September 18, 2008

Are HD TV Downloads Coming to Apple TV Soon?

We've never had any doubt that HD TV shows would eventually make it to the Apple TV but MacNN states that Mac is working on how to deliver the content:

Apple is already at work on an update to deliver HD TV shows to the Apple TV, anonymous sources claim. The release of iTunes 8 brought with it HD-quality shows, which can be viewed either on a computer or an Apple TV; the latter device cannot download HD shows directly however, despite supporting the option for movies. A software update for Apple TVs is said to be in progress, which may be necessary for multiple reasons.

We'll keep you posted when we here any more news on streaming HD to your Apple TV

At MacNN

Apple TV at Amazon

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September 8, 2008

Netflix Hires Video Streaming Pro to Grow it's Streaming Business

We here at NAV are firm believers that with more content and more marketing, Netflix will be the leader of streaming movies and tv. It was evident with the introduction of the Roku Netflix Player, Netflix was serious about being competive in the streaming market. Now there's signs that Netflix is heavily investing in streaming media with it's recent hiring of Bill Holmes, a streaming media professional. According to

Netflix has hired Bill Holmes, a five-year veteran of digital-media company DivX, to help build its video-streaming business.

Holmes is to head its business-development efforts as it continues to try to boost sales from its video-streaming service.
His appointment is the latest in various moves by the company to build on its 8.4 million subscriber base with it's streaming services.

It has entered onto a partnership with LG to produce a new Blu-ray Disc Player with direct internet access to the Netflix film catalogue.

Netflix, the largest U.S. movie-rental service via mail, said that it brought on Holmes to help embed software into more devices that will allow customers to stream content from Netflix

Pretty impressive news! It won't be too long till we have Netflix in our toasters (hey, we can dream can't we?).


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August 28, 2008

ReQuest Unveils Intelligent Media Client


ReQuest announced today that ReQuest iQ and F-Series media servers owners can now purchase a network add-on that brings local DVD, video, and music playback and archiving to multiroom systems, According to the press release:

The ReQuest Intelligent Media Client includes a slot-loading DVD drive to deliver local playback of DVDs, as well as the ability to archive movies to the host system's iQ or F-Series media server. Once archived, music, movies, and videos become part of the server's library, available for search, instant recall, and enjoyment in any room of the house via ReQuest's powerful yet simple graphical user interface (GUI). Movie playback, whether local or archived, is upscaled to 1080p by the IMC for near-HD image quality via its HDMI and component outputs. The IMC also acts as a gateway to online media and offers access to millions of videos from YouTube. In the near future, ReQuest plans to integrate many more services like YouTube for streaming and downloadable content of music, video, and photos.

The release also states:

Setup is equally easy: The IMC requires just a standard Ethernet CAT5 connection to the home network, and is quickly configured using the HD TV GUI. The IMC provides high-definition video output up to 1080p via HDMI and component video simultaneously, allowing installers to display HD on the local room's TV or projection system while distributing the same HD content throughout the house. Connections for optical digital audio output are supported for the local home theater or stereo audio installation.

The press release states the device is affordable at just under $2500 but for an add-on but it's still a little rich for our blood.


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August 20, 2008

CMI Introduces the SYVIO-200 HD player


CMI has just introduced the SYVIO-200 HD player, a device that's really similar to the Popcorn Hour Media Hour Streamer. Here's the basic specs:

  • The latest HD player, SYVIO-200 is featured by its HDMI 1.3Version,1080P reolution supported. It allows to pull in digital video, audio and photos from various sources for your enjoyment on customer's HDTV or home theater setup
  • Can stream or playback customer's digital media content from a variety of sources, such as your PC, NAS, digital camera, USB mass storage devices (flash drive, HDD, DVD drive), internal HDD and even directly from the Internet via the media service portal
  • It also serves as a NAS and a BitTorrent peer-to-peer down loader to eliminate the need to switch on a PC or other device for this purpose
  • The SYVIO-200 supports the latest high bitrate video formats (MPEG2 MP@HL, H.264 HP@L4.1, VC-1 AP@L3 in TS of at least 40Mbps) to give you up to 1080p high-definition videos
  • In recognition of advances in Internet TV, the A-100 supports peer-to-peer Internet TV streaming technology from SayaTV, as well as popular unicast Internet TV such as YouTube, Google video and metacafe via the media service portal
  • The A-100 firmware is upgradeable to support future media containers, codecs and features
  • HDD not included

We don't know much else about this device but we'll get you more details as they come in.

[via Engadget]

SYVIo-200 Product Page

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August 14, 2008

Unbox: D-Link DSM-330 DivX Connected HD Mediaplayer


If you weren't aware, the first DivX Connected media player hit the market last month. We recently received our review unit and wanted to give you a quick unboxing before we go on with the review. We'll start with the features as listed at D-Link's website:

High Definition DivX Video
DivX Connected™ finally makes HD on your TV a reality with high-quality DivX video playback at up to HD 720p. Use HDMI (included) for the best quality or S-video, component or composite cables for your standard definition TV or HDTV.

Power to the PC
Leverage your PC power and enjoy fast, smooth, stutter-free video, music and photo playback in a rich, remote-controlled TV interface1, and add new functionality with a quick update to the DivX Connected server software. The DSM-330's only function is to stream media to your TV, making it infinitely scalable with add-on services3 and plug-ins.

Easy Setup
The installation wizard helps you connect the DSM-330 to your network and TV, as well as set up and scan your media. It comes with all necessary cables and DivX Converter--a simple software program4 to convert videos to the DivX format on your PC.

Foundation of Your Digital Home
Add the DSM-330 to your wired or wireless home network and access media from all your PCs, hard drives and the Internet. Stream music, photos and video using wireless 802.11g or an Ethernet connection and enjoy the high-quality media experience in your home theater.

We're currently working on the review but here's some images of the unboxing:

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VUDU Offering $0.99 Summer Movie Rentals to Beat the Heat

Looking for some cheap movies this summer? You might want to check out the new offering from VUDU. For those of you not familiar with VUDU, it's an HD media streamer that delivers DRM content to your TV for a fee. According to VUDU press release:

VUDU, the company that brings instant access to 1080p HD entertainment to the living room, today announced a summer movie extravaganza that will let viewers rent recent blockbuster hits and cinematic classics for just 99 cents from VUDU's groundbreaking service.

Extended Rental for $0.99: Starting immediately, the VUDU service will allow viewers to renew any standard definition video rental for just 99 cents within seven days of first viewing a film. The 99 cents video renewal is a first in the digital delivery category and guarantees that VUDU owners receive the most generous rental renewal policy in the industry. The rental of high definition movies can be extended for $1.99.

99 for 99: Simultaneously, VUDU launched a movie channel called "99 for 99". Its editorial team selected 99 blockbuster films each available to rent for 99 cents. New films will be rotated into the channel to ensure that new mega-hits are always available throughout the year.

We're not sure what the quality of the $.99 cent movies will be, but hopefully there'll be content for the whole family.

Press Release at [via EngadgetHD]

VUDU at Amazon

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August 13, 2008

Unbox: ZvBox HD Video Streamer from ZeeVee

There's been a lot of excitement over the ZvBox from ZeeVee, a unique type of media streamer. What makes the ZvBox so unique is the how it interacts and distributes your media as we mentioned in a previous article:

  • The box itself converts the video from the PC's VGA port into a high-def channel and sends it out to your home's coax cable network.
  • A PC app acts as a launcher for all the good PC-based internet video clients, like Hulu, Joost and even Microsoft's own Media Center.
  • The remote controls not just your TV, but the app on the PC too, giving you decent control over the otherwise PC-locked experience.

The idea of sending your PC content over you home cable setup to any TV in the house just boggles the mind. We've recently received our review unit and we'll get it setup and let you know what we think but we'll start you off with a quick unboxing.

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August 12, 2008

Vatata Introduces Technology to Stream P2P To Your HDTV


While there's a lot of legal problems with P2P content, wouldn't it be sweet to stream P2P to your HDTV? Well it might be possible soon with a streaming technology developed by Vatata. According to TVSnob:

Vatata, a Chinese P2P solutions provider, has developed a set-top box solution that brings streaming peer-to-peer video content straight to your HDTV. Right now set-top boxes featuring Vatata's Vakaka P2P streaming platform are headed for China where three providers have licensed the product for use including TV maker Skyworth and set-top box maker Himedia. Not only does the platform allow access to the Vakaka network, but also public P2P networks and protocols such as Gnutella and BitTorrent.

Vatata says that the product is legal but that is would be up to the licensing companies to control content. That statement alones makes it hard to believe that any U.S. companies want to test the legal waters with on their own device. Still, a device with the technology should be in China soon and we sure would like to see it arrive in the U.S. We'll keep you posted if anymore details come in.


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August 8, 2008

QTV Turns PS2 into Streaming Media Center


Here's an interesting bit of news out of the Digital Hollywood Conference in San Jose this week. You can now use a use your PS2 to stream content to your TV. According to

QTV by BroadQ uses a $30 piece of software to repurpose a PS2 as a digital media set-top for a TV or home theater. All users have to do is pop the DVD into their PS2, turn it on, and they are ready to either stream local network content or Internet shows like Revision3's Digg Reel without leaving their sofas. With almost 50 million PS2s sold in North America, BroadQ's product already has a significant hardware install base to take advantage of.

QTV is able to stream pretty much any non-DRM content to a TV including photos, videos, and music as well as assorted news and Internet radio stations.

$30 to turn that aging PS2 into a streaming media player? Sounds like a pretty good investment to us!

At [image source: TheStandard]

QTV Website

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August 7, 2008

PCMag Lists the Best media Extenders on the Market


It seems every week a new media extender hit's the streets so it can get a little overwhelming deciding which one to get. We ran across a decent article at the gives a breakdown of the major media exteners on the market. Here's a list of the devices they mention (Click the links below to see what we here at NAV had to say about each device):

Overall, they did a good job with the list so be sure to stop by and see what PCMag has to say about the best media extenders on the market.


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