October 7, 2008

Digital Foci Introduces the Image Moments 6 Digiframe


While digital picture frames still haven't cracked the market the way manufacturers had hoped, the devices are getting more popular. What's making digital frames more noticable is all of the features being crammed into the frames. Take the Image Moments 6 Digiframe from Digital Foci for example. The base features are:

  • 5.7" VGA (640x480) digital LCD with high pixel density of 140 PPI.
  • Leading technology LCD with LED backlight.
  • Superb, subtle color representation with high contrast ratio of 300:1.
  • 450MB internal memory.
  • Built-in memory card slots provide native support for: CF, MD, MMC, SD/HC Card, Memory Stick, MS PRO, MS Duo, MS PRO Duo, and xD-Picture Card (also supports mini-SD and RS-MMC with adapter).
  • Copies photos directly from memory cards to internal memory without needing a computer.
  • USB 2.0 connection for transferring photos between your computer and device.
  • Memory Source Select allows concurrent selection of a single or multiple memory sources for playback.
  • File Management Features: Organize, copy, delete, rename files; sort files by name or date; create new folders; copy between memory cards and internal memory.

Overall, the IMT-063 is a pretty loaded digital frame that comes in at a reasonable $149. The Image Moments 6 begins shipping on October 13, 2008.

At Thomas-pr.com [via Engadget]

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October 2, 2008

Hollywood Finally Sues RealNetworks Over RealDVD Ripping Software

realdvd.jpgNot too long ago we told you about RealDVD, the supposed "legal" way to rip DVDs. As expected, Hollywood is starting to question Real's definition of "legal" and has finally filed a lawsuit (we expected this sooner). According to Yahoo News:

The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, alleges RealNetworks' RealDVD program, which launched Tuesday, illegally bypasses the copyright protection built into DVDs.

"The incentive for the consumer is obvious and all but overwhelming," the studios said in a request for a temporary restraining order. "'Why,' he or she may ask, 'should I pay $18.50 to purchase a DVD when I can rent it for $3.25 and make a permanent copy?'"

For $30, consumers can buy RealDVD and use it to copy DVDs to computers or portable hard drives, though the program prevents them from transferring the files to other users. The maker calls RealDVD "100 percent legal" on its Web site.

One of these days you think a company might come out with a questionable product and be a little more humble with their introduction. Instead of proclaiming RealDVD "legal", maybe Real should of said "We look forward to working with content providers and look forward to their input". Seems like the way to go but maybe we here at NAV are just a bit naive to the cutthroat world of big business.

At News.Yahoo.com

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September 25, 2008

Google Founder Pushes to Open White Spaces Spectrum


Someday, we here at NAV envision a time where no matter where you are, WiFi will be available and it'll be free. We even image you won't need a wireless router at home because the free signals will be floating around you all the time. Google co-founder Larry Page is trying to help my our dreams a reality with his push on Capital Hill to open up the white spaces spectrum so it can be used as an affordable, nationwide, high-speed broadband connectivity network. According to Wired.com:

The unused portions of the TV spectrum are attractive because signals can travel greater distances at lower power and are less susceptible to obstructions than the frequency bands used for current wireless technologies, like WiFi. Availability of the broadband service could allow for low-cost devices, both licensed and unlicensed, to access this network.

But that's where the hitch lies. Unlicensed personal devices searching for wireless connectivity on the spectrum could potentially interfere with high-end wireless audio gear that uses that band, say wireless equipment manufacturers. TV broadcasters are also resisting the move to open up the white spaces, which they regard as an important buffer zone, or "guard band," between channels.

According to the article:

Google has been lobbying hard to get regulators on its side in this issue. Last month the company launched a "Free the Airwaves" campaign with a website and a petition lobbying the FCC to open up the spectrum.

Be sure to check out Google's website: Free the Airwaves and get involved.

At Wired.com

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September 24, 2008

AT&T Introduces the Home Manager Smart Touch Panel


It seems that every new electronic device we plug in at home, the lights get just a bit dimmer. We figure we have just enough juice left in the house to add the AT&T Home Manager Smart Touch Panel . The device is basically a mini touch-screen computer designed to integrate with your home phone service. Here's a breakdown of the device from AT&T's website:

So much more than just a phone, AT&T HomeManager™ is a revolutionary new device for the home.

Easy communication
The latest technology makes for simple, one-stop access to your address book, voicemail, Yellow Pages, email and more.

  • Make instant calls using your address book, call logs, and Yellow Pages online directories.
  • View recent messages and select the call you want to listen to first with visual voicemail.
  • Read and respond to emails without having to go to the computer.
  • The handset and frame even have built-in intercoms for room-to-room communication.

Quick access to the information you need.
Internet snacking! The touch screen serves up all the tidbits you need, quickly and easily.

  • Get weather info, the latest news, movie show times, previews and reviews, sports scores, stock quotes, recipes, lottery numbers, horoscopes and more.
  • View interactive maps of your YellowPages search results.
  • Admire and share photos from your latest trip right on the color touch screen.

Stay more organized -- in less time.
Cutting edge technology helps keep you more organized than before.

  • Use the calendar to get appointment information at a glance and remember every engagement with automatic reminders.
  • Innovative address book keeps your mobile and home contact information for friends, family and coworkers in one easy-to-access spot.

The basic specs:

Frame specification:

  • 7" screen, 800x480 resolution
  • Battery duration during operating: 2 hours. Standby duration: 24 hours.
  • 24-bit color (16.7 million colors)
  • Internal storage of 256MB
  • Additional external storage via SD memory card and/or USB flash drive (not included)

Frame and handset specifications:

  • Full-duplex speakerphone
  • Cordless DECT 6.0 handset and frame
  • Battery charge time: 5 hours for frame and 15 hours for handset

The Home Manager sound like a handy device, but we're not sure if anyone's going to pay $299 for it. If you have the Home Manger, let us know what you think.

At AT&T.com

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September 17, 2008

Watch Movies till your Eye's Bleed - Win Netflix Subscription and $10,000

netflixlogo2.jpgWho out there hasn't wanted to be in the Guiness Book of Records? We'll 8 insane lucky people will get their chance by seeing who can watch movies the longest. The previous winner set the record at 120 hours and 23 minutes. Wow, even thinking about five days of non-stop movie watching hurts my brain. According to the Netflix press release:

LOS GATOS, Calif., Sept. 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Their eyes may be glued to the screen, but all eyes will be on the eight competitors who will participate in the Netflix Movie Watching World Championship: The Quest for the Popcorn Bowl. Hosted by Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX), the world's largest online movie rental service, the grueling movie watching marathon will begin on October 2nd in New York's Times Square and is expected to last until a new Guinness World Record®, for most consecutive hours spent watching movies, is set five days later on October 7th.

At stake is the undeniable notoriety associated with holding the title of world champion, a $10,000 cash prize, a lifetime subscription to Netflix and the first-ever Popcorn Bowl trophy.

Featuring some of the world's most accomplished endurance enthusiasts, the Netflix Movie Watching World Championship challenges contestants to watch a continuous run of movies in an effort to eclipse the existing world record of 120 hours and 23 minutes held by Ashish Sharma of Mathura, India. Mr. Sharma will be on hand to defend his title. Netflix will also give everyday people a chance to participate by inviting the submission of video auditions at http://www.facebook.com/ (keyword search: Netflix Movie Watching World Championship). Additional information, including contest rules and other mesmerizing tidbits, can also be found there.

Maybe if you start now, you can be ready for next years competition.

At Netflix.com

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September 15, 2008

Coming Soon - Update your Netflix Queue from any Yahoo Webpage


We here at NAV prefer Google as our homepage but we might consider using Yahoo's homepage based on an announcement from Yahoo. According to BizJournals.com:

Yahoo Inc. plans to let other businesses like Netflix Inc. and Apple Inc. run applications on its Web pages.

The Sunnyvale, Calif. Web portal (NASDAQ:YHOO) will permit widgets from Los Gatos, Calif.-based Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX), for example, that allow Yahoo users to see and tinker with their queue of movies from that company without leaving the Yahoo page they're on.

Very cool. If they're isn't one yet, we're pretty sure someone will figure out how to create a Google widget to view our Netflix queue.

At BizJournals.com

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September 12, 2008

Scan Images from your PC to your Toast - Heaven at Last!


We're not sure if the is the coolest invention concept ever or the most useless invention concept ever, but we love. This is currently in concept form from designer Sung Bae Chang right now but there's the possibility of scanning images and text to your toast. According to Gizmodo:

Each module can move 30-degrees vertically, realigning to burn out the image of your choice. That means you could read the news and eat breakfast in one compact fiber-filled unit. The Scan Toaster concept was good enough to make it as a finalist in the 2008 Electrolux Design Lab competition but, unfortunately, I don't see it popping up in my kitchen anytime soon.

Can you image running out the door with your news conveniently package on your toast. Awesome!

At Gizmodo.com

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September 10, 2008

A Completely Freeware PC Minus The Windows


Okay, this is slightly off topic but pretty cool. We found an article that shows you how to build a Windows PC completely with freeware with the exception of the Windows OS. While you could find all of this software on your own, this list makes that task a lot easier.

At Jatex.Wordpress.com

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September 9, 2008

RealDVD from RealNetworks- The Answer to Legal DVD Ripping?


Ripping DVDs to your PC is obviously nothing new but now RealNetworks say you can do it legally with the RealDVD software. According to CNET.com:

RealNetworks will soon let users rip DVDs to their hard drives--legally. The company will be unveiling the RealDVD software at Monday's DemoFall conference in San Diego, but CNET got an early look at the software. Our hands-on impressions follow: Operation is simple and straightforward. Once the RealDVD software is installed, just pop a DVD into your PC, and the program will copy the entire disc to your hard disk.

Depending on the read speed of your computer's DVD drive, the operation will probably take 15-20 minutes (for dual-layer discs that house 7 to 8.5GB of data). You can copy as many as your hard drive will hold, and the program's browsing screen gives you the cover art and relevant metadata (cover art, stars, directors, plot summaries, ratings).

Whether you're at 37,000 feet or you're accessing the program on a home theater PC hooked up to your TV, you need only click on the movie you want to watch, and it'll start straight away. (We say "movie," but RealDVD works just as well for TV shows on DVD as well.)

While the software rips the DVD like most other software, the key is that it leaves the DVD copy-protection but allows you to play the DVD on one PC.

Here's a short video from RealNetworks of RealDVD in action:

The CNET article goes into more depth about the RealDVD software so be sure to check it out.

At CNET.com

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September 4, 2008

NFL To Stream Redskins / Giants Tonight


In July we told you about NBC's plan to stream 17 regular season NFL games. Well, that comes to pass tonight with the opening of the NFL regular season game between the Redskins and the Giants. Be sure to catch it at the link below.

Watch at NBCSports.com

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