March 6, 2008

Logitech Squeezebox Duet Reviewed by CNET

We had reported that the Squeezebox Duet was finally available for sale and we have been looking around for a hands on review. Well C|Net labs played with a Duet for a while and they came away with exactly the feeling we thought they would: It rocks. Slim Devices has constantly produced top notch music streamers and we had no doubt that they would hit a home run with the Duet. The review over at C|Net is very detailed and very thorough. They come away with the conclusion that while the Duet is very similar to the Sonos the fact that it costs so much less and basically has the same functionality it comes out ahead. We are working on getting a review unit in the office so we can compare it with the Sonos that we tested out as well as see how much of a leap this is from the old Squeezebox we have here. We'll let you know if we end up getting our hands on one of these.

via engadget from C|Net
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February 11, 2008

Squeezebox Duet: More Then Meets the Eye

duet.jpg Well it looks like there is more to the sweet new Squeezebox Duet then was originally let on. Seems like beyond what is already a very exciting little product, the Duet has some cool hidden features in its remote. Some of the obvious features are a small speaker on the back of the remote, an IR transmitter( the remote use WiFi to communicate to the base station ) and a headphone jack. To top it off there is a SD card slot in the battery compartment and even a 3-axis accelerometer built in. Looks like they are really giving this little product some legs, letting it grow into itself instead of making it so rigid like some other products out there. Check out this picture of the SD card slot:

squeezebox-duet-hidden.jpg Stuff like this makes us all the more excited to get out hands on this and check it out. We can't wait to see what the SD card slot can be used for and what are the possibilities for the accelerometer. Can I change the song by moving the remote or is it purely to know when it is laying down or something so it can go to sleep. Only time will tell. Stay tuned.

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February 7, 2008

Squeezebox Duet: Pre-Orders Now Open!

duet.jpg The day has arrived everyone, the Squeezebox Duet is finally available for pre-order. We have been waiting for the next product to be released by Slim Devices for a long time now. We have been loving our Squeezebox for a few years and we were curious to see what direction the next product was going to take. Well it looks like they have taken direct aim at the Sonos people in that this unit has a fully functioning remote with a sweet little display that shows album art and your music library. The Duet remote is much smaller then the one from Sonos and looks better in our opinion. One issue we had with the Sonos was that while the remote is pretty cool in that it displays so much info it was big and out of place among the rest of your entertainment equipment. This remote just looks like another remote, albeit with a kick ass high color screen on the top. The Duet packs all the high end audio innards that you would expect from a Squeezebox, but in a much slimmer package. And just like the Squeezebox you can hook up multiple Duets throughout your home that can link together or remain separate.

They are expected to start shipments at the end of this month so if you want to be the first person on your block to own the coolest audio streamer of 2008 go pre-order NOW.
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January 9, 2008

Logitech Doesn't Let Us Down: Squeezebox Duet Announced


Logitech recently acquired one of our favorite companies, SlimDevices, and we weren't sure what their fate would be. We actually like Logitech a lot, just when a small company that is committed to making top of the line audio streaming gear gets bought by a big company we tend to fear the worst. We waited the better part of year, waiting for Slimdevices to release their first new product under the Logitech umbrella. Well man were we pleasantly surprised when we saw the Squeezebox Duet.

We had wondered where SlimDevices would go after the Squeezebox 3,a near flawless audio streamer. Well they didn't let us down with the announcement of the Duet. This product seems squarely aimed at competing with the Sonos products. We always felt that Sonos had the leg up in the overall wizbang look and feel. The Sonos remote is very cool and the fact that you can see album art and song information on a nice PDA like remote is very cool. We assumed that Logitech would just release another Harmony remote that added some of this functionality, we never guessed they would build a direct competitor to Sonos.

The Duet has a very simple and yet elegant design. There is the cool looking remote sporting a 2.4 inch color screen to display album art along with song information. A scroll wheel to move through your music collection and a myriad of other buttons for other functionality like jumping to the home screen or adding a song to a playlist. The base unit is a very low profile black rectangle that hooks into your stereo via the standard digital or analog ports. Everything communicates over a 802.11g wireless network. Even the remote uses WiFi allowing you to control your music from anywhere and removing the notion that your remote has to be able to 'see' your base unit.

You can purchase additional base units and hook them up around your house and they can also stream music from the same source. You can configure them to play different songs or all sync up and play the same song. Another new feature that they have rolled into this release is the concept of not needing your computer to be on and running the server software in order to listen to your music. You can either hook directly up to the SqueezeNetwork and listen to Internet Radio stations like Pandora or Rhapsody or you can store music online in a "MP3Tune music locker".

We can't wait to get our geeky hands on this sweet little product. No actual release date has been announced, but they have said that it is going to retail for $399. We will keep you posted when this is actually available and also expect a more in depth review once we get one in house.
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November 12, 2007

Networking Audio Video 2007 Holiday Gift Guide


Well it is that time of year again. You need to buy gifts for your friends and family and invariably you get stuck trying to think of a gift for that one techie family member that seems to have everything. We have taken it upon ourselves to try and help you out and give you some ideas for the coming holidays. This gift guide will be focused on media streaming devices. We will add another guide later for the peripherals like hard drives, routers, etc. We thought we would break this guide up into categories. Hopefully we can help someone out and give them a great idea for a friend of family member. OK, onto the ideas:

ArrowContinue reading: "Networking Audio Video 2007 Holiday Gift Guide"

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July 20, 2007

The Top 7 Media Streaming Products Available Today


Well we have reviewed a lot of different devices over the past months and we are here to say what we think our the top 7 products on the market today. Why 7, well we are just sick of top ten lists, thats why. There are a lot of things to weigh when you are deciding on which device makes the list.

For us here at Networking Audio Video, one of the most important aspects of any media streamer is ease of setup. If your average person off the street can't open the box and get this thing to work then it won't be widely adopted, plain and simple.

We also had to decide if we were only going to include products that could stream all media types or also include specialized devices that only did audio, video, or images. After much internal debate we decided to include all the devices out there even if they only streamed one type of content.

Well enough boring setup, on to the list!

ArrowContinue reading: "The Top 7 Media Streaming Products Available Today"

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May 9, 2007

Sale on Slimdevices White Squeezebox


Slimdevices is having a Spring sale on the new white Squeezebox. Through May 28th they are selling the new version for only $249!!

This is a great chance to pick up one of these amazing devices for cheaper then normal. We can't tell you how happy we are since we got ours. It has transformed the way in which we listen to music. Gone are the days of searching for CDs and wishing you hadn't lent your favorite CD to a friend. Now with the touch of a remote you have your entire collection at your disposal.

If you want more information on the Squeezebox you can check our our previous articles here and here.

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March 6, 2007

SqueezeBox 3 First Impressions

We just received our shiny new Squeezebox the other day and wanted to share with you our first impressions. We have been extremely excited to get one of these guys in house for a long time now and when the box arrived we couldn't wait to tear it open and get at the goodies. Upon opening it up we have to admit that we were surprised at the size of the unit. It is slightly bigger then we were expecting, not that its a bad thing, just its wider is all. We decided on the all black version and once we got all the protective tape off we were blown away at how sexy this little guy is. So we ran over to our media cabinet and started hooking this puppy up. We removed the optical cable that we were using for our airport express( bye bye iTunes ) and plugged it into the back of the Squeezebox. Then we just hooked up an Ethernet cable and then power. We decided to go for wired instead of wireless since we already had an Airport Express next to the media cabinet and we could just plug into the switch that was down there. No need to worry about setting up our wireless stuff again. ArrowContinue reading: "SqueezeBox 3 First Impressions"

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February 27, 2007

Review of the Slimdevices SqueezeBox

Slimdevices latest consumer level network music device brings hi-fidelity to the masses. SlimDevices has been around for a number of years and has been one of the first companies to offer not just streaming music for the home, but hi quality streaming music. The company is founded by a group of audio enthusiasts that wanted nothing more than to be able to play music anywhere in their house and make it sound great. Their first line of products was the Squeezebox, a sub 300 dollar network attached music player that combinded hi quality audio with stylish design. What seperated this devices from others in the same space, was that the Squeezebox was one of the first to be aimed at the audiophile crowd with its hi end DAC processor. Now with version 3 they have stepped it up yet again. They redefined the look of the unit to something most people believe is stunning( us included ). They have further improved the internals making it the best sounding Squeezebox to date and they have updated the software that runs it. ArrowContinue reading: "Review of the Slimdevices SqueezeBox"

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