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October 13, 2010

MCJ Desktops Feature Digital TV Tuner


MCJ, aka Mouse Computer Japan, has a new series of desktops that include a digital TV tuner. Choices include a 21.5 or 24" LCD, an Intel Core i3-540, i5-560 or i7-860, 4GB of RAM, 1TB of HDD, and NVIDIA GeForce GT220, GTS250 or GT240. Even more special, the Lm-i720E-D3B-Z22D includes a 21.5" 3D Zalman monitor that also does Blu-ray, of course. Prices run ¥99,750 (~$1,217.00) to ¥139,860 ($1,708.00.)

Via Akihabara News

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October 12, 2009

Buffalo Hard Drive Speeds Along With USB 3.0


Buffalo has built a series of external hard drives that support USB 3.0 for faster transfer. The HD-HU3 line comes in 1TB and 1.5TB models at $225.00 and $284.00 respectively, however you will have to add the new speed USB port onto your now outdated PC. A 2TB model is planned on down the road.

Via Buffalo Tech

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February 4, 2009

Apricorn Xpander Holds a Week of Programming


Instead of investing in a more expensive DVR with extra storage, Apricorn has a series of DVR External Hard drives. The Xpander features a dual eSATA/USB 2.0 interface, fan, quiet operation and connects via eSATA port.The 7200 rpm hard drive is compatible with most DVRs including the DISH Network ViP Series and Scientific Atlanta 8300 Series DVRs (Time Warner, Cox Cable, Comcast, Rogers.) Choose between 500GB, 750GB,
or a whopping 1.5TB ($239.00.) We are talking 843 hours of
standard or 187.5 HD programming, equal to about a week's worth of material.

Via Apricorn at Apricorn Expanders

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January 14, 2009

LaCie LaCinema Classic Multimedia Hard Drive - A Hard Drive with Looks


Last week LaCie announced the LaCinema Classic Hard Disk, suited for all fans of digital movies, music, and photography. Designed by award-winning industrial designer Neil Poulton, this multimedia storage device can pack more than 1,000* movies, or 250,000 songs, or 1 million photographs with up to 1 TB** (terabyte) of capacity. Weighing a mere 33 ounces, LaCinema Classic is extremely compact - a perfect storage device for entertainment in the home. Customers simply load content from their PC or Mac on the Classic drive and connect it to their TV for instant playback. No configuration required. Users will also enjoy HDMI 1080p upscaling of movies and photos.

Designed for multimedia, the LaCinema Classic works with numerous video, music, and photo formats, including MPEG4, MP3 and JPEG as well as HD-JPEG for superior viewing of images over HDMI output. An SPDIF coaxial cable is included to maximize the audio experience. LaCinema Classic is DivX-certified so customers can watch DivX transcoded videos with high quality and resolution. LaCinema Classic comes in 500 GB (gigabyte) and 1 TB models, offering the Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface for PC or Mac, as well as HDMI and composite outputs for video, and stereo and coaxial S/PDIF outputs for audio.

Via Engadget at Lacie

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August 7, 2008

PCMag Lists the Best media Extenders on the Market


It seems every week a new media extender hit's the streets so it can get a little overwhelming deciding which one to get. We ran across a decent article at the gives a breakdown of the major media exteners on the market. Here's a list of the devices they mention (Click the links below to see what we here at NAV had to say about each device):

Overall, they did a good job with the list so be sure to stop by and see what PCMag has to say about the best media extenders on the market.


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May 14, 2008

Iomega's ScreenPlay HD Media Extender: A 500GB Hi-Def USB Media Player

Iomega, one of the leaders in helping you store your content, has released a Hi-Def media streaming hard drive to help with experiencing your media via your entertainment center. The Screenplay is a USB based hard drive streaming device that will allow you to store just about all of your videos, music and pictures in one place. There is no network with this device so you will have to load it up via USB with all of your content, but it does support HDMI which most of the media hard drives on the market do not support. This will allow you to play a bunch of different file types like:
  • MPEG-1
  • MPEG-2( AVI / VOB )
  • MPEG-4( AVI / DiVX / XVid )
  • JPEG
  • MP3
  • AC3
  • WMA
  • WAV
  • OGG
With the Screenplay you will be able to view your videos at 1080i which should satisfy most people these days. Sadly there is no H.264 support as of yet. We couldn't find any info on their site as to what CPU they are using in there so it may be that they can't do H.264. Hopefully they are using the newer Sigma 8634 processor. That way H.264 can come via a firmware update later. If they are using a lower powered CPU then H.264 probably will remain a pipe dream. This is a device we may have to go out and get as this could be a very cool travel streamer. Going somewhere and want to take your media collection with you, bring the Screenplay. We'll hunt around for some hands on reviews in the meantime and see if this thing is worth your time.

via gadgets fan

available at Amazon
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May 5, 2008

Planex DigiJike BitTorrent NAS: The Future of Home Media Streaming?

For all you BitTorrent fans out there a new box is on the market( somewhere ) that may be your holy grail. The Planex DigiJuke NAS device will allow you to specify what content you are interested in and it will use its built-in browser to find the torrents and start downloading them. This is basically like having Tivo, but instead of just being able to grab only what your cable provider gives you, now you can have anything that has been uploaded on the web. With the built in 1TB of storage it will allow you to store quite a few movies before you need to offload to a backup device. One of the DIgiJukes big selling points is that it can automatically format your newly downloaded content for a bevy of devices from PSPs to iPods to just your standard TV.

On top of the BitTorrent hard drive aspect of the DigiJuke, it can also act as your standard NAS device serving up files and media to all of your devices. It comes with the standard USB ports so you can attach extra storage or just so you can pop in an extra hard drive to watch some of your friends content.

The main site is in Japanese and the translation page doesn't reveal much so we don't have all the info on this device. We do know that it will retail for around $524 and come with 2 500GB drives. We don't know if this will ever be released in the US, but we will continue to look into it and see if we can dig anything up.

via engadget
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April 10, 2008

IOGEAR Portable Media Storage Unit: Take your Media With You

iogear-hd-pmp.jpg IOGEAR has released a pretty cool little product called, what else, the Portable Media Player. This is basically a slimline hard drive attached to a video out unit allowing Component or Composite connectors for hooking up to your TV. The Component cables will allow you to upconvert to 720p if you have a HDTV. We love these types of products here at NAV, a small device to take your media with you. Going on vacation somewhere that has a TV and you want to watch your movies? Take this with you, hook it up and feel like you never left home( although that kind of defeats the purpose of a vacation, but nevermind that ). We think it is just cool to be able to walk around with a 120GB disk full of your media, plug it into a TV or stereo and enjoy it without having to lug around a bunch of discs. It comes with a remote control so you can control everything from your couch. To get content onto the device you hook it up to your PC and transfer data via USB 2.0. This is very PC centric so you Mac and Linux folks out there you may want to pass on this. Check out after the jump for the supported codecs/protocols.

vai engadget ArrowContinue reading: "IOGEAR Portable Media Storage Unit: Take your Media With You"

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January 25, 2008

WiDrive: WiFi Media Hard Drive Helps Reduce the Cables in Your Setup


Here is an interesting device for people that like to keep things nice and tidy. The WiDrive from EDS Lab offers users a WiFi enabled hard drive that will stream their media for them. This seems like a very sweet idea as we are always on the lookout for ways to reduce the size, complexity, and power consumption of our media server. There are two models currently in the works, one that allows transfers via its USB port and the other one that just charges the device over USB. As you would imagine the one device( PX-100 ) that doesn't allow for USB transfers is a nice small 1.8 inch drive wheres the bigger 2.5 inch drive does allow for transfers.

These diminutive little devices pack a nice punch though. Check out the different options you have with them:
  • BitTorrent Client
  • RSS podcast subscription
  • Built in Web Server
  • WebDav
  • UPnP
  • Bonjour
The only major downside to this device is that it mainly connects over 802.11 b/g so we aren't actually sure how one would go about configuring this unless you removed all of the security on your network to allow this to connect and went from there. Maybe something is possible via USB, who knows. Their site doesn't really give any info as to when and where it will be available so we will keep looking and report back if we find any important info out.

via engadget
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January 23, 2008

QNAP TS-409: The Only Backup Server You Will Ever Need


For those wanting a secure way to save all their files and at the same time have a fully robust media server look no further then the QNAP TS-409. This four bay RAID NAS server has all the great qualities that would expect out of a QNAP product. With 4 hard drive bays you can chose from just about any RAID format you want or just go with a JBOD and have one massive disk. This system is a great solution for those wanting to secure their data while at the same time looking for a low power, low noise server for hosting all of their media.

We complain all the time that requiring a PC to be running in order to stream your media is just wrong. We love that there are more and more embedded devices that are coming out that are bundling media streaming software. The TS-409 comes with TwonkyMedia, which is basically the de facto media streaming server out there. The 409 also bundles an iTunes Server as well so no matter what your needs are you are basically covered with this storage unit. Years ago storage units were just storage units. These days companies realize they need to offer more to the consumer to attract them.

We have played with the TS-209 which is their 2 bay offering and we can tell you first hand that it is an amazing product. It couldn't be more simple to set it up and within minutes of turning it on you not only have a secure way to backup your data, but you have a very robust media server. The 409 will stream to just about any device capable of dealing with UPnP including the PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, and the Nokia N95. We're sure there will be more added to this list in time.

If you don't have a good system for backing up your data and/or you need a quiet, low power, secure way to stream your media look no further, you just have seen the holy grail of storage solutions.


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January 22, 2008

DivX Connected: Coming to the States Soon


We have been reading about the DSM-330 from back when it was called the DivX GejBox. Well now that it has been released in Europe we have read a ton of really high praise for it and we have been drooling. Check out this great review over at They point out that while there are some minor flaws, the need for server software for instance, they come to the conclusion that is leagues above the rest of the market. We have been hearing rumors that Q2 of this year we should see this in the States. With the sad state of media streamers on the market currently we can't wait to give this a whirl. We are in the middle of doing our Popcorn Hour Networked Media Tank evaluation and while it seems better then most of the devices we have tried out, and we have reviewed a ton, there are still some basic issues that make us hope that the DSM-330 is all that and a bag of chips.

We'll let you know when we hear of a firm date for the DSM-330's launch, but I'm sure you could just keep your window open and listen for our screams of excitement.
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January 18, 2008

Popcorn Hour Networked Media Tank Unboxing

We have been waiting for the opportunity to get our hands on the Networked Media Tank for a long time and today it finally arrived. This is from a company called Popcorn Hour and they have been getting great reviews. Before we dive into the meat of the product ( we don't want to be too hasty ) we thought we would do the obligatory unboxing photo shoot for you. We have just started testing it out and we can already say that it is living up to the hype that we had been reading about. OK enough of that, lets get to the photos.

The box, the glorious box

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January 4, 2008

LaCie LaCinema Premmier USB HDD Media Streamer


LaCie has been making great external hard drives for a long time now and have always produced quality products. It looks like they got tired of just making storage hard drives and have decided to add another media streaming hard drive to the market.

The great thing about getting one of these media streaming hard drives these days is the storage capacity. The LaCinema comes in 3 different sizes( 500GB, 750GB, 1TB ). With the size of movies being around 4GB and up this will allow you to store a lot of movies on one of these suckers. There are hook ups in the back to output in Component, Composite and S-Video. No HDMI for you HDTV HDMI freaks, but it does have 1080i upscaling so you do have that. It can output audio over Optical and Coax.
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December 24, 2007

Asus WL-HDD Media Streaming Hard Drive Review


Asus has joined the ranks of companies offering a hard drive streaming product. The new WL-HDD2.5 allows you to add a standard 2.5 IDE drive to your network via either a wired connection or wirelessly. While this seems to be a Windows only device it is still a pretty sweet system. Since it uses Samba we suspect this will work with other operating systems, but the configuration needs to be done on a Windows box so you will at least need one to start the process of adding this to your network.

The WL-HDD can use either WEP or WPA security to hook into your network. We are glad they added WPA, we are still amazed how many companies just refuse to use it, even though they know of the problems with WEP. Call us security crazy, but why use a protocol that has known vulnerabilities when there is a much more secure option in WPA just sitting there.

They have also included a UPnP server so this will be perfect for someone wanting to add a low power media streamer to their house to use with say their PS3 or Xbox 360. No need to have your power hungry computer on all the time. Put a high capacity 2.5" hard drive in here and you have a pretty sweet network streamer. We aren't sure if there will be any problems with transfer speeds as we have yet to read a review of this. There also doesn't seem to be any information on how to buy this yet either. So we will keep hunting and let you know what we find.
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