January 20, 2009

Slacker's Mobile App for iPhone and Blackberry


Slacker previously released a mobile App for Blackberry OS 4.3 and up and now you can get it on the iPhone/iPod touch. Listen to over 100 Slacker stations, 10,000 artist stations and scads of listener-created stations. A free service, it has high-quality stereo from a wireless connection, artist bios, photos, album art and preview. Ban the music you don't want, pick your favorites, and let the tunes begin.

Via Slacker

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September 16, 2008

Logitech Announces the Pure-Fi Line of iPod Docks

logitechpure-fiexpressplus.jpgThere's currently about 8 billion iPod docks on the market, so it doesn't hurt to add a few more. Logitech has announced two new Pure-Fi iPods Docks. According to iPodNN:

The Express Plus works with all fourth-generation iPods, iPod minis, and later dockable Apple devices up to the very latest models and the iPhone 3G; an aux-in jack supports nearly all other portable media players. It surfaces in October for $100.

Logitech is also making its move into higher-end clock radio docks via the Pure-Fi Anytime. Apart from its new iPhone support, the AM/FM stereo also draws heavily upon motion sensing to simplify many tasks that would either require more light or awkward input. The backlight will only invoke when the user is close, guarding against having to turn on a nearby lamp; owners can also wave a hand over the Pure-Fi to trigger snooze mode rather than hit a button. A sometimes uncommon recessed dock design prevents users from hitting the iPhone or iPod in the morning.

If you're looking for an iPod dock, we still lean towards a wireless dock like the Mint 220.

At iPodNN.com

Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus at Amazon

Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime at Amazon

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August 22, 2008

Sony Introduces the S-Airplay Wireless System


Recently we gave you our review of the Mint 220 Wireless iPod Dock, now another player has entered the wireless iPod dock fray. Sony has announced the S-Airplay Wireless Multi-Room Audio System. One thing we'll say about the S-Airplay is the sleek glossy design is beautiful. The Sony press release starts out:

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 21, 2008 - Sony today took the wraps off its new wireless, multi-room audio system for listening to iPod® players.

The new S-AIRPLAY™ system features Sony's S-Air™ technology, which provides a practical, wireless multi-room solution without complicated setup requirements. Wireless audio can be transmitted from the system's main docking station in one room to various rooms throughout the home -- up to nearly 164 feet--simply by plugging a separate S-Air wireless speaker into a power outlet.

"This technology makes it easy to listen to music from a compatible iPod without carrying it from room to room," said Andrew Sivori, director of marketing in the personal audio group at Sony Electronics' Digital Imaging and Audio Division. "It's an easy, inexpensive way to get multi-room audio without professional installation."

S-Air technology delivers audio wirelessly to the included speakers without interfering with other household devices. The system comes with one docking station and two S-Air wireless speakers, but it can transmit to up to 10 speakers simultaneously (additional speakers sold separately).

Equipped with an AM/FM tuner, the S-AIRPLAY system's dual source feature lets users listen to music from the iPod player or from a radio station. Listeners in one room can hear their favorite radio station, while listeners in another room can enjoy music from the iPod at the same time.

The S-Airplay looks pretty sharp but since the MSRP comes in at $400, we'd recommend taking a peek at the Mint 220 which comes in at $179.

At Sony.com [via UberGizmo.com]

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March 27, 2008

Tekkeon NavDock: TV Integration for your iPod

The NavDock from Tekkeon is an iPod extender that allows you to use the supplied remote control to view the contents of your iPod on your TV. They have re-skinned the OS so it works with their remote and looks OK on a TV. You can listen to your music and watch your videos off of your iPod all from the comfort of your couch. These types of systems are great for people that carry around their entire media library on their iPod. This way you get home, plunk it down in the dock, and you can now access all of your media via your TV. The only real problem we can find with this is that it doesn't upscale your content so you will have to deal with watching your videos in the same crappy resolution you used to jam them onto the iPod. If it upscaled then we would be talking about a killer iPod accessory that everyone should own.

via engadget
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March 26, 2008

Creative's New X-Fi X30 iPod Dock Coming Soon

Creative is getting ready to launch a new X-Fi device next month for all of you iPod owners out there. We had reviewed a few of their other products in the past, here and here, and they always seemed like very cool products. Creative is a great company and they usually produce quality products. The X30 should be no different as it will allow you to hook up your iPod to your stereo system as well as letting you watch your videos on your TV. According to the review we read on Engadget there will be no wireless media streaming options with the X30 as you will be limited to only pushing audio and video to the TV/Stereo that you are directly connected to. The video will be transmitted over S-Video which might actually look halfway decent considering the original quality of the video you will be dealing with. Videos on the iPod are already very compressed so using high end HDMI or Component will not really gain you much. S-Video should be all you need. We aren't exactly sure what is used to stream the audio, but we would guess it would be either optical or RCA. Both would be good options of this device. This is set to release in Europe next month and so far no mention of a US release date. As always we will keep our ear to the ground and let you know if we hear anything.

via engadget
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November 26, 2007

Wireless Speaker System For Your iPod


Having your iPod as the center of your music hub has become a very common occurrence these days. Everyone seems to have some system in their house where they plug there iPod in and can enjoy all their music over speakers a lot more powerful then the mini earbuds they are use to. Well Griffin has taken the concept a step further with speakers that detach and can be placed anywhere. This allows you to place the speakers in a location that might be better suited for listening to your music without you having to take the entire music station with you.

They are claiming a range of 150 feet for these speakers which would be very cool if you were having some people over and were hanging out in the backyard lets say. Setup a playlist and bring the speakers outside with you, stick them out of sight and enjoy some sweet music on the patio. The speakers have built-in rechargeable batteries that they claim can hold a 10 hour charge so unless you are planning on having an epic all night party these will be able keep playing for the entire night.

These look like a great solution for someone that just wants a simple product that allows them to use their iPod as their music streaming device and doesn't want to have to bring a bulky base station where ever the party has moved to in order to hear the music. No need to undo any cables and mess up the neat entertainment center. Just bring the speakers and be done with it. Use the included remote to control the iPod and you have what for some will be the perfect listening station.

via gizmodo
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November 8, 2007

Stream Music From iPhone or iTouch to any Computer Running iTunes


A new app called the FireFly Media Server will allow you to stream music off of your iPhone or iTouch to any computer that is running iTunes. This does require that you 'jailbreak' your iPhone/iTouch, but that isn't that difficult.

Once you have followed the necessary steps to get the app installed your device will now show up as an option in the Shared Libraries section of iTunes. Now you have complete access to your music via the iTunes client allowing you to stream your music as if it was on the local network. This isn't that great for your personal network, but awesome for when you drop by a friends house or something and you can just add your iPod to their wireless network with the push of a button. This is something that Apple should have bundled in the first place, but we assume it has to have something to do with DRM or some other ridiculous nonsense that is the digital music conundrum of today.

These are the types of apps we love to see come out for mobile Apple products. Apps that allow you to share your music and not keep it locked up in the portable format. The main problem is that Apple keeps updating their software and breaking a lot of these cool apps. Of course they will work again, it just is a pain in the ass that Apple has yet to fully embrace the 3rd party apps that people are making. We are hoping that a cool app like FireFly Media Server will help open Apples eyes and change their tune for 3rd party apps.

via lifehacker
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October 25, 2007

Philips WAC3500D Streamium Wireless Audio Center Reviewed


We have been seeing more and more boom boxes come out as of late that have added the ability to stream music from your home network from anywhere in your house. The WAC2500D acts as a normal boom box with FM tuner, CD player and the like. It even adds the common new addition of having an iPod hookup. Where the WAC2500D sets itself apart from most other players is that it has a USB hookup, an internal 80GB hard drive as well as the ability to stream music from your PC either via a wired connection or wirelessly. With the addition of the USB ports you can keep all your music on external USB drives and never run out of space for your music collection. You can just take the WAC2500D and the drive wherever you go and you have a very nice sounding entertainment center on the go.

The addition of letting people stream music from their home netowrk to WAC2500D really opens things up. Now you don't need to modify that huge collection of digital files you have on your home server. Just stream them to the boom box like you would any other media streamer. We are very excited to see companies allowing us to stream our audio on more and more devices. When we first got into streaming media we had to search out products that could accomplish this for us. These days you can't go a day without finding another product has been released that will allow you to stream some sort of media.

Well enough of our rambling, read on for more specs.

ArrowContinue reading: "Philips WAC3500D Streamium Wireless Audio Center Reviewed"

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August 28, 2007

Logitech Pure-Fi Dream iPod Dock for Your Bedroom


Logitech has released a very cool iPod dock for your bedroom dubbed the Pure-Fi Dream. This device will allow you to dock your iPod and have it setup to be your alarm clock. I know we are tired of waking up to the same old station day after day. It would be very cool to have your entire collection available for those dreaded morning alarms.

One of the coolest features of the the Pure Dream is that you don't have to hunt around for the snooze or off button in the morning. You can simply wave your hand to illuminate the display so you can see the button that you need. No more smashing your alarm clock trying to stop the noise.

The built in LCD display will show you what is playing on your iPod and the included remote will let you treat this little bedside boom box as an actual mini stereo system. On top of all that the thing looks really cool as well.

Pick one up at Amazon.

via engadget
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July 6, 2007

DLO HomeDock Music Remote Review


For those wanting their iPod to be the center of their music streaming world, one of the biggest problems has been how to control it while it sits in the dock. Some solutions use IR remotes to control which song is playing, but the problem with that is what if you are on the back porch and don't have direct line of site to your stereo.

Enter the DLO HomeDock Music Remote! This is a great little system that is a must have for anyone that has multiple speaker locations or just likes to sit out of range of the stereo while they listen. The setup is like every other iPod dock system in that you hook the dock to your stereo and you are good to go. The included remote will sync up to the base unit and can control what is playing from anywhere in your house. The included mini LCD screen is a great addition so you can see what is currently playing and what is coming next in the playlist.

This is a very slick device that so far has been getting great reviews. We found this over at Techware Labs and they had nothing but great things to say. They tested out the range of the remote and found that at 100 feet they still didn't have any problems.

Anyone needing a good iPod streaming solution should look no further.

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