April 11, 2008

SlingCatcher Delayed: Hoping for 2008 release

It looks like the very anticipated release of the SlingCatcher is still many months off. This was first debuted in 2007 and has constantly been pushed back. This will be Sling's first device to include an internal hard drive( hence the catcher part of the name ) and has had many Sling enthusiasts very excited. With delay after delay this news wasn't all that unexpected or anything, we are just hoping that it actually sees the light of day. We have been playing around with both the Sling products and the Hava products and it is nice that they are both competing against each other. Hava doesn't have an internal hard drive, but they make use of a file cache system to allow you to record shows to your PC's hard drive. We were hoping to be able to get our hands on one of these by now, but it looks like we will have to wait till, "sometime later this year". When we find out any more info about the launch date we will post an update. Stay tuned.

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April 1, 2008

New Hava Player for Nokia Tablets - Mobile TV Here We Come

We have been big fans of the Hava streaming products for some time now. Sure the Slingbox's are great products, but having only one device in a space doesn't foster innovation. We have loved that Hava has come out with very competitive products and have challenged Sling every step of the way. The one area that Hava really hasn't gone has been the handheld market. Sling has software that will playback TV on a bunch of different handhelds and that is one of the big draws for many people. Well it was just unveiled that Hava has a very sweet Nokia Tablet TV streaming client. The Nokia tables are really cool devices. We have the N770 and love how we can carry around a small computer with us wherever we go. Now that Hava has made a client for it, it becomes a portable TV player! Get a 'net connection anywhere in the world and start watching your home TV. From the article over at Engadget they said that the quality was pretty good which is all you can hope for in such a small device. We can't wait for this to go live and test it out. Having a nice handheld TV is something that the geek in us can't wait for. Once this is actually released you can bet we will be grabbing it and trying it out. Stay tuned.

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March 15, 2008

TVMini HD Express Lets You Enjoy Your TV on Your Mac

The TVMini HD Express is a cool little product that we just stumbled upon. This little device hooks up to your cable feed and will let you enjoy TV via your Mac. With all the features you have come to expect from a PVR like pause, rewind and record, the TVMini seems like a sweet little product for the Mac readers out there. With the built in record function you can record all of your favorite shows to your mac to watch whenever you have time. Devices like these are becoming more common as companies realize that people want to be able to take their TV on the road with them. The TVMini will save in a format that will let you play it back via iTunes so you will not need to install any other software other then the basic Tube software that it ships with. With its small size we can see this become a very popular device for people that use their Mac as their primary TV interface. My brother-in-law( hi Clint ) has a similar setup where he has a LCD mounted on the wall hooked up to his Mac Mini. He then watches all of his TV via iTunes. So a device like this would be perfect for his setup since it would allow him to schedule recordings and not have to buy everything from iTunes. It seems like it is only available in the UK, but we will keep digging. TVMiniExpress_Back.jpg
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February 21, 2008

Hands On With The HAVA Titanium HD WIFI Place-Shifting Streamer Part 1

We have had the HAVA Titanium HD WIFI device in the office for awhile now and we wanted to report back with our thoughts. We have had the HAVA Wireless HD as our main TV-Streamer for a few months and while we have enjoyed it a ton it just never felt as polished as some of its mature competitors. Well now with the Titanium HD we feel that they have broken through their beginning stage and should be considered a serious option for anyone looking to get a place-shifting device for their home. One of the main issues we had with the Wireless HD was it dropped frames a lot so that in our office we sometimes had an issue with streaming over a wireless hop. There would be some jerkiness and a non-smooth stream. The Titanium HD seems to have fixed all of this and the best part is that from the way it was designed it will be getting a lot better,

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February 13, 2008

Apple TV Take 2 - HD Movie Rentals with the Apple TV


The new update for Apple TV is out, and now you can download and rent a movie in HD (high definition). We thought we'd go through the update for all you Apple TV owners, and then see how easy it is to rent a movie in HD on the Apple TV.

This is the old interface. We need to check to see if there's an update.
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January 29, 2008

HAVA Titanium HD WIFI Unboxing


We just received our fancy new HAVA Titanium HD WIFI TV streaming device and we couldn't be more excited. We had reviewed the Monsoon Multimedia HAVA Wireless HD awhile back and it truly made us believers in the TV placeshifting idea. We really didn't get the allure of placeshifting until we tried the Hava. We were blown away at how cool it was to not only watch your TV from anywhere, but also control it as well. We have been converts ever since. Well the good people over at Monsoon have just sent us a HAVA Titanium HD to demo. We are very excited to tear threw this one, but as always we want to start out with the fun unboxing photo shoot. So check it out after the break to see it in all its glory.

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November 30, 2007

Slingbox Pro Hands On Review


We just got the Slingbox Pro in house today and in just under 20 minutes we were totally blown away. We have reviewed this product in the past and we have tested out the Monsoon Hava product so we thought we knew what to expect. From the minute we fired up the software we were amazed at not just how easy the setup was, but how easy it was to set up the remote streaming.

With the Hava we spent a long time trying to configure our router and their software to allow us to stream our TV, but we never really got it to work. With the Slingbox Pro we had it streaming over the Internet in a matter of minutes and we never once needed to mess with our router. It seems the people over at Sling have really put together a well thought out easy to use software package that just works. You don't need to fight it, you just follow the instructions and you have it running the way you want.

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November 29, 2007

SageTV HD Media Extender Details Trickle Out


SageTV, makers of the very cool Media Center replacement software is coming out with what looks to be a HD media extender to help you push your media all over your house. It is outfitted with all sorts of options when it comes to video, just check it out:
  • HDMI
  • component
  • S-Video
  • composite
This is a sweet line up of options with the highlight being HDMI of course. Now you can enjoy all your HD media streamed throughout your house with no lose in quality. SageTV has been in the home media market for a long time now and they have constantly improved their software and recently with the edition of hardware devices they are really making the push to position their media systems as the full solution for all of your needs. We will be sure to keep an eye on this and update you when a release date is known.

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November 20, 2007

Tributaries HXC5 Streams HDMI Over Ethernet


A company called Tributaries Cable has released a very cool product to help people solve the issue of getting their HDMI signal to carry a rather long distance. Often when you are setting up your home entertainment center in an older house you are limited where you can put the TV since you need to located it relatively close to where the cable feed comes in. Well now their new product the HXC5 will let you use standard Ethernet cable to bring that signal much further then standard HDMI cables will let you.

Standard HDMI cables stop being effective around 5 meters or so, but using a technique utilizing dual Cat 5 Ethernet cables they have been able to attain a distance of 164 feet. Now many people don't have the problem of having their TV 164 feet away from where their line comes in, but the fact that you can, with this product, carry your HDMI signal basically anywhere in your room opens up a lot of possibilities as to where you can place your TV to fully maximize your room layout.

As you can see from the picture there are two boxes. The boxes communicate with each other over Ethernet while their input/output is HDMI. One to your source and one to your TV. A very nice solution for people that have had to ditch the HDMI option because of poor location or where their cable enters their house. Now of course since this solution cost $600 it might just make sense to pay an electrician to move where the cable enters your house and bypass the need to run HDMI over Ethernet, but hey, sometimes you just need the easy and more expensive way to solve a problem and not deal with drilling and contractors.

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November 7, 2007

Monsoon Multimedia to Release the HAVA Titanium HD TV Streaming Device


We just got word that Monsoon Mulitmedia is about to announce a new product today dubbed the Hava Titanium HD. We had reviewed the HAVA Wireless HD in the past and we were very impressed with what we saw. It was a great device that really opened our eyes to the wonderful world of place and time shifting. Up until we played with the Monsoon product we really didn't see the big draw of place shifting. After a few days with their product we were sold. Well it looks like they are just about to turn it up a notch.

The new Hava Titanium HD is not just a slight improvement over their past products, but a complete revolution. What they have done is break up parts of the device into pluggable modules so that their device will be as future proof as possible. The device will ship with a USB dongle that provides 802.11g wireless connectivity and soon they will have a new dongle that will offer the 802.11n standard. We can only assume that they didn't ship with the n version since it is still in draft form and not finalized. They have also added support for external hard drives to be attached so that you can just record shows onto these drives and not have to have a PC on in the house to act as storage. Other plans include a TV tuner that will pull in the off the air channels so you can get the basic stations and you won't need a cable box.

We love the fact that they have gone this pluggable module route. They have basically come up with a product that can evolve as the TV and network technology evolves. As we see new standards and new ideas pop up the people at Monsoon can just release a new USB peripheral that will fill the gap. So as a consumer you won't have buyers remorse when some new technology comes out that your box doesn't support, you can always just add on to the box you currently own.

Read on for more info about what is coming in this new product.

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