July 23, 2007

Interview With 760HD Media Center Creator MvixUSA

So anyone that is a regular reader of this site knows that we love us some Mvix 760HD Media Center. We have reviewed a bunch of their products ( 760HD and the MV-5000 ) and we are really excited about what they have been doing. We recently were able to conduct an interview with Rich Knitter (marketing director) of Mvix(USA), Inc. to answer a few questions we had.

Check out after the jump to see their answers. ArrowContinue reading: "Interview With 760HD Media Center Creator MvixUSA"

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July 5, 2007

Game Console Owners Not Using Their Streaming Ability


It seems that owners of the latest generation of game console don't realized their full potential. According to a study done by The Diffusion Group only 30% of game owners are even aware that they have a device that can stream media while only 13% are actually using it to stream content.

This seems to point to the fact that true media streaming really hasn't hit the mainstream yet. So many people actually own media streaming devices and they aren't using them. Hopefully products like the AppleTV will help open peoples eyes to the wonderful world of streaming media.

via engadet

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June 19, 2007

New Competition for the Slingbox?


So it looks like a new product from Taiwan may try and give the Slingbox a run for its money. ADigit have announced a new product called gogomedia. Not sure where that name comes from, but then again where the hell did they get Slingbox. Anyway, seeing as Slingbox has enjoyed basically a free ride atop the ranks of video over the Internet companies, ADigit is going to try and step to take some of that market share away.

Just like the Slingbox the gogomedia will allow you to watch your home TV anywhere you are as long as you have an Internet connection. If you go over to the BC blog you can see the full range of features that this new device is outfitted with. Some of the highlights are:

  • MPEG4/2/1 Real-time encode/off-line MP3/MPEG4 transformation
  • Full D1 resolution/Full-speed (30fps NTSC/25 fps PAL)
  • Adjustable streaming rates from 128Kbps to 12Mbps full D1

ADigit has also made the claim that they will be able to control over 1000 different video units( DVD, DVR, etc ) with just the one box. We will have to wait and see about that since there has been no release date and we aren't even sure if this will hit the states.

If and when it does you can be sure we'll snatch one up. It is always great when some new competition comes on the scene. It can only mean one thing....better products for us!

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June 12, 2007

Fathers Day Sale at MvixUsa

The good people at MvixUSA are celebrating fathers day by offering the following deals:

$50 off Mvix MX-760HD Media Center / 400GB HDD Combo

MvixUSA.com Store: ZQQU-N6M8-87JH
Amazon.com MvixUSA Store: 4UMLUA5D

$25 off Mvix MV-5000R Media Center / 400GB HDD Combo

MvixUSA.com Store: UVE6-B2H2-ADX0

The returning reader knows that we love us some Mvix and if anyone was on the fence about getting one, now might be a great time. Mvix's lineup of products is top notch and the if you look at our hands on review of the 760HD you can see just how bad ass it really is. Don't walk, run and get yourself one of these suckers. We have had so much fun streaming our movies to our TV that it sometimes scares us. There was a lot of satisfaction in putting all of our DVD's in the closet for good and being able to watch any of the anytime we wanted without getting our lazy ass off the couch.

Check out the full newsletter here.

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June 5, 2007

Top 20 Products of the Year

PCWorld.com recently listed their top 20 products of the year and it was nice to see that the AppleTV got 11th place. The only media streamer to make the list( we don't think they looked hard enough ) it is nice to see this segment of the industry getting some recognition.

While we personally don't think the AppleTV is the end all be all of media streamer( not yet at least ) it is still nice to have such a high profile product get more and more air time.

They offer up their review here. While we understand the excitement that comes with Apple getting into a new market we haven't been floored with what the AppleTV brings to the table.

We are sure their will be updates to the device and we wouldn't be surprised if we were on here soon eating crow and saying how much we now love it. But for now we are just happy that it got 11th of their list. Hopefully the next time they compile this list we can break into the top 10.

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May 28, 2007

Stream Music via your Wii


We found a cool article over at Ben's Blog that talks about streaming media from a PC to your stereo via your Wii. The first thing you will need is one of our favorite Windows based media players, the venerable WinAmp.

To accomplish this fun task you'll need to first sign up for a Winamp Remote account. The easiest way to get Winamp Remote is to open up the Media Library window in the Winamp client. From there you need to configure it with the location of the media you want to stream.

Now from your Wii browser just go to http://www.orb.com/winamp and use your login information and you will be able to access all your music. Ben has some good notes on his site letting us know what are the limitations of this solution:

The video streaming didn't seem to work and photos are a small, but audio was fine
The fonts are all a little small - I don't know if the interface can be skinned
It would be nice to stream the audio over the local network without going through orb.com for better performance. If anyone knows a freeware way to do this then let us know in the comments
You can control winamp on your PC remotely through the Wii browser with the nice free winamp plugin axajamp

Looks like all the new consoles will allow you to stream your media. Another win for people that like choices.

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May 10, 2007

Digital Home 10 years off?

Over at the BBC website we stumbled upon an article claiming that the digital home is still 10 years away. We were initially shocked and thought that this was complete crap until we finished reading the article and now we fully understand what they mean.

They mention some powerful statistics that start to bring this into focus.

About one in six homes have a home network in North America, according to a recent report from Forrester Research.


According to Forrester, only one in five people who have a home network actually use it to listen to music.

And of people who do not have a home network, one in six said it was because they did not understand what one was.

One of the interesting things about the article is that one of the people they quote saying that the digital home is so far away is none other then the CEO of Sonos, John MacFarlane! Thats when we realized that we had been looking at this segment of the market with rose colored glasses this whole time.

ArrowContinue reading: "Digital Home 10 years off?"

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May 9, 2007

Sale on Slimdevices White Squeezebox


Slimdevices is having a Spring sale on the new white Squeezebox. Through May 28th they are selling the new version for only $249!!

This is a great chance to pick up one of these amazing devices for cheaper then normal. We can't tell you how happy we are since we got ours. It has transformed the way in which we listen to music. Gone are the days of searching for CDs and wishing you hadn't lent your favorite CD to a friend. Now with the touch of a remote you have your entire collection at your disposal.

If you want more information on the Squeezebox you can check our our previous articles here and here.

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April 18, 2007

Networked Home Audio Market to Hit $7.2 Billion by 2012

Over at eHomeUpgrade they have an interesting article that sites a ABI Research study that predicts a huge boom in the home networking market to the tune of 7.2 Billion Dollars by 2012. The article talks about some of the early products to make a splash on the scene like the Sonos, Roku and Squeezebox and how they have, "small but loyal followings". The prediction is that the Apple TV will bring the concept of the digital home media solution to the masses.

This is something that we had expected, but it is nice to get some official research to back up our hunch. We are looking forward to seeing more and more vendors release a bunch of cool networked devices for the home. Soon there will be a time when people take for granted the ability to stream music, video and photos all over there house with ease. We can not wait for that day!!

You can read the article here.

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April 13, 2007

NYTimes Review of the Horrors of Home Networking

There is a great article on the New York Times site about the horrible state of home networking in 2007. We can definitely say that even with years of experience dealing with networks professionally we are always amazed at how hard it is to deal with what should be a simple home network.

Is it just the Mircosoft OS that is the problem or is it systemic of the home networking companies? Our thought is that it is a wider problem and not related to any one OS. We use products from Apple, D-Link and Linksys as well as OS's from Microsoft and Apple and none of them are truly plug and play.

We have to agree with David Pouge when he says:

Home networking remains one of the world's most frustrating endeavors

Here's to hoping that in the coming years companies come up with better solutions for mom and pop to easily setup reliable secure networks in their house.

You can read the full article over at the New York Times here.

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