September 8, 2008

JBL Announces the WEM-1 Wireless Speaker Transmitter

wem1.jpgWireless speaker systems like the Mint 220 are pretty awesome but what if your looking to turn your existing home theater sytem into a wireless system? Well you might want to check out the JBL WEM-1. According to

The new WEM-1 from legendary speaker company JBL transmits two channel audio up to 70 feet over a 2.4 GHz wireless connection, allowing you to send music to a second room, or to connect the rear speakers in a surround rig without snaking wires. The transmitter has RCA, mini-jack and speaker level inputs, while the receiver has a 50 watt per channel amplifier, and a subwoofer output. A remote lets you control the volume, or switch to a local input like an iPod in the second room.

The WEM-1 will hit the streets later this month at a price tag of $359.


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September 3, 2008

TrekStor's Wireless SoundBox Unveiled


Wireless speakers that connect to your PC sure are becoming hot. While we're still hot on the Mint 220, we're pretty interested in the TrekStor's Wireless SoundBox. According to

It all starts with a USB stick attached to the computer. From there, your music is streamed wirelessly at a distance up to 25-meters to up to 20 of the boxy, 2.4GHz speakers. The 4x battery (AA, presumably) speakers feature a nice to touch, "softtouch" coating, individual volume controls, and line-in for connecting audio sources directly. The sound quality was about on par with what we'd expect from such a tiny speaker but the range was quite good considing the level of public 2.4GHz noise on the IFA show floor.

There's also a short video taken at the IFA Trade show that gives you a little more detail. Be sure to take a peek.


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July 17, 2008

Digital Signature Launches the Mint 220 Digital Music Station


Yesterday, Digital Signature announced a sleek new multimedia speaker system called the Mint 220. According to the press release:

"The Mint 220 doesn't just deliver higher quality sound for the iPod -- laptop users want premium sound without the hassle of plugging in cables, once you plug in the transmitter you are ready to listen, and that's where the Mint 220's wireless capabilities really shine," according to Joyce Ahn, VP of Product Marketing for Digital Signature. "Now everyone can have high fidelity audio not just for music, but for all of their digital entertainment -- the Mint 220 truly delivers the best all-around value in its class."

So what's under the hood?

The Mint 220 features Texas Instrument's PurePath Digitalâ„¢ audio technology, with wireless transmission via Digital Signature's proprietary 2.4 GHz USB transmitter, which is completely lossless over ranges of up to 45'. A remote control offers the final component of complete wireless freedom. With the ability to control all of the user's music, the Mint 220 is as easy to use as it is to set up.

The Mint 220 Digital Music Station features an integrated amplifier, iPod dock/charger, and two 3.5-inch Peerless speakers in the sealed design preferred by many audiophiles for tight control of mid- and high-range sound fidelity in bookshelf systems.

We've got a unit on the way so we'll give you more details then it gets here.

Mint 220 Product Page

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November 26, 2007

Wireless Speaker System For Your iPod


Having your iPod as the center of your music hub has become a very common occurrence these days. Everyone seems to have some system in their house where they plug there iPod in and can enjoy all their music over speakers a lot more powerful then the mini earbuds they are use to. Well Griffin has taken the concept a step further with speakers that detach and can be placed anywhere. This allows you to place the speakers in a location that might be better suited for listening to your music without you having to take the entire music station with you.

They are claiming a range of 150 feet for these speakers which would be very cool if you were having some people over and were hanging out in the backyard lets say. Setup a playlist and bring the speakers outside with you, stick them out of sight and enjoy some sweet music on the patio. The speakers have built-in rechargeable batteries that they claim can hold a 10 hour charge so unless you are planning on having an epic all night party these will be able keep playing for the entire night.

These look like a great solution for someone that just wants a simple product that allows them to use their iPod as their music streaming device and doesn't want to have to bring a bulky base station where ever the party has moved to in order to hear the music. No need to undo any cables and mess up the neat entertainment center. Just bring the speakers and be done with it. Use the included remote to control the iPod and you have what for some will be the perfect listening station.

via gizmodo
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September 25, 2007

JBL and Infinity Team up to Release Wireless Subwoofer


Inifinity and JBL have teamed up to release a wireless subwoofer for those of you who want to position their sub somewhere that makes running cable inconvenient. These wireless subwoofers sport a 400W output via their 12-inch speaker. They can be placed basically anywhere allowing you to have your base hit you from whichever direction you would like.

There is one problem that we see in that it uses the 2.4GHz frequency to communicate with its base station and that frequency is used by just about every wireless gadget you and your neighbors own. So there is a chance it won't be effected by other devices, but our gut feeling is that you could hear drop out in your sound if your neighbors phone rings.

It is scheduled to launch in January so we are interested in hearing what people think of these things. Do they produce adequate sound and are they even necessary? If we hear anything we will surely report back.

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September 7, 2007

More Bluetooth Goodness From Parrot


So Parrot is at it again with another cool Bluetooth device. This one we really think is pretty cool. It is a stereo/speaker combo that will stream music from any Bluetooth equipped device and play it over its speakers. Its a pretty sweet setup for the number of Bluetooth cellphones that are out there with audio capabilities. The DS3120 will also allow you to use it as a Bluetooth calling center using its 1.8 inch LCD screen to view the contents of your cell phones contact list.

Parrot has also introduce some functionality that goes beyond just streaming Bluetooth music from a cell phone to some speakers. It has a line in port that will allow you to hook a device that has an audio out to it and play that music over its speakers as well as having a SD card slot so you can pop in a SD card full of your favorite tunes and enjoy. And if that wasn't enough they have also included a FM tuner.

These won't be for sale until October and they look to be expensive, roughly $500 for the set, but if you have a lot of music on your cell phone or if you love streaming music over Bluetooth, this just might be the product you were looking for :)

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September 4, 2007

Philips SHD9100 Wireless Headphone Review


So Philips has shown a very sexy pair of wireless headphones off at the IFA show and we have to say that having looked at a lot of wireless headphones over the years these are by far the best looking. Most systems are usually very unattractive, bulky messes, but just looking at the image you can see that Philips did a great job with the style. The base unit alone looks beautiful, something we would love to see sitting next to our stereo.

Some of the highlights that Philips is touting is a lightweight, breathable headband so you don't get that sweat band on your head like some other headphones can cause. There is a claim of a 40 meter range, but we aren't sure how realistic that is in the real world. With the amount of interference that exists in our office alone we would be surprised if these worked at 20 meters. All in all they look like a great pair of wireless headphones, although there is no word out of Philips when these will be for sale

As always, we will keep our ear out for anymore news and let you know.

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August 30, 2007

Jabra Multifunction Bluetooth Headset


Jabra is set to release a pretty innovative product when the BT8030 Bluetooth speaker comes out. This headset is more then meets the eye. You can use it to listen to any Bluetooth equipped music player to enjoy cord free music, but if you happen to want to share your music with other people you can unfold the head set and turn it into a full fledged speaker system.

What we like about this is the versatility. We aren't sure what the quality will be like, but we have had the situation crop up way to often that you are trying to let your friend listen to the music you have in your headphones and you have to try and bend the ear pieces so they can hear. Now with the BT8030 you can just uncurl them and turn them into a local speaker set.

As with so many things that we post here, we aren't sure when it will be released, but if we hear anything we will let you know.

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August 24, 2007

XOUNT's Crazy Speaker That Loks Like Furniture


Yet another attempt to make the speakers that play our music blend into the rest of the house. One problem so many people face is how to put speakers in your house without them looking like big square boxes stuck everywhere and having wires all over the place.

Well the people at XOUNT are attempting to change that by changing the way we think about speakers. This obelisk looking speaker doubles as a light source and is wireless. All this doesn't come cheap though, at $443 per speaker it can become pretty pricey to outfit your home with these things. They do offer ( for another $70 ) different coverings so you can change the look of each speaker you buy.

Another bonus is ( for another $222 ) you can have an iPod docking station added in, allowing this to be a completely self contained entertainment center.

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August 23, 2007

Crazy Speaker Chair to Impress and Confuse Your Guests


So here we have another crazy speaker chair that just looks weird. It is hard to tell from the pictures we have seen if this will be at all comfortable, but if you are into weird furniture with speakers this might be your dream chair.

It comes with an included CD player on one side, a jack for your MP3 player on the other and a large speaker inside the chair to really make you feel the bass. It is only a concept chair, so don't expect to see it at your local Target any time soon, but we thought it was pretty cool.

via gizmodo
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