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May 31, 2012

Narrator IAAIS Compliant Radio Tuner


Insignia has created the first IAAIS-compliant HD Radio Tuner with voice response. Good for the visually impaired or those who like the simplicity, the Narrator features a 2.4" color LCD display with station song and artist information. It has 10 AM and 20 FM presets, bookmarks, a dual alarm with snooze function and 3.5mm headphone jack. Included with the package is Radio Reader Service, an adapter and both AM and FM antennas.

Via Insignia

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January 11, 2012

Lynx Portable Radio is Sirius


SiriusXM wants you to have more tunes with this Lynx Portable Radio. Running Android, you can create a library with about 200 hours of tunes from various stations. The satellite radio is compatible with both WiFi and Bluetooth. One of the coolest aspects is that it will automatically play the current song from the beginning when you create a Favorite channel. Look for a $250 price.

Via SiriusXM

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August 20, 2010

Freakin' Friday! Revo Heritage Deluxe Radio


Revo delivers a combination broadcast radio, Internet radio and iPod streaming in their Heritage Deluxe Table Radio. With a cabinet of aluminium and walnut veneer, the high end audio device features a 7W amplifer, a 3" neodymium speaker driver, an OLED display and joystick control. includes a 31 day Last.fm trial subscription.

Via Revo

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September 9, 2009

Onkyo Top O' The Line Receiver


If you are thinking of investing in more advanced equipment, Onkyo has almost halved the price of their new Onkyo RC160. The 7.2-channel receiver has a one-cable connection and 5 HDMI 1.3a for Blu-ray, gaming consoles and set top boxes. The company's Audyssey equalization and Faroudja deinterlacing technologies are included in the package along with Dolby sound and connectivity for PMPs and HD Radio.

Via Onkyo Receivers

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April 28, 2009

Yamaha 7.1-Channel Network A/V Receiver


Yamaha has a new A/V receiver, the RX-V3900BL. With 7.1 channels, you can stream from Internet Radio or Rhapsody online music services or from PC, HD Radio with iTunes tagging or SIRIUS. It also is compatible with Bluetooth, USB audio and iPod. Top that off with a Web Browser Control and multi-zone custom installation and you have one sweet system.

Via Yamaha Receivers

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April 21, 2009

HD Music Hits the Great Outdoors


Coby's Portable HD Radio System receives both AM/FM analog and clear digital broadcasting with no subscription fee. With a preset station memory, the tuner also features a high contrast LCD display with backlighting, 4W speaker, full function remote, 3.5mm audio line-in jack and an integrated rechargeable battery for up to 5 hours of play. Best of all it, the HDR700 has a splash-proof housing so you can take it to the beach.

Via Coby Portable HD Radio System

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April 24, 2008

Intempo's New Portable Internet Radio: The Daisy

We have noticed over the past six months or so the increase in companies releasing Internet radio devices and the latest one we have come across is from a company called Intempo. The Daisy is their latest Internet radio to hit the market and it wants to be your portable Internet radio that you can take anywhere. They claim access to thousands of streaming radio stations as well as standard FM radio so you can get your fix of standard terrestrial streaming radio, commercials and all. They claim up to 20 hours of battery life which makes this a great device to have with you in the backyard as you work on your garden or just sip some wine and enjoy the spring weather.

This should be for sale any day now. After all the bad forecasts it looks like Internet radio is still holding on. We love the addition of another device into the mix, especially one that claims use so little power. We hate buying devices that need to be recharged every day. With 20 hours listen time before a recharge you shouldn't have to be plugging this into the recharger too often( unless you decide to go on some wireless remote radio listening binge ). We'll keep you posted on launch date, but be aware that this is slated to retail for just shy of $300. So while it has a lot going for it you really need to love Internet radio and love it wherever you are. Three hundred bucks is pretty steep for a fairly basic radio streamer.

via engadget
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January 7, 2008

HD Radio: Sony Announces Two New HD Radio Products at CES


The two new products are labled the always easy to understand, XDR-F1HD Tuner and XDR-S10HDiP HD Radio. Both devices will have access to roughly 1500 different digital stations. They both fill different areas in the HD radio market. The Tuner is more of your straight up HD radio with an LCD screen and remote. Nothing to earth shattering there. Where it gets cool is with the XDR-S10HDiP Radio. This one comes with an iPod dock and also allows you to tag songs as you hear them over the radio. Using this info you can later go to the iTunes store and buy them. Very cool integration of web services that hint at the future of HD radio. The XDR-F1HD Tuner will be for sale in March for $100 while the XDR-S10HDiP will be for sale this summer for $180. So all you HD radio nuts get ready. I'm sure there will be more news out of CES before the end of the week about other HD radio products. Stay tuned.

via engadget
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October 25, 2007

Philips WAC3500D Streamium Wireless Audio Center Reviewed


We have been seeing more and more boom boxes come out as of late that have added the ability to stream music from your home network from anywhere in your house. The WAC2500D acts as a normal boom box with FM tuner, CD player and the like. It even adds the common new addition of having an iPod hookup. Where the WAC2500D sets itself apart from most other players is that it has a USB hookup, an internal 80GB hard drive as well as the ability to stream music from your PC either via a wired connection or wirelessly. With the addition of the USB ports you can keep all your music on external USB drives and never run out of space for your music collection. You can just take the WAC2500D and the drive wherever you go and you have a very nice sounding entertainment center on the go.

The addition of letting people stream music from their home netowrk to WAC2500D really opens things up. Now you don't need to modify that huge collection of digital files you have on your home server. Just stream them to the boom box like you would any other media streamer. We are very excited to see companies allowing us to stream our audio on more and more devices. When we first got into streaming media we had to search out products that could accomplish this for us. These days you can't go a day without finding another product has been released that will allow you to stream some sort of media.

Well enough of our rambling, read on for more specs.

ArrowContinue reading: "Philips WAC3500D Streamium Wireless Audio Center Reviewed"

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August 18, 2007

Com One Phoenix Internet Radio Review


Well here is another review of yet another Internet radio device. The Phoenix is from Com One and it enters a market that has been getting a lot of attention as of late. With the tax being levied and everyone scrambling to figure out what to do the devices keep coming.

The Phoenix has a lot of very nice offerings bundled with it. Here is a list of the biggest features:
  • 802.11b/g WiFi
  • 128x64 6 line display
  • Built in speakers
  • MP3 playback via a USB port
  • Podcast playback
  • Batteries so that it is portable

We love the fact that it is portable so that you could put this in your backpack, get to say a coffee shop or the beach( if there is access there ) or anywhere you feel like kicking back and listening to some tunes. You hook up to your favorite stations and presto, streaming Internet radio anywhere you want, almost. Hopefully this device and devices like it will start to take off so it can show the big companies that we love Internet radio and the diversity it offers.

Long live Internet radio :)

via Crunchgear
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August 14, 2007

New York Times Article on Internet Radio


Well it seems that it has been rapid fire recently with more and more press on Internet radio devices. The New York Times even had a giant article describing the entire genre. You know when the New York Times gets onto something it has to have some mass appeal.

Internet radio has seen a lot of headlines of late with the taxes being levied and almost killing it for good along with a bunch of new products for the home. [here and here] No one is really sure yet what the ultimate fate of Internet radio really is, but product manufactures seem to be betting heavily on it surviving.

The article goes on to cover a bunch of the more popular devices and gives a brief overview of all of them. They cover the Noxon, NetWorksGo( from Tivoli ), SoundBridge from Roku, Phoenix and Pico and declare the Roku the clear winner.

We have not tested all of these devices, but it doesn't surprise us to find out that they picked the Roku as the best of all of them. Roku has consistently produced great products over the years from audio streamers to image viewers and it seems that their foray into Internet radio is no different.

We are keeping our ear to the ground for any more information regarding the fate of Internet radio as well as products that can take advantage of it.
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August 11, 2007

Review of theTerratec Noxon2Radio for iPod


The good people over at TerraTec have released what looks like a great little radio device to listen to your favorite Internet radio stations. We have seen a very big increase in the number of Internet radio devices that have been hitting the market. It seems that more and more people are finding out about the wonders of Internet radio. There are so many great stations out there and so much variety in music that you'll always be able to find something you like and be exposed to new music like never before.

The Noxon2Radio is a cool device that allows you to easily hook up to the net and stream your favorite net stations. Other then sitting in front of a computer all the time there really is no other way to do this, so these types of devices are a great addition to the home.

We came across a great review fo the Noxon2 over at shiny shiny and they spell it out very well. This is an easy to use product that does a great job of pulling stations together and allowing easy access to them.

Add to that the fact that you can dock an iPod to it and also pick up regular FM stations and you just might have found your next gadget.

Check it out at Amazon.
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May 15, 2007

Stream HD Radio with the Sangean HD Radio Receiver

HD radio is the next step in the evolution of sound.HD radio eliminates this loss of signal by providing a digital signal that allows AM to sound like FM, and CD-quality sound out of FM stations. The HDR-1 is a full-featured, portable HD radio, with 20 memory presets, tone and bass control, an IR remote control, and much more. We recommend streaming the audio of this bad boy around the house using some Wireless Speakers.

Feature List

  • Auto Tuning System (ATS)
  • Auto Preset System
  • 20 Memory Presets (10 FM, 10 AM)
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Automatic Multiplex Re-configuration.
  • Tone & Bass Control
  • EQ Pre-sets
  • Adjustable Sleep Timer
  • Program Associated Data Service (PAD)
  • Hybrid and Full Digital Radio Reception
  • SPDIF Optical Out-put
  • IR Remote Control

At Sangean HDR-1 Table Top HD Radio Receiver

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