April 17, 2009

Freakin' Friday! DSi Out With a Bang


No doubt you heard of the DSi's coming out party, but we have rarely seen so much hype so fast to push the new Nintendo gaming system. Available in either black or blue, there is a purchasing limit to 3 units at a time. What makes the portable gaming system so "in"? Not only can you play DSi and many DS games on it, it features two cameras with 11 customized lenses, can browse wirelessly, let you play with others and can access music in the AAC format using a standard SD Card.


Not only does the DSi have its own site, plenty of gamesand accessories are already available.

Via Nintendo DSi

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March 31, 2009

Zeebo, Reinvented Gaming


Zeebo claims that it has reinvented the game console. Plug it into your TV and it is good to go with self-explanatory user interface and some games already loaded. Even better, it automatically connects to the ZeeboNet Wireless Network for buying and downloading new games in minutes. Based on a on Qualcomm BREW platform and MSM chipset to make it more affordable, it also is energy efficient by consuming only 1W power. The system has a 640 x 480 screen resolution, a full-featured controller, expansion ports and multiplayer capability.

The starting MSRP of the Zeebo is $199.99 although there may be a $50.00 price reduction later this year. By making it inexpensive and only needing downloadable games, we can certainly see the system going global.

Via Zeebo

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March 26, 2009

Ultimotion, Inexensive Wii Alternative


Can't afford a $250.00 Wii? How about the Jakks Pacific Ultimotion as an alternative? The system comes with bowling, golf, tennis, baseball and football controllers. Play is similar to the Wii, and for less than $50.00, you may not get as extensive a selection of games, but this could be a viable solution for couch potato kids.

Via Ultimotion

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September 3, 2008

Microsoft Drops Xbox 360 Arcade Price to $199


Woo Hoo, it finally happened! The Xbox 360 has finally fallen below the $200 mark. According to CNET news:

One of the the biggest selling points of Nintendo's Wii video game console since its launch nearly two years ago has been that it was the lowest-priced of the trio of next-generation machines that also includes Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3.

To date, the Wii costs $249, while the lowest-priced Xbox, the so-called "Arcade," retails currently for $279. An 80GB PS3 sells for $400.

But Microsoft said Wednesday that it will drop the price of the Arcade on Friday to $199, breaking through what some have said is the all-important psychological price level of $200. At that price, industry observers say, the market opens up to mass levels of consumers.

Microsoft will also drop the price of its 60 GB Xbox to $299

We bet you just bought an Xbox 360 last week? Oh well, they're getting so cheap you can buy one for the bedroom now.

At CNET.com

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August 26, 2008

Review: Earforce X4 Xbox 360 Wireless Surround Sound Headset


We here at NAV are huge wireless headphone fans. One thing we've noticed is that most standard wireless headphones just don't cut it when gaming. We've been eyeing the Earforce X4 Xbox 360 Wireless Surround Sound Headset ever since it came out and now Gizmodo has a decent review. The review states:

It should be noted that these "surround sound" headphones are really transposing a 5.1 channel signal into two stereo speakers, but the results are excellent all the same. In Call of Duty 4, I could track a helicopter's proximity to me perfectly (with exception of just behind my head). And in Project Gotham Racing 4, cars whizzed by ears with aggressive speed.

As for the chatting, it's a complete pleasure in the X4s. Not only do both sides of the conversation benefit from improved audio clarity, but you hear your own voice mixed in with the game audio. This audio loop is to help keep you from shouting, and I think it works in practice. Plus, the mic's wire is supported by a pliable but durable metal skin--it feels 100x better than the stock 360 headset mic, like production-level gear.

$200 seems like a lot to drop on a pair of wireless headphones but if you take your gaming seriously, you might want to start saving your nickels.

You can also check out this video on the Earforce X4:

At Gizmodo.com

Earforce X4 Product Page

Earforce X4 at Amazon

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August 25, 2008

Sony to Deliver Free Streaming Music Videos to the PS3


It seems almost everyday there's something new coming out that turns the PS3 into a full-fledged media server. Sony has announced free music videos for the PS3. According to the press release:

Leipzig Games Convention, 20th August 2008: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) announced today that VidZone™, the online destination for music videos, will deliver their free streaming music video service to PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™). The trial service is scheduled for launch in early 2009 for Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and is sure to be a hit with music lovers everywhere. VidZones service allows PS3 owners to watch the best new music videos for free on their PS3 or streamed to their PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) via Remote Play.

VidZone is one of Europes leading online music video services, streaming a full playlist of videos from hip-hop to punk and heavy metal to classics. Music lovers can build their own playlists and personalise their VidZone experience to be whatever they choose. All these features and more will be included in the PS3 service, including the option to download songs, music videos and ringtones to a mobile phone for a small charge.

SCEE will be launching a comprehensive film, TV and music download service at a later date.

Hmmm..Play games or watch music videos? Decisions suck!

At Playstation.com

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August 15, 2008

Madden NFL 09 Video Gameplay Review for Consoles

Man, I love the Madden football series, as I know most gamers do! There's been a lot of excitment about the new Madden NFL 09 and we've found a 8 minute in-depth video review of the features and gameplay.

Overall the graphics look a lot like Madden 08 but there's quite a few new featrues mentioned in the review that you may want to check out. We know it just came out a few days ago but If you've gotten Madden 09 yet, drop us a comment and let us know what you think.

Madden NFL 09 Xbox at Amazon
Madden NFL 09 PS3 at Amazon
Madden NFL 09 PS2 at Amazon
Madden NFL 09 Wii at Amazon

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