April 30, 2007

The Miuro Mobile Audio Streaming Device


OK so here is something that is so cool it could only exist in Japan. We constantly write about how you can stream music all over your house. We have countless articles reviewing products that will let you setup a static link between two rooms in order to stream music. Well here comes something that is so decidedly 21st century that you would expect it in a Star Wars movie.

The Miuro will literally follow you around from room to room while playing your favorite tunes. It has wheels on either side of it and an iPod dock in the middle. One option they give you is for you to plug an iPod in and let this little robot on wheels play your songs as it follows you around. You can also skip the iPod and let it play music via iTunes. And if all of that wasn't enough you can actually control it with a joystick allowing the Miuro to become the life of the party.

Their website ( Miuro.com ) is in Japanese so we can't figure out some of the specifics about this, like how does it follow you? Does it do it by sound or do you have to wear something that it tracks? We have no idea.

It is only for sale in Japan right now, but you can be sure it will hit our shores pretty soon.

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April 26, 2007

Streaming Networks iRecord


Have you ever wanted to throw that new DVD that you just bought onto your iPod before you ran out the door only to to pass on it since you didn't want to rip it to your computer, then convert it to the proper format for the iPod and then move it over to said iPod. That is surly a lot of work for something seemingly so simple. Well the good people over at Streaming Networks have come up with a great solution.

The iRecord is a standalone device that can take the signal from one A/V source, record it, convert it and push it to the iPod. So for instance you can hook up your DVD player to the iRecord, hook the iRecord up to your iPod and hit record, BAM, the movie is on your iPod.

The main advantage of the iRecord is the simplicity. We know lots of semi technical people that are turned off by the prospect of having to figure out some new software for converting movies to iPod format. This is the mom and pop kind of product that we love around here. So get out and start enjoying your movies on your iPod with just about no hassle.

Info on how to use it can be found here.

You can purchase one here.

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April 12, 2007

TuneView for iPod Review


Keyspan has a new product that adds a few cool new twists to the crowded market of iPod streaming. The TuneView comes with a color LCD screen for navigating your iPods music collection. It will connect both to your stereo or your TV so you can either listen to music or watch movies. The screen will display everything you could want about the currently playing song: duration, album, title, and artist. The only thing they haven't set up is for it to display album art, but we can forgive them for that one.

There have been some negative reviews of the product though. Complaints range from the LCD screen not looking that sharp and therefor ugly, to bad button placement and overall bad ergonomic design. While all of these are valid complaints we would say that if it does its job and does it well we can always look the other way at not so great design.

From what we can tell it is a superb product that does exactly what it claims to do. The remote is a fully functional replacement to your iPod, allowing you to be just about anywhere and control your music selections. The dock is a multi-function dock that not only charges your iPod but allows for syncing with your iTunes library.


If you want something that gives you the mobility of a remote and allows you a lot of freedoms with how you select your music then this just might be the product for you.

At Amazon.

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April 3, 2007

Creative's new Xdock shown at CeBIT


Creative debuted a very interesting new line of products at CeBit this year. They are calling the technology X-Fi for "Xtreme Fidelity". The Xdock is at first glance just another run of the mill looking iPod docking station. But in reality it is so much more.

With the Xdock you can stream music to the rest of your house by purchasing extra receiver units and attaching speakers to them. Each unit has the ability to output its music through attached powered speakers or to a home audio system. That way you can have one iPod service your entire house.

It also comes with S-video and composite video connections allowing you to display photos and videos from your iPod to your TV. Creative has attempted to make the all in one media station based around an iPod and by the looks of it they have succeeded.

ArrowContinue reading: "Creative's new Xdock shown at CeBIT"

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