its eggs in the BitTorrent basket.

Looking over their site the seem to have some grand plans for this device. They say that they are in talks with a bunch of major studios and television networks so that you can use the Mkya as your one stop destination to download all of your favorite movies and shows. They are going directly up against AppleTV and they admit it. They are touting that the fact that they are open will allow them to make a better streamer and ultimately a better experience for the viewer. While we love the idea of companies opening up their devices so that we can all tinker with them we can't see any studio signing on unless they have strict assurances that their content won't just be pirated off the box. The reason studios sign up with Apple is because they have a decent security system set up so that it is very difficult for people to take the content out of iTunes and share it with everyone.

This is set to release this Summer so you can bet that we will be all over it when it comes out. If we here anymore info about this we'll update you. Check out after the jump for different connection options and supported formats. ArrowContinue reading: "Myka Media Streamer Adds BitTorrent to the Mix"

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