Canadian Netflix Launch: "Keep it Simple and Fun"


Netflix is now considering a streaming only option for the US after its recent launch of same in Canada. It seems that the company wanted to ensure that all was well during the event as it included extras, just in case there was a lack of proper enthusiasm. You gotta dig the hand-out sheet to those participating that included the instruction, "Keep it simple and fun."

"Extras are to behave as members of the public, out and about enjoying their day-to-day life, who happen upon a street event for Netflix and stop by to check it out. Extras are to look really excited, particularly if asked by media to do any interviews about the prospect of Netflix in Canada."

Yeah, we know how that works. We won't even begin to complain about the comment made by CEO Reed Hastings about Americans and their "self-absorbed" reaction to the Canadian service that runs a dollar less, although he did apologize later.

Via The Globe and Mail

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September 28, 2010

Twitter Recovers from Mouse Over XSS Attack


How spooky was the mouse over XSS attack on Twitter last week? Not only did it affect you with only a rollover, it could fill in a status update form and share the wealth malware up to 40,000 times in a heartbeat. Although Twitter fixed the problem within 25 minutes and it seemed the malice was minimal, we hope that security firms find ways of auto-blocking the new wave of messages that roll, fly and magically appear. Until that time, consider keeping your pop-up blocker on high.

Via Twitter

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September 24, 2010

Motorola to Develop Tablet


Motorola has thrown its proverbial hat into the iPad ring with a tablet that won't make it for the upcoming holiday season. Co-chief executive Sanjay Jha announced at their investor conference last week that the device will not make it until 2011 because they are waiting for Froyo, Android 2.2 to become more tab-friendly. He claimed, "we want to make sure that any tablet that we deliver is competitive in the marketplace, and I think all of us will make sure that we will only deliver that when that occurs."

Via Wall Street Journal

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September 23, 2010

Card 2.0 Good for Multi-Accounts, More Secure


Dynamics Inc. has developed Card 2.0, which includes fully programmable electronic stripes instead of traditional magnetic ones. Not only will it read any POS, it stores any information on the card itself. One battery charge is good for over 3 years of usage. Take your choice from two models.

Access one of two MultiAccounts by pressing a button on the first card. A small light illuminates the one that is chosen and is ready to be swiped. The Hidden Card has five buttons and a thin display that conceals part of the number, thereby making it useless if lost or stolen. To turn this one on, a PIN number must be used before the entire number is displayed. It has auto-turnoff and is self-erasing, thereby being useful securitywise. Watch for more cards to be available in time from Dynamics and other companies to support similar technology.

Via Dynamics

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September 13, 2010

Google Instant Takes Off


You have probably experienced Google Instant by now, based on the premise that although people type slowly at 300 milliseconds between keystrokes they read quickly (30 milliseconds.) We are all for anything that helps us to search faster, but it is almost like Big Brother has anticipated our mindspeak. Mashable wasted no time taking a poll to see how others liked it, with the results being 53% approved, 30% disliked it and 16.7% were undecided. (Where did that missing .3% go?) As for a reason, 45% said the new features were "entertaining to use and watch."

Via Google Instant

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September 10, 2010

Chilean Miners Stay In Touch With Outside World


In an effort to keep the spirits high in the trapped Chilean miners, there are now various AV methods being used. A video feed sent a football game to them and they now get letters and video communication with their families. An NPR interview reports that a small camp, consisting of family members, ebbs and flows depending on the loved ones' schedule of work, school, etc.

NASA was brought in on the act to suggest ways to keep the miners sane in their isolated environment. Maybe they were the ones who came up with the idea of "structure and routine" that places leadership roles on three of the elder ones to allow the younger ones to have someone to depend on and keep them sane. Whatever the source, it proves that humans need other humans to survive and we applaud the efforts of the Chileans in charge to note that it is important to keep them in an AV loop.


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September 8, 2010

Panasonic Likely to Offer 3D Avatar


Avatar purists, it seems almost a sure thing that Panasonic will be offering the movie in full HD 3D Blu-ray format when you purchase a 3D HDTV beginning in December. The film will come packed in some Panasonic Viera 3D models and those who already have one of their 3D TVs will be able to purchase it as well. A release for the rest of us should come in Q1 2011.

Via Twice

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September 1, 2010

Blockbuster About to Bite the Big One?


The LA Times reports that Blockbuster appears to be ready to file bankruptcy by mid-September. The movie rental company plans to close 500 more of its US stores to ease its $1 billlion debt and while hoping that film studios will continue to supply new DVDs during this time.

Via LA Times

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August 26, 2010

Cleveland Trash Cans Track Recycling Habits


Big Brother will be keeping an eye out in Cleveland to residents who don't recycle beginning next year. High-tech trash cans with RF ID chips will keep track of how often they are used. Should they find that someone hasn't for a while, a supervisor will go through his/her other trash cans and determine why. More than 10% of recyclable items could result in a $100 fine.


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August 17, 2010

Star Wars to Go Blu-ray

George Lucas once again dusts off the Star War Trilogy to offer them on Blu-ray next year in honor of the 35th anniversary of "A New Hope." This deleted scene is included from "Return of the JedI" but the Original Trilogy will not, being too costly. Sign up if you want to be notified when the grand event occurs.

Via Star Wars

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