December 23, 2007

PS3 Media Streaming Guide


We came across a pretty simple setup guide to get your PS3 streaming all of your media to your TV. There have been a lot of updates to the PS3 over the past couple of months and it has turned into a pretty full functioning media streamer. If you already own a PS3 then you might not need to go out and buy a pure media streamer at all. From the looks of it the PS3 can handle all of the streaming duties you throw at it.

It is nice to see the PS3 really catch up with the Xbox 360 in this area. It seems that all of the companies producing the next generation consoles realized the extra benefit of adding media streaming capability to their device. We know a lot of people that aren't geeky gadget owners and who aren't into the whole streaming thing, but once they found they could stream movies via their console they loved it and were converts. It seems that console streaming could be the gateway application to get a wider audience to realize the beauty of having all of your movies, music and pictures at your fingertips. Anyway, check out the simple guide to get the server and the PS3 working together here.
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December 14, 2007

New PSP Firmware Adds DVR Functionality


Well once again we have to report about something cool that most of you won't be able to get. The Japanese once again get all the love when it comes to the PSP. This time it comes in the shape of a firmware update that will bring basic DVR functionality to the PSP. Of course you first need to use the wireless digital tuner accessory(1seg). This new firmware will allow you to turn your PSP into fairly decent DVR. Of course since the PSP doesn't sport the most high end internals you won't be able to do anything else with the device while it is in this mode, but come on, what else do you want. The nice thing is you can set this down and put it into sleep mode and it can record shows while it is idle.

With all the new updates that the PSP is getting these days it is really looking like a more attractive device to us. It started out as just a basic portable game player that could play back movies, but over the years it has morphed into a fully functional personal media player. If this latest update ever makes it to the states it could send us over the edge and make us have to buy one. We'll see.

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December 12, 2007

Microsoft Positioning Itself to be the Center of Your Media Streaming World


Well it looks like Microsoft is making a huge push to become the de facto media streaming solution in your house. Just about every time they try and break into a new market they start with a product that doesn't match up against the already existing competition in that space. But they have more money then just about anyone so they keep at it. They throw so much money at the product that after awhile, say 2 or 3 years, people just come to see it as the standard in the space. There was a time when people laughed at the Xbox and saw the PS2 as the best console around. Microsoft actually lost billions on the first Xbox, but they knew they just had to wait and improve. Make your beachhead and don't give up. Well here we are at the end of 2007 and the new Xbox has become the platform of choice in the States.
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December 10, 2007

First Hand Account of Xbox Media Streaming Experience


One of the things we are constantly talking about is how media streaming has yet to hit the masses. There are a ton of options out there, but it seems that the market hasn't really taken off just yet. We keep reading articles predicting that this is the year of streaming and whatnot. Well we have seen how well the AppleTV has done and it is clear that mainstream America is not ready for media streaming.

One area that has made some serious inroads into getting your average person into streaming media has been the newest generations of game consoles. They all have the ability to stream media from your local network with some being better then others. The Xbox 360 seems to be the best of the lot so far in dealing with getting your media onto your TV. A great piece of software that people have been using to stream their content to the 360 is a software product called Connect360. This has proven to be one of the better solutions to using the Xbox as your main media streamer.

We stumbled across a very interesting post about one persons dealings with taking the plunge and making their 360 their main streaming device. They provide a great first hand account of what you can expect if you decide to use your 360 as your media streaming device of choice. It is a very well written article and one that we think can help people to get a better grasp of what they have in store for them if they decide to go that route. You can check it out here.
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November 24, 2007

Wiideo Center Adds Another Option For Media Streaming With Your Wii


Well it looks like there is another option in the Wii media streaming space that you might want to consider. Wiideo Center 0.3 has been released and it looks to be your one stop shop for streaming your media to your Wii. The Wii seems to have been left behind the other consoles when it comes to media streaming as there are only a handful of apps out there to help you do this. The Wiideo Center is a Windows only application that allows you to select media from your PC and have it made available to your Wii for viewing.

The main application runs on your Windows machine and has the ability to transcode and stream your videos. It seems like a pretty straight forward application and if we could actually get our hands on a Wii this holiday season we would love to try it out, but as usually they are near impossible to find. We just hope that Nintendo releases a lot more consoles for the holidays so we can actually have a shot at getting one.

As a side note the code is available to be downloaded in case anyone out there is interested in tinkering with it. We are just glad someone else has released another way to view media on the Wii, can't let the Xbox and PS3 have all the fun!

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October 3, 2007

X-OOM Software Brings Media Streaming To The Wii


We have been reporting a lot lately about the Xbox and PS3's media streaming abilities, but we have basically left the Wii out in the cold in our reviews. Well it looks like the Wii just got some more loving in the media streaming department. X-OOM has software that will aid in getting your media content streamed via the Wii.

X-OOM's software supports streaming the following formats:
  • Xvid
  • DivX
  • MPEG-2
  • MPEG-4
  • MP3
  • OGG
Granted you have to buy this software, but for close to $60 it isn't that bad a deal. If you didn't already have a streaming solution and you owned a Wii then you could be saving yourself a bunch of money not having to buy a new device.

We aren't sure how it will work and how good the Wii will be as a streamer, but it is good to know that people are thinking of ways to utilize this cool little piece of technology to bring the digital connected home to more people. If anyone buys this and tried it out we would love to hear from you. Post in the comments your experience.

via Trusted Reviews
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September 21, 2007

Using Your Old Xbox to Stream Meida in the House


Do you have an old Xbox system lying around the house collecting dust while you enjoy the splendor the the Xbox 360? Do you want a fully functioning home media streaming device, but don't feel like spending all that money to get one. Well here is your solution; grab that old Xbox, dust it off and get ready to enjoy a pretty sweet media streamer. In the old days in order to hack the Xbox to allow it to become a media streamer you had to do some pretty serious hacks whether they be hardware hacks or complicated software ones. Now those days are gone with the simple XBMC( Xbox Media Center ).

The new way to hack the box is by using certain games that people have found an exploit via a saved game. Once the hack has been completed you are treated to a pretty stunning interface that has just about all the functionality of the more expensive media streamers on the market. Lifehacker has a great article on how to unlock your old Xbox to achieve all of this.

There is also a large online community over at and detailed descriptions of what you can do with this new software over at their wiki. This is one of the cooler projects we have seen for taking old and obsolete hardware and really making it into something new and exciting, something that can be very useful and become the center of your streaming media world.

With all the high tech and fancy systems out there it is nice to see people working to make what many thought a dead piece of hardware a very viable alternative to multi-hundred dollar investments.
If anyone out there has one of these running at their place we would love some feedback as to what your thoughts are on it. How does it compare to other streamers you have experience with, how hard was the setup and what problems do you face with it.

via lifehacker
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September 18, 2007

Sony Unveils Massive Home Media Server


So Sony has a new product out and all we can say is, what the heck are they thinking. They have decided to not just jump into the home media streaming market, but jump into the high end of it. What they have produced is a massive media streamer that only the Richie Rich's of the world can afford. Enter the HES-V1000. At $3500 we aren't sure the exact market they are going for other then the people with too much money in their pockets, but looking over the specs it looks like they just packed as much technology into it and never really gave it much thought.

Other media centers on the market either come with some built in storage and or the ability to stream from a PC over a network. Well Sony thought that was a bad direction to go in and instead did something that had our head spinning. They have included a 200-disc Blu-ray changer in this sucker. So nevermind the fact that Blu-ray is failing to win the format war with HD-DVD, but who the hell owns 200 of them. For that matter are there even 200 Blu-ray discs worth buying? On the positive side they do include a 500GB hard disk so you can store a lot of data internally, but it isn't clear how you get data onto the disc. Is it moved over from another computer on your network or ripped from one of the discs in your changer?

One of the stranger choices the designers made was the streaming aspect. Instead of following the crowd and allowing the box to funnel music from your network to the device so it can play it or pass it to an entertainment system, it will stream out from the box to either certain Sony products equipped to handle the stream or DLNA devices like the PS3. While DLNA is slowly growing in popularity it is by far the most widely adopted setup. Sony likes to keep you using their products and makes it hard for you to go outside their little world. So this choice just furthers our distaste for the box.

We can't imagine that this will be received too well next month when it goes on sale. With all of the devices out there that basically do what it does( except of course for that 200 disc changer ) we can't imagine many people will be going out to spend $3500 on it. We will report back next month and see if we have to go eat our words.

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August 2, 2007

PS3 to add DVR ability early next year


So it looks like Sony has decided to update its PS3 console to add a DVR component to it. Sony has been loosing the console battle this round and it looks like they are going to try everything they can to either match or one-up their competition. While both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 can both stream content around the house it seems that Sony is trying to add the DVR ability to try and separate itself from the pack.

The only problem with any of these consoles that try and be a DVR is the limited amount of storage space they come with. If you want to recored HD content you can't survive with anything less then a 500GB drive. Well you could, but you would have to constantly be deleting content off the device to ensure that you didn't run out of storage every day.

So far nothing has been confirmed completely, but it looks promising so far.
We will keep you posted on any future developments.

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July 5, 2007

Game Console Owners Not Using Their Streaming Ability


It seems that owners of the latest generation of game console don't realized their full potential. According to a study done by The Diffusion Group only 30% of game owners are even aware that they have a device that can stream media while only 13% are actually using it to stream content.

This seems to point to the fact that true media streaming really hasn't hit the mainstream yet. So many people actually own media streaming devices and they aren't using them. Hopefully products like the AppleTV will help open peoples eyes to the wonderful world of streaming media.

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