August 4, 2008

D-Link Offering Green Wi-Fi Home Networking


We've seen a lot of talk of going "Green" lately but now we're about to see "Green" Wi-Fi routers. According to a press release that D-Link put out a few days ago:

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., July 28, 2008 -- D-Link today became the first manufacturer to produce Green home network Wi-Fi routers capable of saving up to 40 percent in power usage.

The end-to-end networking solutions provider for consumer and business, D-Link is expanding its Green Initiative by adding eco-friendly features to its award-winning Xtreme N™ line of Wi-Fi Internet routers to decrease energy costs by reducing power consumption without sacrificing performance.

The Wi-Fi routers integrate D-Link® Green Ethernet™ technology, an innovative energy-saving technology that automatically detects link status and network cable length, then adjusts power accordingly. The D-Link routers also feature Wi-Fi scheduling that allows customers to easily program when the Wi-Fi radio signals are turned on and off to further save energy consumption. Now shipping and incorporating the Green technology are the D-Link Xtreme N Gigabit Router (DIR-655), D-Link Xtreme N Duo™ Media Router (DIR-855), and the D-Link Xtreme N Gaming Router (DGL-4500).

The great thing about the D-Link "Green" routers is they start around $150 buck which is a great low-cost way to help the environment.

D-Link Press Release

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August 1, 2008

July 2008 Monthly Round-up for Networking Audio / Video


Is July already over? We'll be really glad when this super humid summer is over. Anyway, we had quite a bit of exciting news and reviews in the Month of July.

If you missed it, you'll want to check out our review of the Mediagate MG-450HD and our introduction to the LG BD300 Blu-ray player with built-in Netflix streaming.

So grab a cup of coffee, take the phone off the hook, and catch up with Networking Audio / Video.

Apple TV

Audio Devices

Audio Streaming

Game Console Streaming


Home Networking

Home Surveillance

Home Theater

How To


Image Streaming

Internet Radio

Internet Video

Media Extender

MediaGate MG-450HD

Netflix Streaming


PS3 Streaming

PSP Streaming

Popcorn Hour

Press Release

Roku Netflix Player


Speaker Systems



TV Streaming

Video Devices

Video Streaming

Wired Home

Wireless HDMI

Wireless Speakers

Xbox Streaming

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July 28, 2008

NFL Teams with NBC to Stream 17 Regular-Season Games


This is great news for us NFL fans. The NFL and NBC Sports are teaming up to offer some streaming football for free this season. According to

The NFL will stream 17 regular-season games live this season, marking the first time regular-season action will be broadly streamed in real time in the United States.

Starting with the NFL Kickoff game on Thursday, Sept. 4, between the Washington Redskins and New York Giants, the league plans to stream NBC's prime-time schedule on and as part of a plan being engineered by NBC Olympics President Gary Zenkel and Brian Rolapp, NFL senior vice president of digital media.

This is pretty exciting news. While the NFL offered some streaming football on last year, it was a combination of talk show and live cut-ins resulting in only about 50 percent of the game being viewable. Are you excited about the NFL and NBC deal? Leave us a comment.

At SportsBusiness

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July 24, 2008

TiVo and Amazon Equals Products at the Click of a Remote


Everytime the "TiVo is Dead" talk starts to heat back up, TiVo comes out with another impressive announcement. Now besides spending too much money on the Home Shopping Network, TiVo users will be able to buy products with the click of the remote. According to The NYTimes:

The company, based in Alviso, Calif., will introduce a "product purchase" feature on Tuesday in partnership with the Internet retailer Owners of TiVo video recorders will see, in TiVo's various onscreen menus, links to buy products like CDs, DVDs and books that guests are promoting on talk shows like "The Oprah Winfrey Show," "The Late Show With David Letterman" and "The Daily Show."

In the months ahead, TiVo plans to begin offering this feature to advertisers and programmers, so that the chance to buy products and have them delivered will be presented to viewers during commercials and even alongside product placements during live shows.

Hopefully TiVo will show restraint and overload TiVo viewers with too many ads. Only time will tell!


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July 16, 2008

Nyko Announces Intercooler TS for Xbox 360 and PS3


Tired of burning holes in your carpet with your Box 360 and PS3? Well you might want to check out the Intercooler TS from Nyko. According to

Nyko has introduced its new Intercooler TS today. Unlike the old Intercooler, this new model has its own AC adapter and has a temperature sensor which activates when there's rapid change, rather than just being perpetually on and using the Xbox 360's power port. It retails for $25, and the original Intercooler will still be available for $20.

You can't beat $25 to prolong the life of your cherished gaming system.


XBox 360 Intercooler TS

PS3 Intercooler TS

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July 14, 2008

Dissecting the Roku Netflix Player


Are you curious about the guts of the Netflix Player by Roku but you just don't what it takes to tear it apart? Well the good folks at have torn apart a Roku player, saying us the pain of doing it ourselves.


So for you geeky types who drool over disassembled hardware, be sure to stop by TechRepublic and see all of the images.


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July 7, 2008

Hey I Think your Fridge Just IM'd Me!


We just love technology and how it continues to evolve quicker than we ever thought possibe. We ran across an interesting article over at PCWorld called 5 New Ways to Use Wi-Fi that had a section that knocked our socks off:

Wireless networks are also coming to your kitchen, laundry room, and beyond. For example, Miele builds Wi-Fi into both its Honeycomb washers and dryers (US$1300+) and its upcoming MasterCool refrigerators and wine coolers (pricing unavailable at press time). When the appliance detects a problem--a device fails, or you simply left the fridge door open, threatening the safety of your pricey wine collection--the device will send a message over your home Internet connection to a Miele technician, who can tell you to shut the fridge or set up a service appointment. In addition, Miele says it plans to roll out its RemoteVision diagnostic service this spring.

In the "Laundry Time" project, Whirlpool, HP, and Microsoft tested Wi-Fi-enabled appliances that alert consumers when it's time to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer. (No products have been announced yet.) In Japan, Toto sells an "Intelligence Toilet" that monitors your health (you don't want to know how) and can transmit that information across a network to your doctor's office.

We're sure that bossy appliances is what every housewife dreams of.


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July 6, 2008

How to Hook your Xbox 360 up to any LCD Monitor

The other day we got an email asking how to hook up a computer monitor to an Xbox 360. Well there's actually a nice video out there that explains what parts you'll need and how to hook it up. Enjoy!

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July 3, 2008

AT&T Invests $70 Million in Content Delivery Network


It looks like the battle to deliver media into our homes just got kicked up a notch. According to a recent article at, AT&T is once again trying to take over the world. According to the article:

AT&T has added new partners and invested $70 million for its content delivery network. The goal is to fuel development of services aimed at helping companies package and deliver web content to the TV, PC and mobile device.

AT&T's Digital Media Solutions suite already includes services for content distribution and management as well as broadcast video and digital signage. The telco has teamed with software firms ExtendMedia, Qumu and Stratacache, that format and package content for streaming video, live and on-demand webcasting and the delivery of advertising.

By yearend, AT&T will complete its $70 million global CDN network infrastructure investment. In the coming months, the telco says it will work with the new software partners to provide "one-stop shopping and simplified network-based solutions to encode, deliver, manage and support video and multimedia files."

No suprise AT&T is making the move. The battle for to deliver multimedia content to consumers is getting ready to heat up and that's great news for consumers.


AT&T Press Release

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D-Link DSM-210 Internet Picture Frame - Pictures and Internet All-In-One


We have to admit that video picture frames don't thrill us too much but when you mention a frame that's internet enabled, our ears perk up. One device that catches our eye is the D-Link DSM-210. The DSM-210 is more than a one-trick pony according to DigitalMediaPhile:

I'm pretty impressed. Besides handling the wireless streaming (which you'd expect from a wireless picture frame), the DSM-210 is very network savvy. Autosensing my DNS-323 NAS (which sports a UPnPAV media server) the network settings displayed this server as a media source. When I fired up a computer that previously was not used for media sharing, Window Vista detected the DSM-210 and asked if I wanted to set up Windows Media Sharing. Pretty slick.

The frame has 1GB internal storage and comes pre-loaded with some sample pictures. D-Link has a widget that works with Yahoo Widgets and lets you manage the content in the built in memory. Delete the samples and drop your own images onto the widget and they are quickly uploaded. In fact, the widget lets you manage multiple frames.

I've only just begun to explore the Online Content features. You can view photo streams from all the usual places (or set up your own from your hard drive or other RSS capable source). Plus there are channels for just about every interest. And yeah, I've got my local weather forecast set up. we're interested. We're not sure we'd jump at the DSM-210 at the $299 price point but maybe if the price drops, we'll actually buy a digital picture frame.

At DigitalMediaphile

D-Link DSM-210 at

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